Quick Answer: What Is The Biggest Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness (NYSE: PLNT) is investing $11 million in a 33,000-square-foot gym at the corner of Marburg Avenue and Vandercar Way in the Oakley Station development.

It will be open by the end of the year.

It will overtake its current largest Midwest location, at 8470 Michael Lane in Fairfield, which has 31,000 feet.

How much is a membership to Planet Fitness?

There are a few different membership options at Planet Fitness. A Black Card member pays a $10 start up fee, and a proceeding $19.99 a month for a minimum of 12 months. That will run you $249.88 a year, however it comes with a few enticing benefits.

Does Planet Fitness have a sauna?

No, Planet Fitness does not have a steam room. The spa that is available to Black Card members has massage chairs, hydromassage beds and lounges, total body enhancement chamber, and tanning beds.

Does Planet Fitness have racquetball?

You won’t get “health club” amenities like a pool, sauna, basketball courts, racquetball …etc., but if you’re only objective is to lift weights, PF has you covered. Planet Fitness offers all members “free fitness training.” This training consist of two different functions.

How many locations does Planet Fitness have?


Is Planet Fitness really $10 a month?

Since most Planet Fitness clubs are owned by franchisees, signup fees vary. They can be as low as $1 if a promotion is on, but may be as high as $49. The annual membership fee is $39 a year. If you choose a $10 membership, pay a $29 sign-up fee and a $39 annual fee, your first-year cost is $188 – just $15.66 per month.

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What is the cheapest gym to join?

Five most affordable gym memberships

  • Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym for people who don’t like gyms, with ads referring to every Planet Fitness location as a “Judgement Free Zone.”
  • Cardinal Fitness.
  • Your Local YMCA.
  • Gold’s Gym.
  • LA Fitness.

Are there showers at Planet Fitness?

Answer: Yes, Planet Fitness has locker rooms with shower stalls. In my experience Planet Fitness does not have a women’s only section.

Does Planet Fitness have a dress code?

UPDATE: A Planet Fitness representative reached out to clarify the gym’s dress code. “All gyms are required to have signage on the wall that states the policy,” the representative wrote in an email, “which is that jeans, boots, sandals, or string tank tops (men’s muscle T-shirts) are not allowed.

Does Planet Fitness do day passes?

Prices vary by location, but start as low as $17 a month, plus a membership fee. Planet Fitness, a huge discount chain with 1,200 locations , always offers a free day pass along with $10 a month memberships. No matter which plan you pick, there is a $39 annual membership fee, so be wary of that.

Can guests tan at Planet Fitness?

All guests must be at least 18 years of age, or 13 years old or older and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Guests have access to the equipment only, and do not have access to other Black Card membership perks such as tanning, massage chairs, and half priced cooler drinks.

Can guest go to Planet Fitness alone?

According to the Planet Fitness guest pass rules, when taking a guest to Planet Fitness you can bring a guest as young as 13 years old as long as they have parental permission and the parent is with them at the gym. Otherwise, the guest needs to be at least 18 years old.

Who is the owner of Planet Fitness?

Chris Rondeau

How much does it cost to cancel Planet Fitness?

If you signed up for a membership with a 12 mo commitment and are still within the first year, you have a $58 cancellation fee. If you signed up for a no commitment or have been a member for longer than a year, there is no fee.

Can I cancel Planet Fitness?

We hate to see you go! But if you must, the process is easy. You can fill out a cancellation form at the front desk of your home club, or send a letter (preferably via certified mail) to your club requesting cancellation. Memberships can’t, unfortunately, be cancelled by email or phone.

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Can you go to any Planet Fitness with the black card?

Yes, if you are a black card member you have access to any planet fitness in the nation. With a Planet Fitness Black Card membership, do I have unlimited access to any club?

What’s the best gym to join?

How to Choose the Best Gym Membership for You

  1. 24 Hour Fitness.
  2. Anytime Fitness.
  3. Crunch Fitness.
  4. LA Fitness.
  5. Planet Fitness.
  6. Snap Fitness.
  7. Youfit Health Clubs.

Is a gym membership worth it?

5 Times a Gym Membership Isn’t Worth It. Some people swear by their gym sessions and feel joining a fitness club is the best and only way to lose weight or get into shape. No one’s telling you to quit your gym if it’s working for you, but if you’re on the fence, here are five times when a gym membership isn’t worth it.

Can you negotiate gym membership?

Managers are more likely to be able to negotiate a better gym membership price for you. Metcalf says you should ask whether you can get a month free or not have to pay the initiation fee—especially if you agree to pay for an annual membership up front.

Can you get a free pass at Planet Fitness?

If you know anyone who’s a member, they may also be able to request a free guest pass to this luxury gym, which can cost up to $240 for a one-month membership. Gold’s Gym, which operates across the country, always has a free one-day pass. Prices vary by location, but start as low as $17 a month, plus a membership fee.

Can I transfer my Planet Fitness membership to another person?

How do I transfer my membership to a different Planet Fitness club? The method in which members are able to pay for their monthly membership varies by location, but many Planet Fitness clubs accept payment through checking accounts only.

How long is Gold’s Gym free pass?

Gold’s Gym is a chain with more than 700 locations around the world. The company offers a free pass to try out the facilities at your local gym for up to seven days . Keep in mind that the duration of the free pass varies by location and is valid only at participating gyms.

Can I cancel my gym membership?

Cancelling a gym membership. You’ll normally have to pay the full cost of your contract if you want to cancel a gym membership early. Check your contract for details to find out how much you’ll have to pay if you cancel early. There are a few circumstances when you might be able to cancel without paying a fee.

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How does a HydroMassage bed work?

What is a HydroMassage Bed? The HydroMassage bed is a convenient, dry, full body massage with the use of pressurized water. Simply lie down in the open design bed, fully clothed, and feel the immediate benefits of the traveling jet system, which delivers an “all sides” body massage.

Can a 12 year old go to the gym?

If you’re aged 12 and over, you can take part in our new family friendly group exercise classes. And if you’re aged 14 and over, you can enjoy an even bigger selection of group exercise classes, including cycle, yoga and Pilates. If you’re aged 12 and over, you can use the gym between 9am-7pm, 7 days a week.

What is the black card at Planet Fitness?

The PF Black Card membership is available for only $19.99 a month and also includes access to all 700 clubs in the Planet Fitness chain, as well as use of massage chairs*, Hydro-massage beds* and Total Body enhancement beds*, tanning*, 50 percent off all cooler drinks, and the opportunity to bring a guest every day at

Can Black Card guests use massage?

The black card is worth the money. You can use all the things they offer, tanning, massage chairs etc. you can bring a guest , but they are only able to workout with you. You just have to make sure you watch out for the yearly fees that they charge you on top of the money you have to pay every month.

Does Planet Fitness have free WIFI?

About Planet Fitness. All Planet Fitness members enjoy unlimited access to their home club and the support of our friendly, knowledgeable staff anytime you need it. PF Black Card® members receive additional benefits, including the ability to bring a guest for free and access to any of our 1,700+ PF locations.

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