Frequent question: What is the biggest fish in Lake Cumberland?

Sturgeon 36 lbs., 8 ozs. Lake Cumberland
Bass, Black
Coosa Bass 1.21 lbs. Martin’s Fork, Cumberland River
Kentucky Bass (Spotted Bass) 7 lbs., 10 ozs. Nelson County

What lives in Lake Cumberland?

With 50,250 acres, Lake Cumberland has an abundance of largemouth, smallmouth, white and Kentucky bass, bluegill, crappie, rockfish, and walleye.

Does Cumberland Lake have alligators?

“I hate to say that there are no alligators in Lake Cumberland. In addition, there are no black panthers in Kentucky, we do not drop rattlesnakes from helicopters into Kentucky forests, and the season is closed on Sasquash (legendary Big Foot).”

What is the biggest fish in Illinois?

21. The largest fish ever captured in Illinois waters was a lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) from Lake Michigan in 1943. The fish weighed 310 pounds and was 7 feet, 11 inches long.

What kind of fish are in the Cumberland River?

Trophy brown trout swim in the Cumberland River, as do bountiful numbers of rainbow trout. The river is also home to walleye, sauger and oversized striped bass. For anglers using a spinning rod, a red, white or chartreuse in-line spinner attracts strikes from trout. Smaller suspending jerkbaits work as well.

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Where is the deepest part of Lake Cumberland?

A: The deepest part of Lake Cumberland is 200 feet at 723′ pool elevation and is located in the original river channel near the dam.

What is the clearest lake in Kentucky?

Laurel River Lake Has The Clearest And Most Beautiful Water In Kentucky.

Are there alligators in KY?

Conservation officers say alligators are not native to Kentucky. Fish and Wildlife officials believe the the gator was dumped in the area. They say it may have been a pet.

Are mountain lions in KY?

While mountain lions were once common in Kentucky, research shows the state has not supported a wild population of mountain lions for more than a century. … Currently, the nearest wild population of mountain lions resides in Nebraska, more than 900 miles from Kentucky.

What is the deepest lake in Kentucky?

With a maximum depth of 249 feet (76 m), Herrington Lake is the deepest lake in Kentucky.

Herrington Lake
Basin countries United States
Surface area 2,335 acres (9 km2)
Max. depth 249 ft (76 m)

What is the official fish of Illinois?


What is the biggest bass caught in Illinois?

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Species Weight Date
Largemouth Bass 13 lbs 1 oz 22/15/1976
Muskellunge 37 lbs 13 oz 4/1/1997
Northern Pike 26 lbs 15 oz 11/9/1989
Pink (Humpback) Salmon 3 lbs 4 oz 7/5/1992

What is the Illinois state record crappie?

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Division of Fisheries today confirmed that a new state-record hybrid crappie was caught at Kinkaid Lake in Jackson County on March 28. The fish, caught by Ryan Povolish of Carbondale, weighed 4 pounds, 8.8 ounces.

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Is the Cumberland River safe to swim in?

There are lots of eddys, little whirlpools, and people who try to swim in the river are often caught in them and drown. It is definitely not safe to swim in the Cumberland River. … If you have a car, there’s a nice area of the Harpeth River called The Narrows that has safe swimming areas.

Can you fish at Cumberland Falls?

Anglers can catch smallmouth bass, spotted Kentucky bass, rock bass, and redbreast sunfish on this float trip. Springtime is fishing time in Kentucky. Many species run to certain areas to spawn. … Plan an extended fishing trip at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park and enjoy one of Kentucky’s most unique park settings.

How deep is the Cumberland River?

The Cumberland River’s flood stage is 40 feet in downtown Nashville. On Saturday afternoon, the Cumberland River’s water level was at 39.59 feet, according to NWS data.

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