Quick Answer: What is the richest county in Alabama?

Rank County Per capita income
1 Shelby $33,978
2 Madison $29,918
United States $27,334
3 Jefferson $26,529

What is the wealthiest city in Alabama?

Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham, is the wealthiest town in Alabama. According to 24/7 Wall Street, Mountain Brook has a median household income of $130,259 and a poverty rate of 2.6%.

What is the poorest county in Alabama?

Sumter County, located in western Alabama along the Mississippi state border, is the poorest county in Alabama and one of the poorest in the United States. A majority of households in Sumter earn less than $22,000 a year.

What is the poorest city in Alabama?

With a median household income of $9,286 (compared to $44,758 for the state), Oak Hill is the poorest community in Alabama.

What is considered rich in Alabama?

Alabama ranked eighth on the list for places where you can be considered “rich” if your household income is less than $100,000 a year. Alabama’s wealth threshold is $88,984.

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Are there any billionaires in Alabama?

Alabama is a state that has a remarkably high number of rich people who have a net worth over a million or more, but there are very few billionaires.

How many millionaires live in Alabama?

46. Alabama. Alabama is another state where you don’t need a million bucks to live well. Although only 4.9% of its 1.9 million households hit the millionaire threshold, some of the cheapest home prices in the country help spread the wealth.

What is the whitest county in Alabama?

Lowndes County, Alabama

Lowndes County
Alabama’s location within the U.S.
Coordinates: 32°09′N 86°39′W
Country United States
State Alabama

Is Alabama a good state to live in?

Boasting some of the country’s most affordable home prices, lowest cost-of-living indexes, and relatively low taxes, Alabama is a very affordable state to live in.

What is middle class income in Alabama?

The household range for middle class earners in Alabama is $17,807 to $91,778 with a median family income of $66,171, the sixth lowest in the country. The middle class share of Alabama income is 46.5%, the 22nd lowest; the richest 5% of Alabama income is 21.8%, the 23rd lowest.

What was Alabama called before it became a state?

Country United States
Before statehood Alabama Territory
Admitted to the Union December 14, 1819 (22nd)
Capital Montgomery

Is Alabama mostly white?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Alabama are White (Non-Hispanic) (65.3%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (26.6%), White (Hispanic) (2.35%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (1.87%), and Other (Hispanic) (1.58%). 5.3% of the people in Alabama speak a non-English language, and 98% are U.S. citizens.

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What percentage of Selma Alabama is black?

2019 (est.)

The racial makeup of the city was 80.3% Black or African American, 18.0% White, 0.20% Native American, 0.60% Asian, 0.1% other races, 0.80% from two or more races and Hispanics or Latinos, of any race, comprised 0.60% of the population.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Alabama?

Typical Expenses

0 Children 1 Child
Required annual income after taxes $23,222 $44,567
Annual taxes $5,430 $10,420
Required annual income before taxes $28,652 $54,987

What is upper class in Alabama?

Residents need to make at least $28,566 to be included in the middle class, lower bound category in Alabama, while the upper bound category is $85,698. The median household income in Alabama is $42,849, substantially more than the required amount to be on the lower bound sector of the state middle class.

What is upper class income in Alabama?

US Household Income by Tier

Location Upper Income
1 Alabama $186,151.00
2 Alaska $181,898.00
3 Arizona $183,585.00
4 Arkansas $176,166.00
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