Quick Answer: Which Country Has The Largest Railway Network In Asia?

The US has the largest railway system in the world – about 240,000 km connecting 48 continental states.

That is enough track to circle the Earth five times.

Russia (154,000 km) and Canada (72,961 km) follow.

India comes fifth with 62,658 km of railroad after Canada and China.

Which is the largest railway network in Asia?

Indian Railways

Which country has highest railway line in the world?

The Qinghai–Tibet Railway, the highest rail line in the world, passing through the Tibetan Plateau.

  • Qingzang Railway, China.
  • Ferrocarril Central Andino, Peru.
  • Rio Mulatos-Potosi Line, Bolivia.
  • PeruRail, Peru.
  • Manitou and Pike’s Peak, U.S.A.
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Which country has the best railway system?

Which country is best seen by rail?

  1. India. With the largest rail network in the world, India came up over and over again as a country that is a must-see by train.
  2. Japan. The island nation had Quora contributors singing its praises for having the world’s most reliable train system.
  3. Switzerland.
  4. South Africa.
  5. United States.

Which is the largest rail network in world?

Railway-technology.com profiles the 10 largest railway networks in the world based on total operating length.

  • United States: 250,000km.
  • China: 100,000km.
  • Russia: 85,500km.
  • India: 65,000km.
  • Canada: 48,000km.
  • Germany: 41,000km.
  • Australia: 40,000km.
  • Argentina: 36,000km.

Which country has no train?


Where is the world’s highest cog railway?

Since 1891, the world’s highest cog railway ascends Pikes Peak, 14,115 feet. The train winds past waterfalls, through aspen and pine forest. There simply isn’t an experience like the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

Which is the longest railway line in world?

The Trans-Siberian Railway (the Moscow-Vladivostok line), spanning a length of 9,289km, is the longest and one of the busiest railway lines in the world.

Which is the highest railway line in India?

India Building World’s Highest Railway Line

  1. The projected cost to construct the 465 km line will be Rs 83,360 crore.
  2. The railway line will be the world’s highest at 5,360 metres above mean sea level which is comparable to China’s Quinghai-Tibet Railway Line at 2,000 metres.

Which country has the best infrastructure in the world?

Countries With the Best Infrastructure

  • Hong Kong. Hong Kong, a Chinese special administrative region, has an infrastructure score of 6.7, the highest of any country in the world.
  • Singapore. Singapore inherited a well-developed infrastructure from the colonial government and made efforts to continue developing this infrastructure further.
  • The Netherlands.
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Which country has the best roads?

United Arab Emirates

Which country has the largest rail network in Africa?

Top 10 Countries with Largest Railway Networks in World

  1. United States – 250,000 km. The US rail network, with an operating route length over 250,000 km, is the biggest in the world.
  2. China – 124,000 km.
  3. Russia – 86,000 km.
  4. India – 68,525 km.
  5. Canada – 48,000 km.
  6. Germany – 43,468 km.
  7. Australia – 40,000 km.
  8. Brazil – 37,743 km.

Which country has the largest network of roads?

  • United States of America. The US road network exceeds 6.58 million kilometres in total length, making it the world’s longest and biggest road network.
  • China. China has the world’s second-biggest road network, exceeding 4.24 million kilometres (as of 2012 data).
  • India.
  • Brazil.
  • Russia.
  • Japan.
  • Canada.
  • France.

What is the world ranking of Indian railway network?


Rank Country Length (km)
1 United States 257,722
2 China 131,000
3 Russia 85,500
4 India 67,368

58 more rows

Which is the longest platform in the world?

The longest railway platforms are:

  1. Gorakhpur railway station, Uttar Pradesh, India:1,366.33 m (4,483 ft) (longest in the world)
  2. Kollam Junction, Kerala, India:1,180.5 m (3,873 ft)
  3. Kharagpur, West Bengal, India: 1,072.5 m (3,519 ft)
  4. State Street subway, Chicago, Illinois, US: 1,067 m (3,501 ft) (longest in North America)

Which state in India has no railway station?


Which country does not have river?

Saudi Arabia is the biggest country without a river. In all, there are 17 countries without a river viz. Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc. However, these countries have dry river beds as they do not have a regular water flow.

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In which country there is no police?

The term armed forces refers to any government-sponsored defense used to further the domestic and foreign policies of their respective government. Some of the countries listed, such as Iceland and Monaco, have no standing armies but still have a non-police military force.

Which is the largest railway station in the world?

According to Guinness World Records, the world’s largest railway station is Grand Central Terminal in New York City, USA. In terms of the number of platforms, the largest railway station in the world is Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Which is the longest train in India?


What is the longest bridge in the world?

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

Photo in the article by “Wikipedia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Siberian_Railway

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