Who is the slowest train in India?

​​​​​​​Mettupalayam Ooty Nilgiri Passenger train is the slowest train in India, running at a speed of 10 kmph, which is roughly 16 times slower than the fastest train in India.

Which is the slowest train?

Currently, The shortest route of a slow passenger train in India is Barkakana-Sidhwar Passenger (numbered 53375 / 53376) with a record distance of 6 km (3.7 mi) with an average speed of 18 km/h (11 mph).

Which country has the slowest train?

In Switzerland, a country in love with its railways, the Glacier Express is the most popular and attractive of her trains. The slowest express train in the world travels over 291 km of tracks and 291 bridges while going through 91 tunnels and climbing to the top of the Oberalp Pass at 2,033 m.

Who is the owner of Tejas?

Lucknow – New Delhi Tejas Express, which was inaugurated on 4 October 2019, is India’s first train operated by private operators, IRCTC, a subsidiary of Indian Railways. The Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas express, also operated by IRCTC was inaugurated on the 17 January, 2020.

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Which train is very fast in India?

Gatimaan Express is Indian Railways’ fastest train, attaining speeds of 160 kmph between Delhi and Agra. Vande Bharat Express, a world-class engine-less train has the potential to hit 180 kmph, but the maximum operational speed on its routes is 130 kmph.

Which is the dirtiest train in India?

As per the Swacch Rail Swacch Bharat Survey, Perungalathur was ranked as the dirtiest station in India, having scored 258.50 out of 1000. Guduvancheri ranked third (286.32) followed by Singaperumalkoil at rank four with a score of 334.12 and Ottappalam at rank five with a score of (346.76).

Which is the shortest railway station in India?

It has the distinction of having the shortest name of all stations on the Indian Railways system.

Ib railway station.

Indian Railways station
Location Ib, Odisha India
Coordinates 21°49′01″N 83°56′56″ECoordinates: 21°49′01″N 83°56′56″E
Elevation 207 m (679 ft)

What is the fastest train in England?

The Fastest Trains in the United Kingdom

Rank Name Maximum Design Speed (mph/km/h)
1 Eurostar e320 199 (320)
2 Eurostar 186 (300)
3 Javelin 140 (225)
4 Super Express 140 (225)

Which is the most powerful locomotive in India?

Indian Railways’ most powerful locomotive,the WAG12B has joined the vat network of Indian Railways. WAG12B is equipped with 12000 HP and has been manufactured along with the French company Alstom. The locomotive started its services from Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay railway station in Uttar Pradesh.

What is the speed of superfast train in India?


Train category Train name Max. speed
Rajdhani Express Howrah Rajdhani Express 130 km/h
Shatabdi Express Howrah–Ranchi Shatabdi Express 130 km/h
Suvidha Superfast Express Patna–Mumbai CST Suvidha Superfast Express 110 km/h
Yuva Express Howrah–Anand Vihar Yuva Express 130 km/h
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Is Tejas a failure?

According to him, there are 10 main reasons why Tejas failed to impress even the Indian Air Force (IAF) in its combat performance. (1) Tejas has a very small set of weapons integrated with it, mostly Indian and some Western. … (5) Tejas is just a very confused aircraft – -it doesn’t fit any known market segment.

Which is the fastest train in India 2020?

The Vande Bharat Express is India’s fastest train, with a capacity to attain a speed of over 180 kmph during it trial runs. On the Delhi-Varanasi route, however, the section speed restrictions are in place which does not allow the train to exceed a maximum speed of 130 kmph.

Who is the CEO of Irctc?

Board of Directors

Serial.Number Name E-mail Id
1 Smt. Rajni Hasija cmd@irctc.com
2 Smt. Rajni Hasija dtm@irctc.com

Is food free in Tejas?

Food is being provided on a complimentary basis to all passengers of IRCTC TEJAS Trains (82501/82502 and 82901/82902) with effect from the date of Journey 17/10/2020.

How many trains are there in India in 2020?

Indian Railways is among the world’s largest rail network, and its route length network is spread over 1,23,236 kms, with 13,523 passenger trains and 9,146 freight trains, plying 23 million travellers and 3 million tonnes (MT) of freight daily from 7,349 stations.

Which bullet train is coming in India?

The first visuals of the E5 Series Shinkansen, also known as Japan’s bullet train, has been released by the Japanese embassy. The Embassy of Japan in India has said that the train will be modified for use as rolling stock of Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail project (MAHSR).

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