Who Are The Biggest Drinkers In The World?

The world’s biggest beer drinkers

  • Czech Republic – 142.4 litres per capita.
  • Seychelles – 114.6.
  • Austria – 104.7.
  • Germany – 104.7.
  • Namibia – 102.7.
  • Poland – 99.
  • Ireland – 97.5.
  • Lithuania – 97.1.

Who are the world’s biggest drinkers?

The world’s biggest beer drinkers

  1. Czech Republic – 142.4 litres per capita.
  2. Seychelles – 114.6.
  3. Austria – 104.7.
  4. Germany – 104.7.
  5. Namibia – 102.7.
  6. Poland – 99.
  7. Ireland – 97.5.
  8. Lithuania – 97.1.

What is the drunkest country in the world?

The Drunkest Countries In The World Ranked (Updated 2018) 0 37421

  • Bulgaria (12.7)
  • Latvia (12.9)
  • Ireland (13)
  • Nigeria (13.4)
  • Germany (13.4)
  • Czech Republic (14.4)
  • Lithuania (15)
  • Moldova (15.2)

Which country drinks the most whiskey?

Indians drink way, way more whiskey than Americans. The country that consumes the most whiskey in the world is India. Indians consumed 1.5 billion litres of whiskey in 2014, completely dwarfing the United States’ 462 million litres, according to a research note from Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Which country drinks the most alcohol 2018?

MAP: What Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

  1. Moldova (17.4 liters per capita over 15+ years)
  2. Belarus (17.1)
  3. Lithuania (16.2)
  4. Russia (14.5)
  5. Czech Republic (14.1)
  6. Romania (12.9)
  7. Serbia (12.9)
  8. Australia (12.6)

What country drinks the most?

Which Country Drinks the Most Alcohol?

  • Alcohol Consumption. Beer, wine, liquor, and whiskey all have one thing in common – alcohol content.
  • Belarus. Belarus has the highest level of alcohol consumption in the world, with an average of 17.5 liters of pure alcohol consumed per capita every year.
  • Moldova.
  • Lithuania.
  • Countries by their Alcohol Consumption.
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Which countries consume the most beer?

The world’s biggest beer drinkers

  1. Czech Republic – 143.3 litres per capita.
  2. Namibia – 108.
  3. Austria – 106.
  4. Germany – 104.2.
  5. Poland – 100.8.
  6. Ireland – 98.2.
  7. Romania – 94.1.
  8. Seychelles – 90.

Which age group drinks the most alcohol?

Fewer than 1 in 10 male drinkers aged 18 to 29 most often drink wine. However, consumption of wine increases steadily in older age groups, with 15% of men aged 30 to 49, 24% of men aged 50 to 64, and 33% of men in the 65 and older age group most often drinking wine.

Who drank the most alcohol ever?

You won’t find it in the Guinness Book of World Records, but Andre the Giant holds the world record for the largest number of beers consumed in a single sitting. These were standard 12-ounce bottles of beer, nothing fancy, but during a six-hour period Andre drank 119 of them.

What country drinks the most hard liquor?

Here Are The Countries That Drink The Most Hard Liquor [MAP]

  • South Korea — 11.2 shots/week.
  • Russia — 5.0 shots/week.
  • Thailand — 4.8 shots/week.
  • Poland — 4.0 shots/week.
  • Japan — 3.6 shots/week.
  • Philippines — 3.5 shots/week.
  • Bulgaria — 3.3 shots/week.
  • Slovakia — 3.0 shots/week.

Who drinks the most tea in the world?

China is far and away the largest consumer of tea, at 1.6 billion pounds a year. But per person, as illustrated in the map above, the picture is a lot different: Turkey, Ireland, and the United Kingdom are home to the world’s biggest tea drinkers.

Which country smokes the most?

10 countries where people smoke the most

  1. Serbia. Cigarette consumption per capita: 2861.
  2. Bulgaria. Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,822.
  3. Greece. Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,795.
  4. Russia. Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,786.
  5. Moldova. Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,479.
  6. Ukraine. Cigarette consumption per capita: 2,401.
  7. Slovenia.
  8. Bosnia-Herzegovina.

How many beers a day does the average German drink?

Germans drink the most beer per head of any major economy in the world, although their consumption is falling rapidly, research has shown. The average German drank 114 litres of beer in 2014, which is four times the global average and considerably more than the US and UK average of 77 and 74 litres respectively.

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What country drinks the most beer 2017?

Check out the TOP 20 beer drinking countries according to the latest statistics:

  • Belgium.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Estonia.
  • Austria.
  • Austrália. 109,9 liters per capita.
  • Germany. 115,8 liters per capita.
  • Ireland. 131,3 liters per capita.
  • The Czech Republic! with 156.9 liters per person is the Czech Republic the absolute winner :-)

Which country has the best beer?

Guinness is one of the most popular beers in the world, making Ireland a major contender for the title of the country that is the king of beer. The United States has great local breweries in every state as well as some of the largest non-craft breweries in the world. Which country has the best beer?

What race has the most alcoholics?

Binge drinking rates for the different races in 2013 as indicated by NSDUH were as follows:

  1. NHOPIs: 24.7 percent.
  2. Hispanics: 24.1 percent.
  3. Whites: 24 percent.
  4. American Indians and Alaska Natives: 23.5 percent.
  5. Blacks: 20.1 percent.
  6. Multiracial individuals: 19.6 percent.
  7. Asian Americans: 12.4 percent.

What nationality has the most alcoholics?

  • Belarus. Alcohol per capita consumption: 17.5 liters.
  • Republic of Moldova. Alcohol per capita consumption: 16.8 liters.
  • Lithuania. Alcohol per capita consumption: 15.4 liters.
  • Russian Federation. Alcohol per capita consumption: 15.1 liters.
  • Romania. Alcohol per capita consumption: 14.4 liters.
  • Ukraine.
  • Andorra.
  • Hungary.

What is the average age of death for an alcoholic?

Conclusion. People hospitalized with alcohol use disorder have an average life expectancy of 47–53 years (men) and 50–58 years (women) and die 24–28 years earlier than people in the general population.

What happened to Andre the Giant?

Roussimoff suffered from acromegaly, or “giantism,” a endocrynological disorder that causes the body to secrete excessive amounts of growth hormones and produces continual growth, especially in the head, hands, and feet. He reportedly inherited the disease from his grandfather.

Why was Andre the giant so big?

His best-remembered film role was that of Fezzik, the giant in The Princess Bride. His size was a result of gigantism caused by excess growth hormone, which later resulted in acromegaly.

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How much alcohol can I drink in a week?

For healthy adults in general, drinking more than these single-day or weekly limits is considered “at-risk” or “heavy” drinking: Men: More than 4 drinks on any day or 14 per week. Women: More than 3 drinks on any day or 7 per week.

Which country drinks the most milk?

Countries Who Drink the Most Milk

  1. Finland. The 2007 milk consumption per capita in Finland was 361.19kgs, with milk consumption per person at about 34.34 gallons per year.
  2. Sweden. The average milk consumption per capita among Sweden’s population was 355.86kgs in 2007.
  3. The Netherlands.

Who drinks the most coffee in the world?

The World’s Top Coffee Consuming Nations

  • Finland – 12kg per capita per year.
  • Norway – 9.9.
  • Iceland – 9.
  • Denmark – 8.7.
  • Netherlands – 8.4.
  • Sweden – 8.2.
  • Switzerland – 7.9.
  • Belgium – 6.8.

Which country drinks the most green tea?

Chinese are the largest green tea-drinking nation. People in China consume approximately 50 % of the total green tea consumption in the world. Japan is the secondly largest green tea drinking country. About 80,000 tons green tea are consumed in Japan every year.

What race smokes the most?

Current Cigarette Smoking Rates among Racial and Ethnic Populations Ages 12 to 17, 2013 6

Race/Ethnicity Percent
African-Americans 3.2%
American Indians/ Alaska Natives 7.5%
Asian-Americans 2.5%
Hispanics 3.7%

2 more rows

Which country has the most female smokers?

Montenegro tops the list of countries with the highest prevalence of female smokers in the population (44%). Other countries with high rates of female smokers include Nauru, Serbia, Kiribati, Greece, Croatia, and Chile.

What state has the most smokers?

But the teens on this list are the heaviest users among teen smokers – they smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day.

  1. Maine.
  2. Kentucky.
  3. Delaware.
  4. Vermont.
  5. Wyoming.
  6. New York.
  7. West Virginia.
  8. Illinois.

Photo in the article by “Wikimedia Commons” https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bp_world_energy_consumption_2016.gif

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