Question: Where Is The Biggest Bookstore In The Us?

12 Of The Biggest Bookshops In The World For When You Want To Lose Yourself In Literature

  • Powell’s Book Store in Portland, Oregon.
  • Barnes & Noble in Union Square in New York City.
  • Cook & Book in Brussels, Belgium.
  • John K. King Used And Rare Books in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Waterstones Piccadilly in London, England.

Where is the biggest bookstore in the world?

Although it retained the name, the Guinness Book of World Records listed the Barnes & Noble College Booksellers location on Fifth Avenue in New York City as the largest bookstore in the world based on floor space, although Powell’s Books of Portland, Oregon, is usually considered the largest based on shelf-space.

Is Powell’s the biggest bookstore in the world?

Powell’s Books is a chain of bookstores in Portland, Oregon, and its surrounding metropolitan area. Powell’s headquarters, dubbed Powell’s City of Books, claims to be the largest independent new and used bookstore in the world.

Is Powell’s Books closing?

Updated: March 31, 2014 8:08 a.m. Powell’s Books announced that it will be closing two of its three concourse stores at Portland International Airport this summer when the leases expire. Although Powell’s is a staple in Portland today, the new and used bookstore brand actually started in Chicago in 1970.

What is the best online bookstore?

15 Best Online Bookstores for Cheap New and Used Books

  1. Powell’s Books. Best for: Independent presses, new authors.
  2. Better World Books. Best for: eBooks, popular fiction and nonfiction.
  3. BookMooch. Advertising.
  4. Skyo. Best for: Textbooks, digital textbooks.
  5. Thrift Books. Best for: Popular books, kids’ books.
  6. Alibris. Advertising.
  7. The Strand.
  8. AbeBooks.
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