Where is the largest library located?

The Library of Congress in Washington DC is essentially both the national library of the U.S. and the country’s oldest federal cultural institution. Though it consists of only three buildings, it is the largest library in the world for shelf space and number of volumes.

Where is the US largest library located?

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the United States. Above, the Library of Congress’ Thomas Jefferson Building.

Largest public libraries by total collections.

Rank 1
Library New York Public Library
Area served Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, New York
Total collection (FY 2016) 25,271,223

What is the second biggest library in the world?

The World’s Biggest Libraries

Rank Library Name Location
1 Library of Congress Washington, D.C., United States
2 British Library London and Boston Spa, United Kingdom
3 New York Public Library New York, United States
4 Library and Archives Canada Ottawa, Canada
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Which country has the largest public library in the world?

Currently, China has the largest number of public libraries in the world. According to an OCLC data updated in 2016, there are 51,311 public libraries in China. Coming at the second place is Russia with 46,000 public libraries, while India stands third with 29,800 libraries spread across the entire country.

What is the biggest library in the UK?

The Library of Birmingham houses a million printed volumes, the largest number held by any public library in the UK.

What is world’s largest library?

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world with more than 170 million items.

What is the smallest library in the world?

A man in eastern P.E.I. who is running what he calls Canada’s Smallest Library is trying to get Guinness to declare it the smallest in the world. The library in Cardigan, operated by John A. MacDonald, sits in a building that measures 3.5 x 3.5 metres, and holds about 1,800 books.

Who has the largest private library?

Library systems like Harvard and Oxford (let alone countless other impressive private university library systems) are ‘private’ in the sense that their institutions are ‘private. ‘ Define “private”? Harvard Library technically holds the world’s largest private library with about 18 million different registered items.

What city has the most libraries?

The best cities in the world for book lovers

rank city libraries per 100,000 people
1 Edinburgh 60.5
2 Warsaw 11.4
3 Brussels 10
4 Paris 9.2

What library has the most books in the US?

The Library of Congress holds much more than just books. Its various collections include more than 150 million items on over 800 miles of bookshelves.

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Which universities have the best libraries?

The 50 Most Amazing College Libraries

  • Firestone Library – Princeton University.
  • Thomas J. …
  • Bobst Library – New York University. …
  • Uris Library – Cornell University. …
  • Joe and Rika Mansueto Library – University of Chicago. …
  • George Peabody Library – Johns Hopkins University. …
  • Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library – Yale University. …

Do all countries have libraries?

Most countries around the world, regardless of their size or level of development have public libraries.

What colleges have the best libraries?

Our rankings are below:

  • Cornell University.
  • Yale University.
  • Columbia University.
  • University of Washington.
  • University of Chicago.
  • North Carolina State University.
  • University of California, Los Angeles.
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

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What is the most beautiful library in the world?

The most beautiful libraries in the world

  • George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland, United States. …
  • The entrance to the Bibliothèque Méjanes in Aix-en-Provence, guarded by three giant-sized French classics. …
  • The Geisel Library San Diego, named after Theodore Geisel – the creator of Dr Seuss.
  • Abbey Library of Saint Gall, Switzerland.

Is the British Library the largest in the world?

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and is one of the largest libraries in the world. It is estimated to contain between 170–200 million items from many countries. … The Library is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

What library has the most books?

ALA Library Fact Sheet 22

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Number Source Library Name
1 L Library of Congress
2 P+A Boston Public Library (Branches + Research Collections)
3 A Harvard University
4 P+A New York Public Library (Branches + Research Collections)
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