Question: What Is The Largest Banana Producing Country In Asia?

India is the largest producer of Bananas with around 30 million tonnes of production a year, most bananas cultivated in south Indian states and exports to other states of the country.

China, Philippines and Ecuador are the next largest Bananas producers.

Which country produces the best bananas?


Where are most of the world’s bananas grown?

Each year, almost 80 million tons (72.5 million metric tons) of bananas are grown around the world. Collectively, India, Ecuador, Brazil and China produce more than half of the world’s bananas, though most of their crops are consumed at home.

Which country is the largest producer of mango?

Top Mango Producing Countries

  • India. The number 1 mango producing country in the world is India.
  • China. The second largest mango producer is China with 4.77 million tonnes of mango.
  • Thailand. Thailand is the third largest mango producer in the world, with 3.4 million tonnes produced in 2016.
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What country produces the most tomatoes?

China, the leading producer of tomatoes, accounted for 31% of the total production. India and the United States followed with the second and third highest production of tomatoes in the world.

What country is famous for producing bananas?

India is the largest producer of Bananas with around 30 million tonnes of production a year, most bananas cultivated in south Indian states and exports to other states of the country. China, Philippines and Ecuador are the next largest Bananas producers.

What is the best banana brand?

Grower cooperative companies providing fair trade bananas.

  3. Exportadora Bananera Noboa. Chiquita, Consul.
  4. Chiquita. Del Monte.
  5. Del Monte. Dole.
  6. Dole. Fyffes.
  7. Fyffes. Turbana.
  8. Uniban. Tropical Eden.

What country is the largest producer of rice?


Who is the largest banana exporter?

2.2 Ecuador. Ecuador is the largest exporter of bananas in the world and its share of world banana trade is on the increase. Exports expanded from one million tonnes in 1985 to 3.6 million tonnes in 2000. This is equivalent to an average annual rate of about 9 percent, the highest of the top five exporting countries.

Which country is the largest producer of coffee?

Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries in the World

  • Brazil. Brazil is the largest coffee producing country in the World, and history comes from the last 150 years.
  • Vietnam. Vietnam is the second largest producer of Coffee after Brazil with Total production of about 1,300,000 tons per year.
  • Columbia.
  • Indonesia.
  • India.
  • Ethiopia.
  • Mexico.
  • Peru.

Which country is the leading producer of gold in the world?

Top 10 Gold Producing Countries In The World

Rank Country Metric Tons of Gold Production
1 China 440.00
2 Australia 300.00
3 Russia 255.00
4 United States 245.00

6 more rows

Which is the sweetest mango in the world?

Top 12 Most Famous Varieties Of Indian Mangoes

  1. Alphonsos -Ratnagiri / Devgarh Hapus, Maharashtra. Alphonso Mango is one of the best variety of mango found in India in terms of sweetness and flavor.
  2. Badami – Karnataka Alphonso.
  3. Chaunsa – North India.
  4. Dasheri – Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  5. Kesar – Saurashtra, Gujarat.
  6. Langra – Uttar Pradesh.
  7. Mulgoba – Tamil Nadu.
  8. Neelam.
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Which is the largest mango producing state in India?

Uttar Pradesh is the leading mango producing state with production of 3,623.22 thousand tons followed by Andhra Pradesh state which has production of 3,363.40 thousand tons. Then comes Karnataka 1,778.75 thousand tons, followed by Bihar and Gujarat i.e. 1,334.87 and 911.30 thousand tons respectively.

Who grows the most tomatoes in the US?

Fresh tomatoes are produced nationwide. California and Florida are the leading producers in the United States. Fresh-market tomatoes are produced across California year round except winter, whereas in Florida fresh field grown tomatoes are produced from October to June.

Which country is the largest producer of onion?


Do tomatoes grow in China?

Tomatoes in Chinese Cooking. Tomatoes haven’t had the same broad acceptance in China as other New World foods (for example, sweet potatoes). However, they are readily available throughout China.

Which country produces the most coconuts?

Top 5 Coconut Producers in the World

  • Indonesia – 183,000,000 Tonnes. Indonesia is the world leader of coconut production.
  • Philippines – 153,532,000 Tonnes. The Philippines is the world’s second largest producer of coconuts.
  • India – 119,300,000 Tonnes.
  • Brazil – 2,890,286 Tonnes.
  • Sri Lanka – 2,513,000 Tonnes.

Which country is the largest producer of ginger?

China followed in second place with 19% which accounted for 0.390 million tons, Nepal came in third place with 0.235 million tons while the other two top producing countries of ginger were Indonesia and Nigeria accounting for 0.233 and 0.160 million tons respectively.

What country produces the most avocados?


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What company sells the most bananas?

U.S. banana producer Chiquita Brands International and Ireland’s Fyffes have agreed to merge and create the world’s largest banana company. The combined company, to be known as ChiquitaFyffes, is set to displace privately-held Dole from the No. 1 spot.

Does Iceland produce bananas?

Although a small number of banana plants still exist in greenhouses and produce fruit every year, Iceland imports nearly all of the bananas consumed in the country, with imports now amounting to over 18 kg per capita per annum.

What country produces the most gold?

Top 10 Gold Producing Countries

  1. Russia – 270.7 tonnes.
  2. United States – 230.0 tonnes.
  3. Canada – 175.8 tonnes.
  4. Peru – 162.3 tonnes.
  5. Indonesia – 154.3 tonnes.
  6. South Africa – 139.9 tonnes.
  7. Mexico – 130.5 tonnes.
  8. Ghana – 101.7 tonnes. Ghana is Africa’s second largest producer of gold and is also known for its reserves of various industrial minerals.

Which country is the largest producer of tea in the world?


Which country is the world’s greenest and cleanest country?

The greenest country in the world

1 Switzerland 87.42
2 France 83.95
3 Denmark 81.60
4 Malta 80.90

149 more rows

Which country exports the most?

The World’s 20 Largest Exporting Countries

  • China is the World’s Largest Exporter. While China’s explosive economic expansion has been a front-page financial story over the last few decades, China’s economy is not the only one worth noting.
  • Why Doesn’t the United States Export More?
  • Germany.
  • Japan.
  • South Korea.

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