Quick Answer: Which Is The Largest Exocrine Gland In Human Body?


Which is the largest exocrine gland?

The pancreas is the largest exocrine gland and is 99% exocrine tissue and 1% endocrine. The primary function of the excocrine tissue is to produce digestive enzymes.

Which is the largest endocrine gland in human body?

thyroid gland

What are the 3 types of exocrine glands?

The three types of exocrine glands include the apocrine, holocrine, and merocrine glands.

  • The apocrine glands release a portion of their own cells with the substance they secrete.
  • Holocrine glands release cells that have chemical substances in them.

Which is the most common type of exocrine gland?

This is the most common type of exocrine gland. Apocrine glands release their secretion by budding off a part of their cellular cytoplasm and membrane. This bud contains the secreted substance and is released into the ductal system.

Which is the smallest gland in human body?

pineal gland

Photo in the article by “Wikipedia” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancreas

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