Which is the cheapest wood in India?

Which is the cheapest wood?

Pine is the cheapest wood for furniture making. It is easily available while on the other side it is considered to be of a higher quality compared to most softwoods. Additionally, it also blends with other types of woods hence complement each other easily, making it one of the best choices for having your furniture.

What is the cost of wood in India?

800- 900. Prices for medium quality logs were in the range of Rs. 300-400 per c. ft.

Latest timber prices in India.

Teak logs Per cubic foot
A 15 ft.& longer Rs. 2200-2400
B 15 ft.& longer Rs. 1600-1700
Long length, Medium Quality Rs. 1400-1500
Short length, Medium Quality Rs. 1300-1400

Which is the best wood in India?

Indian rosewood

Type of wood Advantages
White cedar wood Most durable type of timber, resistant to termites and very strong.
Sal wood Beautiful texture, aesthetic appeal and versatile.
Indian rosewood Attractive wood grain, versatile nature and very hard and tough.
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What is the cheapest wood for furniture?

What is the cheapest wood for furniture? Pine is the cheapest wood used in furniture. Because it grows so quickly, there is a higher supply of pine trees. Pine is also less expensive because than many other woods because it is soft, making it susceptible to damages.

What are the 3 main types of wood?

There are two main types of wood – hardwoods and softwoods. Hard woods come from broad leaved trees. These trees have flowers and produce seeds such as nuts and fruit). Examples are oak, beech and mahogany.

What the most expensive wood?


  • Grenadil, African Blackwood. This wood is one of the most expensive on the planet. …
  • Agar Wood. Agar wood is a valuable plant found in tropical forests of Southeast Asia. …
  • Black wood (Ebony) …
  • Sandalwood. …
  • Amaranth, Purple Heart. …
  • Dalbergia. …
  • Bubinga. …
  • Bocote, Cordia (Bocote, Cordia)

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Is teak wood expensive?

One of the first things that will jump out at potential buyers is that furniture made from teak wood is consistently among the most expensive. … The reason is that teak is valuable both for its elegance and its durability. Beyond its beauty, it also possesses some natural properties that other woods don’t have.

Which is better teak or sheesham?


Teak Wood, being water-resistant and having a denser structure, is considered more durable than Sheesham. Sheesham wood is prone to moisture due to the higher water percentage. Also, Sheesham tends to warp under humid conditions. Clearly teak Wood is a winner here.

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What is the cost of teak wood in India?

Questions & Answers on Teak Wood

Color Min Price Max Price
Red Rs 800/Cubic Feet Rs 4500/Cubic Feet
White Rs 1101/Cubic Feet Rs 1500/Cubic Feet

Which tree is very costly in India?

The most expensive wood in the world could be sandalwood tree. The highest quality sandalwood variety can fetch a price of up to Rs 10,000 per kg. The sale and processing of sandalwood is fully under control of the government. Sandalwood is widely cultivated in India and Australia.

Which tree wood is expensive in India?

Teak is also one of the most expensive woods in India.

Different Types of Wood and Their Scientific Names.

Name Scientific Names
Rose Wood Dalbergia Latifolia
Satin Wood Chloroxylon Swietenia
Sal Wood Shorea Robusta
Sisoo Wood Dalbergia Sissoo

Which is the hardest wood in India?

Albizia spp. Hard and durable, Siris wood is difficult to work. It is used for well curbs in salty water, beams, posts, and furniture. Also known as shisham or tali, this wood is strong and tough.

Where can I find free wood?

Craigslist is a good place to put up a want ad or advertise a clean trade for some free lumber. The Freecycle Network and Gumtree Ads are a couple of others that are a good place to look for lumber and request free lumber.

Why is lumber so expensive?

Lumber prices are so high that many builders are holding back on construction. Lumber costs have skyrocketed by almost 200% since the pandemic began. After factories shut down last year due to the pandemic, the demand for new houses outstripped supply.

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How can I get cheap wood?

Lumber Salvage: The Top 10 Sources for Cheap, Free and Recycled Wood

  1. >> 5 Sources for Cheap Wood. …
  2. 1) Commercial Woodworking Firms. …
  3. 2) Lumber Mills and Lumber Yards. …
  4. 3) Furniture at Yard Sales, Junk Stores and Flea Markets. …
  5. 4) Volunteer for a Deconstruction Project. …
  6. 5) Woodworking Forums. …
  7. >> 5 (Usually) Free Sources of Wood.

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