Question: What Are The Top 10 Oil Producing Countries?

Top 10 Oil Producing Countries In The World: Where’s The Greatest Petroleum Dominion?

  • Iran – 4.13 million barrels per day.
  • China – 4.19 million barrels per day.
  • Russia – 10.3 million barrels per day.
  • United States – 10.59 million barrels per day.
  • Saudi Arabia – 11.75 million barrels per day.

What country produces the most oil 2018?

Who are the Largest Oil Producing Countries?

  1. USA. Leading the way in global oil production in 2017 was the USA, which represented about 13.4% of the world’s total oil output.
  2. Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia — one of the top oil producing countries in the world.
  3. Russia.
  4. Canada.
  5. China.
  6. Iran.
  7. Iraq.
  8. UAE.

Who is the number 1 oil producing country?

World’s top oil producers

  • Russia. 10.5.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • United States. 9.2.
  • Iraq. 4.3.
  • China. 4.1.
  • Canada. 3.8.
  • Iran. 3.5.
  • UAE. 2.7.

What country has the most oil in the world 2017?

Top 10 Countries With Largest Oil Reserves 2017

  1. Venezuela – 298.4 Billion Barrels. Venezuela Oilfield Map.
  2. Saudi Arabia – 268.3 Billion Barrels. Saudi Arabia Oifield Map.
  3. Canada – 171 Billion Barrels.
  4. Iran – 157.8 Billion Barrels.
  5. Iraq – 144.2 Billion Barrels.
  6. Kuwait – 104 Billion Barrels.
  7. Russia – 103.2 Billion Barrels.
  8. United Arab Emirates – 97.8 Billion Barrels.

Which country has the best oil?

The 10 Most Influential Oil Countries

  • Saudi Arabia. As the world’s leading oil exporter, Saudi Arabia shipped 7.5 million barrels per day in 2016, according to data published by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).
  • Russia.
  • Iraq.
  • Canada.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Kuwait.
  • Iran.
  • Venezuela.
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What country owns the most oil?

Countries With The Largest Proven Oil Reserves

Rank Country Reserves (millions of barrels), 2017 US EIA
1 Venezuela 300,878
2 Saudi Arabia 266,455
3 Canada 169,709
4 Iran 158,400

16 more rows

Who consumes the most oil?

  1. The United States. The United States, the world’s biggest oil consuming country, consumed 18.5 million barrels of oil per day (mbd) in 2012, which accounted for nearly 20% of the world’s total oil consumption per day.
  2. China.
  3. Japan.
  4. India.
  5. Russia.
  6. Saudi Arabia.
  7. Brazil.
  8. Germany.

What country exports the most oil?

Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of crude oil during 2018.

  • Nigeria: $43.6 billion (3.8%)
  • Angola: $38.4 billion (3.4%)
  • Kazakhstan: $37.8 billion (3.3%)
  • Norway: $33.3 billion (2.9%)
  • Libya: $26.7 billion (2.3%)
  • Mexico: $26.5 billion (2.3%)
  • Venezuela: $26.4 billion (2.3%)

Which states produce the most oil?

The 15 States Helping America Become the Biggest Oil-Producing Country in the World, Revealed

  1. Louisiana.
  2. Wyoming.
  3. Oklahoma.
  4. New Mexico.
  5. California.
  6. Alaska.
  7. North Dakota. An oil drilling rig near Bismarck, North Dakota | Andrew Burton/Getty Images.
  8. Texas. An oil field near Odessa, Texas| Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

Does Pakistan have oil?

According to media reports, if oil deposits are discovered as expected, Pakistan will be among top 10 oil-producing countries. Pakistan currently meets only 15 per cent of its domestic petroleum needs with crude oil production of around 22 million tons; the other 85 per cent is met through imports.

How much oil has Saudi Arabia got left?

Today, Saudi Arabia announced the official results of a third party audit of its oil and gas reserves. The number is 263.2 billion barrels of oil. This does not include Saudi Arabia’s share of oil reserves in the neutral zone, an area shared between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Where does China get its oil?

A big role is played in China’s oil endowment by its state owned oil companies, mainly China National Offshore Oil Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, China National Refinery Corp, and Sinopec. Province started producing in 1960, and by 1963 was producing nearly 2.3 million tons of oil.

Is Syria an oil rich nation?

Syria is the only significant crude oil producing country in the Eastern Mediterranean region, which includes Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and the Palestinian territories. According to the Oil and Gas Journal, Syria had 2,500,000,000 barrels (400,000,000 m3) of petroleum reserves as of 1 January 2010.

What country produces the most oil in the world?

Despite coming in as the third top 10 oil-producing country, Russia is the world’s largest producer of crude oil and the second-largest producer of dry natural gas, according to the EIA.

What country produces the most gold?

Top 10 Gold Producing Countries

  • Russia – 270.7 tonnes.
  • United States – 230.0 tonnes.
  • Canada – 175.8 tonnes.
  • Peru – 162.3 tonnes.
  • Indonesia – 154.3 tonnes.
  • South Africa – 139.9 tonnes.
  • Mexico – 130.5 tonnes.
  • Ghana – 101.7 tonnes. Ghana is Africa’s second largest producer of gold and is also known for its reserves of various industrial minerals.
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How much oil is left in the world 2018?

By comparison, world oil reserves at the end of 2017 were reported to be 239 billion metric tons by BP (2018). World oil production is projected to peak in 2,021 at 4,529 million metric tons and decline to 3,552 million metric tons by 2050.

What country has the most gold?

Below are the top 10 countries with the largest gold holdings, beginning with India.

  1. United States. Tonnes: 8,133.5. Percent of foreign reserves: 75.2 percent.
  2. Germany. Tonnes: 3,371.0.
  3. Italy. Tonnes: 2,451.8.
  4. France. Tonnes: 2,436.0.
  5. Russia. Tonnes: 1,909.8.
  6. China. Tonnes: 1,842.6.
  7. Switzerland. Tonnes: 1,040.0.
  8. Japan. Tonnes: 765.2.

Which country has largest oil reserves?

Largest oil reserves

  • Venezuela – 300 billion barrels.
  • Saudi Arabia – 269 billion barrels.
  • Canada – 171 billion barrels.
  • Iran – 158 billion barrels.
  • Iraq – 143 billion barrels.
  • Kuwait – 104 billion barrels.
  • Russia – 80 billion barrels.
  • United Arab Emirates – 98 billion barrels.

Which country is the biggest importer of oil in the world?

Among continents, Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of imported crude oil during 2018 with purchases costing $628.2 billion or 53.2% of the global total. In second place were European nations at 27.6% while 15% of worldwide crude oil imports were delivered to North America.

How much oil do we have left?

For example, one of the most-cited estimates comes from BP’s BP prediction made on World Energy Day in 2014; based on reserve estimates of 1.688 trillion barrels, BP claimed the earth has enough oil left for about 53 more years at current production levels. However, BP’s estimate relies heavily on “proved reserves.”

Who is the richest oil company?

The Five Biggest Oil Companies In The World

  1. Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil company.
  2. Sinopec. Sinopec is a state-owned Chinese oil company in Beijing and the second largest oil company in the world with an annual revenue of 455.499 billion dollars.
  3. China National Petroleum Corporation.
  4. ExxonMobil.

How much oil is consumed per day in the world?

The total worldwide oil consumption was 93 million barrels per day (bbl/day) on average in 2015 according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Does Pakistan have oil reserves?

“Pakistan will not need to import oil after reserves are found near Karachi’s seas,” said Imran while talking to media at Prime Minister House in Islamabad on Monday. “Pakistan has estimated nine trillion cubic feet gas deposits. ExxonMobil expects oil deposits there as well,” an official said in January.

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Is Pakistan an oil rich country?

Haroon said that Pakistan is being dragged into the US-China trade war but “the country is maintaining its impartiality.” Pakistan currently meets only 15 percent of its domestic petroleum needs with crude oil production of around 22 million tons; the other 85 percent is met through imports.

How long will oil reserves last?

53.3 years

Where does China get its oil 2018?

Forty-five countries supplied crude petroleum oil to China in 2018. Roughly half (44.1%) of Chinese imported crude oil originates from nine Middle Eastern nations ranging from $748.8 million from Qatar up to $29.7 billion for Saudi Arabia.

Does China produce oil?

China is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, supplying about 4.27 million barrels per day, and about 5% of the world oil supply. Like the United States, China does not have extradordinarily large oil reserves, only about 20.3 billion barrels.

Where do countries get their oil?

Where The U.S. Gets Its Oil. America is one of the world’s largest oil producers, and close to 40 percent of U.S. oil needs are met at home. Most of the imports currently come from five countries: Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria.

Does Israel have oil?

As of 2013, Israel was importing about 100 mln barrels of oil per year. The country possesses negligible reserves of crude oil but does have abundant domestic natural gas resources which were discovered in large quantities starting in 2009, after many decades of previously unsuccessful exploration.

Does Afghanistan have oil?

Petroleum and natural gas. Afghanistan has 3.8 billion barrels of oil between Balkh and Jawzjan Province in the north of the country. Afghanistan will have its first oil refineries within the next three years, after which it will receive 70 percent of the profits from the sale of the oil and natural gas.

Does Dubai have oil?

Dubai as an oil producer. “Dubai has approximately 4 billion barrels of oil in reserve and holds the second place in terms of oil reserves in the UAE. Dubai Petroleum Co (DPC) is the main operator in the emirate. Dubai’s oil production peaked in 1991 at 410,000 b/d and has been steadily declining ever since.

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