Quick Answer: What Are The Top Five Largest Cities In Georgia?

Largest Cities in Georgia

  • Atlanta. Situated mostly in Fulton County but also stretching into DeKalb County in the northwestern part of the state, Atlanta is the capital city of the state of Georgia.
  • Augusta. Located on the Savannah River in the Piedmont part of Georgia, Augusta is the second biggest city in the state.
  • Columbus.
  • Macon.
  • Savannah.

What are the Top 10 biggest cities in Georgia?

Fairmount, although there are places smaller than 1,000 people not listed here, so keep that in mind as we take a look at the top ten.

  1. Atlanta.
  2. Columbus.
  3. Savannah.
  4. Sandy Springs.
  5. Roswell.
  6. Johns Creek.
  7. Albany.
  8. Warner Robins.

What are the 5 major cities in Georgia?

Try it out, and see if you know your big Georgia cities.

  • Atlanta- Population 450,000. wikimedia.
  • Columbus- Population 202,824. wikimedia.
  • Savannah – Population 142,722. wikimedia.
  • Athens- Population 119,980.
  • Sandy Springs – Population 99,770.
  • Macon – Population 89,981.
  • Roswell – Population 94,034.
  • Albany- Population 76,185.
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What are the top 5 largest cities in Georgia?

Looking for a list of cities, counties or zips in Georgia?

Georgia Cities by Population Rank City Population
1 Atlanta 465,230
2 Augusta-Richmond County 201,568
3 Columbus 198,647
4 Macon-Bibb County 153,621

157 more rows

What is the second largest city in the state of Georgia?


What is the 3rd largest city in Georgia?

The Largest Cities in Georgia

  1. Atlanta. Atlanta is not only Georgia’s capital city, it is also the largest city in the state.
  2. Augusta. Augusta is the second largest city in Georgia, and in 2010 the city had a population of 195,844.
  3. Columbus.

What is the smallest town in GA?

Edge Hill, Georgia. Edge Hill is a city in Glascock County, Georgia, United States. The population was 24 at the 2010 census. It is the smallest incorporated city in Georgia by population.

Top ten cities in Georgia by population

City Population
#1 Atlanta 440,641
#2 Columbus 198,247
#3 Augusta 196,551
#4 Macon 155,023

6 more rows

What’s the largest county in GA?

Georgia Land Area County Rank

Rank Land Area ▼ County / Population
1. 892.46 sq mi Ware, GA / 35,915
2. 826.97 sq mi Burke, GA / 23,136
3. 807.30 sq mi Laurens, GA / 48,028
4. 800.22 sq mi Clinch, GA / 6,777

155 more rows

What cities are in southwest Georgia?

Cities with populations over 10,000 include: Albany, Alpharetta, Americus, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Bainbridge, Brunswick, Buford, Carrollton, Cartersville, College Park, Columbus, Cordele, Covington, Dalton, Decatur, Douglas , Douglasville, Dublin, Duluth, East Point, Forest Park, Gainesville, Griffin, Hinesville,

What are the oldest cities in Georgia?

These Are The 10 Oldest Cities In Georgia

  • Milledgeville.
  • Fayetteville (Photos)
  • Decatur (Photos)
  • Newnan (Photos)
  • Rome (Photos)
  • Albany (Photos)
  • Calhoun (Photos)
  • Roswell (Photos)

What’s the largest cities in Georgia?

Largest Cities in Georgia

  1. Atlanta. Situated mostly in Fulton County but also stretching into DeKalb County in the northwestern part of the state, Atlanta is the capital city of the state of Georgia.
  2. Augusta. Located on the Savannah River in the Piedmont part of Georgia, Augusta is the second biggest city in the state.
  3. Columbus.
  4. Macon.
  5. Savannah.

What are the main cities in Georgia?

Largest cities in Georgia

  • Atlanta.
  • Columbus.
  • Augusta.
  • Macon-Bibb County.
  • Savannah.
  • Athens.
  • Sandy Springs.
  • Roswell.
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What is the largest city in Atlanta?

Georgia – Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Atlanta 463,878
2 Columbus 200,579
3 Savannah 145,674
4 Athens 116,714

6 more rows

How populous is Georgia?

An estimate released in July 2015 suggested that the population of Georgia had risen to 10,214,860.

Georgia Population Rank.

Year Pop % Change
1800 162,686 7.02%
1790 82,548 3.94%
1780 56,071 9.14%
1770 23,375 9.33%

34 more rows

What county in Georgia has the smallest population?

Taliaferro County

How many Muslims are in Georgia?

The Muslims constitute from 9.9% (463,062) to 10-11% of Georgia’s population. There are two major Muslim groups in Georgia. The ethnic Georgian Muslims are Sunni Hanafi and are concentrated in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara of Georgia bordering Turkey.

What is the largest industry in Georgia?

Top 5 Industries in Georgia: Which Parts of the Economy Are Strongest?

  1. Agriculture. Many U.S. residents wouldn’t have fruit, meat, and nuts if it wasn’t for Georgia’s agriculture.
  2. Film. “Forrest Gump,” “Glory,” and “Sweet Home Alabama” are just some of the hit films that were made in Georgia.
  3. Energy.
  4. Automotive.
  5. Tourism.

What is the smallest county in Georgia?

Clarke County

What is the best small town in Georgia?

15 Best Small Towns to Visit in Georgia:

  • The Dovecote House in Madison, Georgia: flickr.
  • House on Bellevue Ave in Dublin, GA: wikipedia.
  • Lake Peachtree: flickr.
  • Bartow County Courthouse, Cartersville, Georgia: flickr.
  • Toccoa: flickr.
  • Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island. Georgia: flickr.
  • St. Marys, Georgia: flickr.
  • Senoia: flickr.

What is the best city to live in GA?

The 10 Best Places To Live In Georgia For 2019

  1. Johns Creek.
  2. Decatur.
  3. Sandy Springs.
  4. Dunwoody.
  5. Roswell.
  6. Woodstock.
  7. Braselton.
  8. Suwanee.

What is the best city in Georgia?

Peachtree City, Alpharetta, Woodstock and Johns Creek rounded out the top five.

Here are the 10 best places for families in Georgia, according to WalletHub:

  • Alpharetta.
  • Woodstock.
  • Johns Creek.
  • Decatur.
  • Cusseta.
  • Evans.
  • Holly Springs.
  • Druid Hills.

What Georgia city is closest to Florida?

Major cities near Florida Junction, GA

  1. 124 miles to Jacksonville, FL.
  2. 219 miles to Charlotte, NC.
  3. 223 miles to Atlanta, GA.
  4. 245 miles to Orlando, FL.
  5. 287 miles to Greensboro, NC.
  6. 294 miles to Raleigh, NC.
  7. 295 miles to Tampa, FL.
  8. 301 miles to Durham, NC.
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What is considered middle Georgia?

Central Georgia is the area containing the metropolitan region surrounding the city of Macon, in Bibb County in the U.S. state of Georgia. It abuts the Atlanta metropolitan area, just to the north. Similar and coextensive names for this region include Middle Georgia and the Heart of Georgia.

What is Southwest GA?

Southwest Georgia is a fourteen-county region in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is commonly referred to as SOWEGA, pronounced “Sow WEE guh”. Southwest Georgia is anchored by Albany, the most populous city and region’s sole metropolitan area.

What is the fastest growing industry in Georgia?

While solar photovoltaic installers were the fastest-growing industry in the US, the fastest-growing occupation in America was the personal care and service industry.

Whats the biggest industry?

Here are the top 10 biggest industries of the Inc. 5000 this year, including total revenue and the total number of Inc. 5000 companies.

  • Health.
  • Financial services.
  • Consumer products and services.
  • Logistics and transportation.
  • Business products and services.
  • Construction.
  • Government services.
  • Real estate.

How does Georgia make money?

The money that a government takes in is called revenue. The creation of the various revenue sources and the terms for collecting revenue are determined by the legislative action of the Georgia General Assembly. The Department of Revenue, a state executive agency, administers and collects most of the state’s revenues.

Which is the richest county in Georgia?

Forsyth is Georgia’s richest county (and its healthiest): Data

  1. Private Quarters.
  2. Celebrations.

How many people live in Georgia?

10.52 million (2018)

What state has more counties than Georgia?

The U.S. State of Georgia is divided into 159 counties, more than any other state except for Texas, which has 254 counties.

Photo in the article by “National Park Service” https://www.nps.gov/cuis/planyourvisit/seacamp.htm

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