Which continent has the largest and smallest country?

Ordered from largest in area to smallest, these seven regions are: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. Variations with fewer continents may merge some of these, for example some systems include Eurasia or America as single continents.

Which are largest and smallest countries in each continent?

  • Asia- L- russia. S- maldives.
  • Africa. L- algeria. S- seychelles.
  • Europe- L- russia. S- vatican city.
  • North america- L- Canada. S- st kitts and Nevis.
  • South america- L- Brazil. S- suriname.
  • Australia and oceania- L- australia. S- nauru.
  • antarctica has no countries.

Which continent has the world’s smallest country?

Smallest Countries in the World By Area

Rank Country Continent
1 Vatican City Europe
2 Monaco Europe
3 Nauru Australia and Oceania
4 Tuvalu Australia and Oceania

Which is the largest and smallest country in the world?

This page contains the area of the top 25 largest and smallest countries in the world, including land and water territories.

Smallest countries:

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# Country Area
1 Vatican 0.44 km²
2 Monaco 1.95 km²
3 Gibraltar 6.5 km²
4 Tokelau 10 km²

What is the largest country in each continent?

Top 100 largest countries by area

Rank Country Continent
1 Russia Asia / Europe
2 Canada North America
3 United States (incl. overseas territories) North America
4 China Asia

What is the hottest continent on Earth?

Africa is the hottest continent on the planet.

What are the 3 smallest countries in the world?

The three smallest countries in the world are Vatican City, an enclave within Rome, Italy. Monaco, a principality at the Mediterranean coast and an enclave within Southern France, and Nauru, an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.

What is the richest country in the world?


Rank Country GDP-PPP ($)
1 Qatar 132,886
2 Macao SAR 114,363
3 Luxembourg 108,951
4 Singapore 103,181

What is the smartest country in the world?

Based on this data, Canada was listed as the most intelligent nation. Japan placed second, while Israel came in third. Other high-ranking nations include Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and Finland.

What is the 2nd largest country in the world?

The 30 largest countries in the world by total area (in square kilometers)

Area in square kilometers
Russia 17,098,242
Canada 9,984,670
USA 9,833,517
China 9,596,960

Which country is No 1 in world?

For the fourth year in a row, Switzerland is considered the No. 1 Best Country.

What is the 2 smallest country in the world?

The second smallest country in the world is Monaco at . 78 square miles.

The 100 Smallest Countries in the World.

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Rank Country Total are in km2 (mi2)
1 Vatican City 0.49 km2 (0.19 mi2)
2 Monaco 2.02 km2 (0.78 mi2)
3 Nauru 21 km2 (8.1 mi2)
4 Tuvalu 26 km2 (10 mi2)

Which country is bigger China or USA?

United States is around the same size as China.

China is approximately 9,596,960 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 2% larger than China. Meanwhile, the population of China is ~1.4 billion people (1.1 billion fewer people live in United States).

What are the 10 smallest countries in the world?

The world’s 10 smallest countries

  • TUVALU. …

11 дек. 2019 г.

What is the smallest state in the world?

Vatican City: Smallest State In The World.

Is Russia larger than Africa?

At 6.6 million sq. mi (17 million km2), Russia is the world’s largest country. … Drag and drop it near the equator, and you see how truly huge Africa is: at 11.73 million sq. mi (30.37 million km2), it is almost twice the size of Russia.

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