Question: Which Is The Biggest Project In India?


  • South-to-North Water Transfer Project – $78 billion (as of 2014)
  • California High-Speed Rail – $70 billion.
  • Dubailand – $64 billion.
  • London Crossrail Project – $23 billion.
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport – $13 billion.
  • Jubail II – $11 billion.
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge – $10.6 billion.

What is the biggest project in the world?

10 of the Largest Construction Projects in the World

  1. Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai. Charles Bowman.
  2. Jubail II, Saudi Arabia. Ali Al Mubarak / Getty Images.
  3. Dubailand, Dubai. Matilde Gattoni / Getty Images.
  4. International Space Station, Space.
  5. South-North Water Transfer Project, China.
  6. London Crossrail Project.
  7. High-Speed Railway, California.
  8. Chuo Shinkansen, Japan.

What is mega project India?

The Delhi-Mumbai Trade Corridor is a superb demonstration of India’s ambitious infrastructure goals. A project epic in scope, the DMIC is a 1,483 km railway track worked into nine “Mega Industrial Zones”.

What are infra projects?

Infrastructure is the term for the basic physical systems of a business or nation — transportation, communication, sewage, water and electric systems are all examples of infrastructure. These systems tend to be high-cost investments and are vital to a country’s economic development and prosperity.

How large is India?

India is the seventh-largest country in the world by area (3,287,263 total sq. km). The top 10 countries and dependencies by area are: World, Russia, Antarctica, Canada, China, United States, Brazil, Australia, India, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Algeria.

Photo in the article by “National Park Service”

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