Quick Answer: How Big Is The Biggest Alligator Snapping Turtle?

They can get to that size or bigger,” David said.

The alligator snapping turtle, which has been reported to live as long as 200 years, is the heaviest freshwater turtle in the world.

The largest on record was 249 pounds.

How much did the largest alligator snapping turtle weigh?

Found almost exclusively in the rivers, canals, and lakes of the southeastern United States, alligator snappers can live to be 50 to 100 years old. Males average 26 inches in shell length and weigh about 175 pounds, although they have been known to exceed 220 pounds.

How large can snapping turtles get?

Their average length is 26 inches long, in shell and weight around 175 pounds (80 kgs), they can exceed 220 pounds (100kgs). The females weigh around 50 pounds (23 kgs).An adult common snapping turtle measures around 8 to 12 inches and they weigh between 10 pounds (4.5Kgs) to 35 pounds (16Kgs).

How much bite force does a alligator snapping turtle have?

Contrary to claims that alligator snapping turtles possess one of the strongest bite forces of any animal, it has been recorded at 158 ± 18 kgf (1,550 ± 180 N; 348 ± 40 lbf), which is lower than several other species of turtles and at about the same level as humans, relative to the turtle’s body size.

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What is the largest common snapping turtle?

That specimen weighed 32 pounds. The world record for this species (Chelydra serpentina) is 86 pounds, 19 ½ inches. Common snapping turtles live about 28 years in the wild, and specimens living more than 40 years are well documented. They are found throughout the United States east of the Rocky Mountains.

Is killing snapping turtles illegal?

The turtles and their eggs are protected under both state and federal threatened and endangered species laws. It is illegal to harm, harass, or possess a turtle or its eggs, live or dead, without a permit.

Can an alligator snapping turtle kill you?

The result is that an Alligator Snapping Turtle can quite easily bite off a human finger. The power of an Alligator Snapping Turtle’s jaws can be seen in the wide variety of the prey that they consume. These turtles are known to eat almost anything they can get between their jaws, including other turtles.

How old do common snapping turtles get?

Adult common snapping turtles reach sexual maturity at ages varying from 11 to 16 years and can live nearly 50 years in the wild. Thus they are long-lived and late-maturing.

Can a snapping turtle bite a finger off?

Sometimes, a snapping turtle can catch two or three fish at a time! Snapping turtles have a very strong bite and powerful jaws that are designed to cut, not crush. It can easily cut off your fingers. So, don’t bother snapping turtles — just leave them alone if you see them.

Are alligator snapping turtles dangerous?

Alligator snapping turtles are declining due to habitat degradation and overharvesting for their meat. They are not an endangered species, but some states have imposed bans on collecting them from the wild. Some myths claim that alligator snapping turtles are known to attack people, but this isn’t the case.

How hard do alligator snapping turtles bite?

According to a study in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology from 2002, a snapping turtle’s actual jaw strength registered between 208 and 226 Newtons of force. By comparison, humans average a bite force of between 300 and 700 Newtons when we bite with our molars.

Are alligator snapping turtles aggressive?

The snapping turtle also has a reputation for being an aggressive monster on land. But consider this: most turtles are able to withdraw into their shells when threatened. An “aggressive” snapping turtle is only being defensive and will bite when cornered.

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Can snapping turtles reach their tail?

They may live for 80 years or more. Please Don’t Touch: Snapping turtles have long spiked tails and necks which can reach two thirds the length of their shells, making handling dangerous. Their snapping jaws and sharp claws are capable of inflicting serious injury; these turtles are best left alone.

Are Snapping turtles endangered?

Least Concern (Population stable)

Are Snapping turtles nocturnal?

Once the turtles have grown some and their shells harden, they are virtually predator-free. Snapping turtles are nocturnal and spend most of the time underwater, lying on the bottom of the waterbody. Their dark-colored skin and moss-covered shell enables the turtles to lie in wait and ambush their prey.

How long can a snapping turtle hold its breath?

50 minutes

Is it illegal to kill turtle eggs?

The loggerhead is listed as threatened. This makes it illegal to harm, harass, or kill any sea turtles, their eggs, or hatchlings.

Is it illegal to kill a timber rattler?

The snake is so rare in the state that it is rarely encountered by people and is considered endangered, making it illegal to harass, kill, collect, or possess.

Is killing turtles illegal?

Both the American and Canadian governments regulate the consumption, hunting and destruction of turtles and their eggs, In Canada the only specified type of turtle that is allowed to be hunted is the snapping turtle, which is considered to be a concern under the Endangered Species Act in the year of 2007.

How long do snapping turtles hibernate?

Incubation time is temperature-dependent, ranging from 9 to 18 weeks. In cooler climates, hatchlings overwinter in the nest. The common snapping turtle is remarkably cold-tolerant; radiotelemetry studies have shown some individuals do not hibernate, but remain active under the ice during the winter.

How fast can Turtles Run?

Leatherback sea turtle: 1.8 – 10 km/h

What does a long snapper do?

In gridiron football, the long snapper (or deep snapper) is a special teams specialist whose duty is to snap the football over a longer distance, typically around 15 yards during punts, and 7–8 yards during field goals and extra point attempts.

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What kind of turtle is used for soup?

In the United States, the common snapping turtle has long been the principle species used for turtle soup. In this case the soup is also referred to as snapper turtle soup, or simply snapper soup (not to be confused with red snapper soup, which is made from the fish red snapper).

How long do tortoises live in captivity?

In general, most tortoise species can live 80–150 years.

How long can crocodiles hold their breath?

Crocodiles cannot breathe underwater: they breathe air, just like people. When they are not active, they can hold their breath for a maximum of about two hours underwater before drowning. Normally, when underwater, they are active and can hold their breathe for a maximum of 20 minutes to one hour.

Do turtles have gills?

Although many turtles spend large amounts of their lives underwater, all turtles and tortoises breathe air and must surface at regular intervals to refill their lungs. The turtles can take up dissolved oxygen from the water using these papillae, in much the same way that fish use gills to respire.

Who is the long snapper for the New York Giants?

Zackary Robert DeOssie (born May 24, 1984) is an American football long snapper for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for Brown University, and was drafted by the Giants in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He was a two-time Pro Bowl selection as a long snapper.

What position is Ls in football?

For a right-handed quarterback, the left tackle is charged with protecting the quarterback from being hit from behind (known as the “blind side”), and this is usually the most skilled player on the offensive line. Like a guard, the tackle may have to “pull”, on a running play, when there is a tight end on their side.

What position is Andrew East?


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