Question: Which Is The Largest Rice Producing State In India?

On the basis of rice produced in tonnes during 2015-2016, the top 10 Indian states are:

  • West Bengal. West Bengal is the largest rice producing state in India.
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Punjab.

Which state has highest rice production in India?

10 Largest Rice Producing States In India

  1. 8) Odisha.
  2. 7) Chhattisgarh.
  3. 6) Bihar.
  4. 5) Tamil Nadu.
  5. 4) Punjab.
  6. 3) Andhra Pradesh. Ranking on the 3rd position, Andhra Pradesh produces 128.95 lakh tons of rice in India.
  7. 2) Uttar Pradesh. With 140.22 lakh tons of rice production, Uttar Pradesh ranks on the 2nd position in the country.
  8. 1) West Bengal. West Bengal ranks no.

Where is most rice grown in India?

In India, rice is grown in almost half the states, with West Bengal leading the way in terms of production with 14.71 million tonnes, followed by Uttar Pradesh (12.22 million tonnes) and Andhra Pradesh (11.57 million tonnes) as per the Agricultural Statistics 2014-15, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare of the

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Which state is the biggest producer of clove in India?

Andhra Pradesh is the largest spice producing state in India. Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Assam, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal are the other major spices producing states in India.

Which state has highest productivity of rice?

Among the rice growing countries in the world, India has the largest area under rice crop and ranks second in production next to China. The productivity of rice in India is higher than Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal but much below the productivity in Japan, China, Korea, U.S.A. and Indonesia.

Which state is rice bowl of India?

Andhra Pradesh

Which country is first in rice production?


Which state is famous for basmati?

The areas of basmati rice production in India are in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. India’s total basmati production for the July 2011–June 2012 crop year was five million tonnes.

Which is the highest wheat producing state in India?

Uttar Pradesh is the largest Wheat producing state of India, followed by Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

Where was rice first grown in India?

Historians believe that while the indica variety of rice was first domesticated in the area covering the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas (i.e. north-eastern India), stretching through Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Southern China, the japonica variety was domesticated from wild rice in southern China which was

Which state is the largest producer of salt in India?

Top 5 Largest Salt Production States of India

  • Gujarat. Gujarat is the largest salt producer state of India and third largest in the world.
  • Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is second largest producers of salt in India after Gujarat.
  • Rajasthan. Rajasthan is third largest salt producing State in India and contributes 8 percent of salt production.
  • Maharashtra.
  • Andhra Pradesh.

Which state is the largest producer of black paper in India?


Which state is the largest producer of ginger in India?

Jamaica and India produce the best quality ginger. In India, about 70% of the total ginger production is confined to Kerala. Other states that grow ginger are Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal and Sikkim. Ginger, being a major spice, has many uses in food, flavouring and medicinal products.

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Does India produce more rice than China?

By year 1992, rice production had reached 181.9 kg, second in the world only to China with its 182 kg. Since 1950 the increase has been more than 350 percent. Rice is one of the chief grains of India. Moreover, this country has the largest area under rice cultivation, as it is one of the principal food crops.

Which country is the largest producer of rice in 2018?

Leading countries based on the production of milled rice in 2017/2018 (in 1,000 metric tons)*

Production in thousand metric tons
China 144.99
India 112.91
Indonesia 37
Bangladesh 32.65

6 more rows

Which continent produces the most rice?


Which state is the sugar bowl of India?

Uttar Pradesh

Which state is known as milk bowl of India?


Which Indian state is known as Tiger State?

Madhya Pradesh

What country consumes the most rice?

Rice is one of the most widely consumed grains in the world. As the most populous country in the world, China also consumes more rice than any other country, with 143.8 million metric tons consumed in 2018/2019. Following China, India is ranked second with 100 million metric tons of rice consumption in the same period.

Which country produces highest milk in the world?

Top Milk Producing Countries In The World

  1. USA (91.3 billion kilograms)
  2. India (60.6 billion kilograms)
  3. China (35.7 billion kilograms)
  4. Brazil (34.3 billion kilograms)
  5. Germany (31.1 billion kilograms)
  6. Russia (30.3 billion kilograms)
  7. France (23.7 billion kilograms)
  8. New Zealand (18.9 billion kilograms)

Which country rice is best?

Countries Producing the Best Quality Rice in the World

  • Best Rice Types: Basmati Rice.
  • India. India is considered as the second biggest country that produces rice around the world.
  • China. China is by far noted as the biggest country that produces rice around the world but India leads the business with producing top class basmati rice.
  • Indonesia.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Japan.
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Which state is largest producer of banana in India?

Top 10 Largest Banana Producing State in India 2019

  1. Orissa – 521.31 metric tonnes.
  2. Assam – 837.021 metric tonnes.
  3. West Bengal – 1077.8 metric tonnes.
  4. Madhya Pradesh – 1701 metric tonnes.
  5. Bihar – 1702.412 metric tonnes.
  6. Karnataka – 2529.6 metric tonnes.
  7. Andhra Pradesh – 3242.797 metric tonnes.
  8. Maharashtra – 3600 metric tonnes.

Which state is the largest producer of cashew nut in India?


Which state is the largest producer of mango in India?

Uttar Pradesh is the leading mango producing state with production of 3,623.22 thousand tons followed by Andhra Pradesh state which has production of 3,363.40 thousand tons. Then comes Karnataka 1,778.75 thousand tons, followed by Bihar and Gujarat i.e. 1,334.87 and 911.30 thousand tons respectively.

Is rice native to India?

Asian rice, Oryza sativa, is one of oldest crop species. Archaeologists in India argue that rice cultivation began in the Ganges river valley. There are also two theories of rice origin. Single-origin suggests that indica and japonica were domesticated once from the wild rice Oryza rufipogon.

Which country is the birthplace of rice?

As far back as 2500 B.C. rice has been documented in the history books as a source of food and for tradition as well. Beginning in China and the surrounding areas, its cultivation spread throughout Sri Lanka, and India. It was then passed onto Greece and areas of the Mediterranean.

When did Rice came to India?

It was previously thought that rice farming originally developed in China from where it came to India around 2000 BCE. But new finds at Rakhigarhi in Hissar district, Haryana show that local variety of rice was being cultivated more than 400 years before that.

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