Quick Answer: What Is The Largest Island In The Mediterranean?

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New Guinea


Baffin Island



Victoria Island

Is Sicily the largest island in the Mediterranean?

Sicily. Without a doubt, Sicily is the largest island located in the Mediterranean Sea. The 9,927 square miles belong to Italy.

What is the smallest island country in the Mediterranean Sea?


What are the 10 largest islands?


  • Greenland – (840,004 sq. miles) (2,175,600 sq.
  • New Guinea – (303,381 sq. miles) (785,753 sq.
  • Borneo – (288,869 sq. miles) (748,168 sq.
  • Madagascar – (226,917 sq. miles) (587,713 sq.
  • Baffin – (194,574 sq. miles) (503,944 sq.
  • Sumatra – (171,069 sq. miles) (443,066 sq.
  • Honshu – (88,982 sq.
  • Great Britain – (88,787 sq.

What is the biggest island in Europe?

The Largest Islands Of Europe By Area

  1. Sardinia.
  2. Sicily.
  3. Yuzhny Island.
  4. Spitsbergen.
  5. Severny Island.
  6. Ireland.
  7. Iceland. Europe’s second-biggest island is Iceland which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  8. Great Britain. The island of Great Britain is situated in the Atlantic Ocean to the northwest of mainland Europe.

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