Question: Who Are The Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In The World?

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Johnson & Johnson


Roche Holding AG



Merck & Co.


Who are the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world 2018?

Who are the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world? (2018)

  • Pfizer. The world’s largest pharmaceutical company is multinational pharma giant Pfizer, headquartered in Connecticut, USA.
  • Roche.
  • Sanofi.
  • Johnson & Johnson.
  • Merck & Co.
  • Novartis.
  • AbbVie.
  • Gilead Sciences.

Who are the top 5 pharmaceutical companies?

  1. Pfizer Inc – 5.6% Pfizer had the highest market share of 5.6% in 2018 owing to strong sales of key products including Ibrance, Eliquis, and Xeljanz.
  2. Novartis – 5.44%
  3. F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd – 4.69%
  4. Merck & Co Inc – 4.44%
  5. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) – 4.27%
  6. GlaxoSmithKline Plc – 4.19%
  7. Sanofi – 4.11%
  8. AbbVie Inc – 3.43%

Who is the number 1 pharmaceutical company?

Top pharmaceutical companies with revenue greater than $10 billion

Rank Company
1 Johnson & Johnson NYSE: JNJ
2 Roche SIX: ROG
3 Pfizer NYSE: PFE
4 Novartis NYSE: NVS

23 more rows

Which country has the best pharmaceutical industry?

The American pharmaceutical industry accounts for about 40% of these revenues. However, China is fast catching up as having the fastest growth in the industry.

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Countries With The Biggest Global Pharmaceutical Markets In The World.

Rank Country Value of Pharmaceutical Market (in millions of $)
1 USA 339,694
2 Japan 94,025

8 more rows

Is Pfizer the largest pharmaceutical company?

Pfizer. The world’s largest pharmaceutical company is multinational pharma giant Pfizer, headquartered in Connecticut, USA. The research-based company has a varied portfolio that spans many therapy areas, including immunology, oncology, neurosciences and rare diseases.

Which is the No 1 pharmaceutical company in India?

Top 9 Publicly Listed pharmaceutical companies in India by Market Capitalization as of 2017.

Rank Company Market Capitalization 2017 (INR crores)
1 Sun Pharmaceutical Rs 1,55,716 Crore
2 Lupin Ltd Rs 68,031 Crore
3 Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Rs 49,293 Crore
4 Cipla Rs 47,319 Crore

5 more rows

What is the best pharmaceutical company?

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies to work for according to Glassdoor

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS)
  • Novartis.
  • Bayer.
  • AbbVie.
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Glassdoor rating: 3.9.
  • Roche. Glassdoor rating: 3.9.
  • Johnson & Johnson. Glassdoor rating: 3.9.
  • 7 innovative biotechnology companies in California to watch in 2019. Monique Ellis.

Which is the biggest pharmaceutical company in India?

Dr. Reddy’s has a annual sale of more than US$2.4 billion. Lupin is mumbai based pharmaceutical company which was established in india in 1968 by Desh Bandhu Gupta.

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India by sales:

  1. Cipla.
  2. Reddy’s Laboratories.
  3. Lupin.
  4. Mylan.
  5. Sun Pharma.
  6. Aurobindo Pharma.
  7. Cadila Healthcare.
  8. Torrent Pharma.

Which country is the largest producer of medicines in the world?

The USA remains the biggest single producer (by value), accounting for almost one-third of total production, and Japan the second biggest. Together, these two countries produced 57% of the world’s pharmaceuticals in 1985 and 47% in 1999. The USA lost some of its market share to Japan and Germany between 1985 and 1990.

Which is the top pharma company in the world?

Here, we have listed the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world:

  • Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson is one of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers across the globe.
  • Novartis. Novartis is a global healthcare company based in Switzerland.
  • Roche.
  • Pfizer.
  • Sanofi.
  • Merck.
  • GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)
  • AstraZeneca.

Who owns Sanofi Aventis?

Primarily focused on the development and sale of prescription medications, Sanofi-Aventis is one of Europe’s largest pharmaceutical firms. Sanofi originated in 1973 as a subsidiary of French petrochemical firm Elf Aquitaine (acquired by Total in 2000). Synthélabo, another pharmaceutical firm, was founded in 1970.

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How do I start my own pharmaceutical company?

There are three routes you can take when starting your pharmaceutical distribution company:

  1. Begin a pharmaceutical business with a manufacturing unit.
  2. Market medicines under your new brand name.
  3. Team up with an established drug manufacturer.

Where are most drugs manufactured?

How can I determine where a drug is manufactured? Prescription drugs sold in the U.S. are manufactured in facilities located all over the world. Many medications you rely on are made in Australia, Canada, China, India, France, Germany, Japan, Malta, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

What state has the most pharmaceutical companies?

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Hubs in the USA

  • Raleigh-Durham, NC.
  • Seattle, WA.
  • Greater Philadelphia.
  • Maryland/DC Metro.
  • San Diego, CA.
  • New Jersey.
  • San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Boston-Cambridge, MA. There is no surprise that Boston is the top US pharmaceutical hub with well over 100 pharmaceutical companies in Cambridge and the Kendall Square area alone.

Who are big pharma companies?

Home Who Are the Players in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Big Pharma)?

The Motley Foolprovides a list of the companies doing the best business:

  1. Johnson & Johnson ($276 billion market value)
  2. Novartis ($273 billion)
  3. Pfizer ($212 billion)
  4. Merck ($164 billion)
  5. GlaxoSmithKline ($103 billion)
  6. Eli Lilly ($98 billion)

What is the largest pharmaceutical company in Canada?

Total pharmaceutical sales in Canada came to more than 25 billion U.S. dollars in 2016. Of this, U.S.-based diversified health company Johnson & Johnson generated nearly three billion dollars. Thus, J&J held the largest market share with over 11 percent.

Who owns Pfizer?

Pfizer was founded in Brooklyn, New York, in 1849 as Charles Pfizer & Company by the German chemist and entrepreneur Charles Pfizer and his cousin Charles Erhart, a confectioner. The company, then a fine-chemicals business, was financed with a $2,500 loan from Pfizer’s father.

Which is the largest pharmaceutical company in India?

  • Sun Pharmaceuticals is the largest pharmaceutical company from India and the fifth largest specialty generic company in the world.
  • Cipla is a leading pharmaceutical from India with presence across the world.

Who is the CEO of Sun Pharma?

Dilip Shanghvi

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Which is the first pharmaceutical company in India?

Bengal Chemical & Pharmaceutical Works Ltd

How can I start a pharmaceutical company in India?

Experts say that primarily there are five steps to start a pharmaceutical marketing company.

  1. Register the company.
  2. Obtain Drug License Number.
  3. Get registered for GST.
  4. Get the trademark registered.
  5. Get FSSAI registration.

Where are the largest pharmaceutical companies located?

Pfizer is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company. Its research headquarters are located in Groton, Connecticut, America.

Which country is emerging market in pharmaceutical industry?

Five leading countries dominate these markets: China, Brazil, Russia, India, and South Africa. Pharma exports of developing countries remain quite low as compared to developed countries.

Where do most medicines come from?

These days, medicines come from a variety of sources. Many were developed from substances found in nature, and even today many are extracted from plants. Some medicines are made in labs by mixing together a number of chemicals. Others, like penicillin, are byproducts of organisms such as fungus.

How do pharmaceutical wholesalers make money?

Today, drug wholesalers make money from distribution in a straightforward manner: Buy low, sell high, collect early, and pay late. They also profit as brand-name list prices increase.

Who started the pharmaceutical industry?

The modern pharmaceutical industry traces its origin to two sources: apothecaries that moved into wholesale production of drugs such as morphine, quinine, and strychnine in the middle of the 19th century and dye and chemical companies that established research labs and discovered medical applications for their products

How do I start a biotech company?

What to do First? 7 Steps to Starting a Biotechnology Company

  • Step 1. Make absolutely sure the idea has a true market need.
  • Identify Founders and Key Personnel.
  • Find a Good Attorney.
  • Incorporate your company as a C Corporation once you have Investor Interest.
  • Conceive a well-planned marketing and business strategy.
  • Operate as a virtual company.

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