Who has the biggest hands ever in NBA history?

Who has the biggest hands ever?

Robert Wadlow (USA), the tallest man ever, had hands that measured 32.3 cm (12.75 in) from the wrist to the tip of his middle finger. He wore a size 25 ring.

How big are Kobe’s hands?

Kobe Bryant

Bryant’s hands have been measured to be roughly nine inches in length. At 6’6″, this is somewhat average by NBA standards; they are certainly not impressive. Kobe can palm the ball but he can’t “palm palm the ball” (in his own words) like Dr J or MJ.

How big were Jordan’s hands?

8. Michael Jordan: 9.75/11.375 inches.

How big is Kawhi Leonard’s hands?

But on the mathematical side, Kawhi’s hands are 9.75 inches long from the tip of his longest finger to the palm. For reference, the average hand size of a human is 7.6 inches long! What’s more astounding is that Kawhi’s hands measure 11.25 inches wide, and it is crazy what he can do in the NBA with such enormous hands.

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What is LeBron James hand size?

LeBron James’s hands are 9/9.25 inches, which is less than average for somebody at his height. And Kyrie Irving, who is five inches shorter than LeBron, has a hand span bigger than LeBron’s.

Who has the longest fingers in BTS?

Suga has long white fingers. You may think that his fair hand could be mistaken for a woman’s, but his big-boned finger joints say otherwise. His big fingernails and his long fingers of 19㎝ say these hands are man hands. V has fingers long enough to cover his face.

Who was better LeBron or Kobe?

LeBron might be leading the MVP score of 3-1 but Kobe has 5 championships that set him apart at the same time. All in all, LeBron has numbers and dominance to his side but Kobe is a more complete and versatile player. He possesses a magic touch that James is far away from.

Do big hands mean you will be tall?

Relationship between height and hand size

A 2014 study investigated whether it is possible to predict a person’s height based on their hand length. … The researchers found that hand length can predict height. They also found that doctors can use hand length to determine a person’s body mass index (BMI).

Who has the smallest hands in the NBA?

The players with the smallest hands ever at the draft combine (relative to height)

  1. TJ McConnell. Hand length: 7.5 inches. …
  2. James Anderson. Hand length: 8.5 inches. …
  3. Diamond Stone. Hand length: 8.5 inches. …
  4. Tyler Ulis. Hand length: 7.5 inches. …
  5. Michael Carter-Williams. …
  6. Kendall Williams. …
  7. Jordan Adams. …
  8. Cameron Johnson.
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How big are Shaquille O Neal’s feet?


How big are Michael Jordan’s feet?


Can Kevin Durant palm a basketball?

A height of 6’9″ and a 7’4″ wingspan—add the skills of a shooting guard, and you have Kevin Durant. KD on if he can palm the ball: “No, I can’t. … It’s nothing I can control.

Who has the biggest feet in the NBA?

Here, we round up some of the biggest shoe sizes in the game.

  • Andre Iguodala Feet – Size 17 Shoes. Standing at 6 foot 6, Andre Igduola plays for the Golden State Warriors. …
  • Dwight Howard Feet – Size 18 Shoes. …
  • DeAndre Jordan Feet – Size 18 Shoes. …
  • Kevin Durant Feet – Size 18 Shoes.

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How big do your hands need to be to palm a basketball?

The general minimum hand size where you can comfortably palm a ball is a 7.5” hand length and 8 1/4” hand span. To measure your hand length, get a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

What is a big hand size?

How to choose gloves based on your hand size

Hand size (the largest measurement of either length or circumference) Glove size
7.5–8 inches Small
8.5–9 inches Medium
9.5–10 inches Large
10.5–11 inches XLarge
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