Quick Answer: Which State Is No 1 In Education In India?

Which state is best in education in India?

Tamil Nadu is best for imparting Education in India for your children. The State itself has 80.33% literacy rate according to 2011 census.

Here is The list of Top 10 states of India to impart Best Quality Education:

  • Tamil Nadu.
  • Kerala.
  • Gujarat.
  • Maharashtra.
  • Karnataka.
  • Punjab.
  • Andhra Pradesh.
  • West Bengal.

Which is the richest state in India 2018?

Top 15 Richest States In India 2019

  1. Punjab – GDP Rs.4.65 lakh Crore. On Number 15, we have Punjab.
  2. Haryana – GDP Rs.6.18 lakh Crore.
  3. Delhi – GDP 6.22 Lakhs Crore.
  4. Bihar – GDP Rs.6.32 lakh Crore.
  5. Andhra Pradesh – GDP 6.99 lakh Crore.
  6. 10 Madhya Pradesh – GDP 7.35 lakh Crore.
  7. Kerala – GDP Rs.7.48 lakh Crore.
  8. Telangana – GDP Rs.7.50 lakh Crore.

Which is the best state in India?

The Best State To Visit In India

  • Kerala.
  • Rajasthan.
  • Goa.
  • Punjab.
  • Himachal Pradesh.
  • Uttar Pradesh.
  • Gujarat.
  • Jammu and Kashmir.

Which state is most developed in India?

  1. Maharashtra – Highest Contributor to India’s GDP – Economic Model.
  2. Tamil Nadu – Most Industrialized and Urbanized State – Socio – Economic Model.
  3. Gujarat – New Force in India’s Economic Development.
  4. Serious Contenders – Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka – PEST forces will determine what is in store for these states.
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Which city is cleanest in India?

Among states, Chhattisgarh emerged India’s top performer followed by Jharkhand and Maharashtra. While the New Delhi Municipal Council area was given the ‘Cleanest Small City’ award, Delhi Cantt. is India’s cleanest cantonment area. Ahmedabad is India’s cleanest big city (population >10 lakh).

Which is the best city for education in India?

The place for India’s best education hub is a tie between Delhi and Mumbai, both contributing the maximum number of institutes among India’s 1000 Most Trusted, both with 89 each.

Top 10 cities:

  • Chennai.
  • Ahmedabad.
  • Kolkata.
  • Indore.
  • Jaipur / Vizag.
  • Coimbatore.
  • Bhopal / Lucknow.
  • Jodhpur / Kota / Nagpur.

Which is poor state in India?

What are the most poor states in India and why? Chhattisgarh, Manipur, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Assam figure among the poorest states where over 40 per cent of people are below poverty line, according to the C Rangarajan panel.

Which is the richest state in India 2019?

10 Richest States in India 2019

  1. Maharashtra. With its capital Mumbai being called the economic capital of India, Maharashtra tops this list with its extensive IT industries, as well as many more outside of IT.
  2. Uttar Pradesh (UP)
  3. Tamil Nadu.
  4. Karnataka.
  5. Gujarat.
  6. West Bengal.
  7. Rajasthan.

Which is the cleanest state in India?

Indore in Madhya Pradesh has been declared the cleanest city in India. Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal ranked as India’s second cleanest city for two years in a row.

Which is the happiest state in India?

Happiest, most prosperous and best states in India survey

  • Andhra Pradesh.
  • Rajasthan.
  • West Bengal.
  • Odisha &
  • Madhya Pradesh.

Which is the most dangerous state in India?

Uttar Pradesh

Which state is educated in India?

Top 10 Highest Literate States of India : Ranking

2011 Census
Rank State Literacy
1 Kerala 94.00
2 Lakshadweep 91.85
3 Mizoram 91.33

7 more rows

Which is the safest state in India?

  1. Goa, The Safest! Well, the results are quite unexpected here, as the safest state according to the Gender Vulnerability Index is Goa.
  2. Kerala. Kerala, which is ranked second, has a GVI of 0.634.
  3. Mizoram. The North-Eastern states have always been a topic of discussion.
  4. Sikkim.
  5. Manipur.
  6. Himachal Pradesh.
  7. Karnataka.
  8. Punjab.
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Which is the fastest growing state in India?

What are the top 10 fastest growing states in India? Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana were the fastest-growing states between fiscals 2013 and 2017. Bringing up the bottom (among top 10) were Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Kerala.

Which state is paying highest tax in India?

The state registered a total of Rs 2.77 lakh crore in taxes which was followed by Delhi that registered a total of Rs 91,274 crore. Delhi was followed by Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat respectively.

Which is the first cleanest city of India?

So here are the top 10 cleanest cities in India.

  • Mysore (Mysuru) The largest city state of Karnataka, Mysore topped the cleanest city list, emerging with the no.
  • Tiruchirapalli.
  • Navi Mumbai.
  • Kochi (Cochin)
  • Hassan.
  • Mandya.
  • Bengaluru.
  • Thiruvananthapuram.

Which is the dirtiest city in India?

India’s 10 Cleanest & Dirtiest Cities List Out. Check Out Which City Topped The List

  1. Simari Bakhtiyarpur, Bihar.
  2. Champandi, West Bengal.
  3. Bansberia, West Bengal.
  4. Chandbali, Odisha.
  5. Khardah, West Bengal.
  6. Bidyabati, West Bengal.
  7. Panihati, West Bengal.
  8. Khoda Makanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Which is the greenest city in India?

Top 10 Green Cities In India

  • JAIPUR. The pink city of Rajasthan is a smart and well-planned city.
  • DEHRADUN. Dehradun harbors few of the most well known and prestigious schools and colleges of India.
  • SHIMLA. Shimla is the capital and also the largest city of the state Himachal Pradesh.
  • DELHI.
  • SURAT.

Which is the education capital of India?

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, in the south of India, a state which is famed for its education system and which boasts the highest literacy rates in India.

Which is the most educated city in India?

Aizwal city, Mizoram with highest literacy rate 98.80%. It’s closely followed by Kochi, Kerala with literacy rate of 97.49%. Which is the best city for education in India? Which city in India has the highest school education standards?

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Which is the best city for education?

London has been ranked as the best city in the world for university students. The top 30 rankings for student cities, produced by the QS higher education data analysts, has previously put Montreal and Paris in first place.

Best Student Cities 2018

  1. London.
  2. Tokyo.
  3. Melbourne.
  4. Montreal.
  5. Paris.
  6. Munich.
  7. Berlin.
  8. Zurich.

Which is India’s most richest state?

Gujarat has a GDP of 14.96 lakh crore US$ 222billion) Is the Third Richest States in India, It is the greatest inland mechanical concentration in western India after Mumbai.

Which state has no river in India?

In which states of India are there no rivers? Not a single Indian state is there without rivers . Major rivers like ganga,yamuna,godavari,etc is not flowing but small rivers are flowing in every states.

Is India rich or poor?

According to world bank, India accounted for world’s largest number of poor people in 2012 using revised methodolgy to measure poverty, reflecting its massive population. However, in terms of percentage, it scored fairly lower than other countries holding large poor populations.

Why was Madras name changed to Chennai?

In 1996, the Government of Tamil Nadu officially changed the name from Madras to Chennai. At that time many Indian cities underwent a change of name.

When did Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started?

October 2, 2014

How is Indore as a city?

Indore /ɪnˈdɔːr/ ( listen) is the most populous and the largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It serves as the headquarters of both Indore District and Indore Division. Indore traces its roots to its 16th century founding as a trading hub between the Deccan and Delhi.

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