Who Is The Largest Exporter Of Rice?

India had the highest export volume of rice worldwide, at 12.5 million metric tons as of 2018/2019.

Thailand was the second largest rice exporter, with about 10.3 million metric tons of rice worldwide in that year.

What country is the largest exporter of rice?

In most global markets, the U.S. rice industry faces tough competition from Asian suppliers, with Thailand the world’s largest rice exporting country, followed by Vietnam, Pakistan, India, and China.

Who exports the most cotton?

Top Cotton Exports by Country

  • China: US$15.4 billion (26.1% of total cotton exports)
  • United States: $8.4 billion (14.2%)
  • India: $8.1 billion (13.8%)
  • Pakistan: $3.5 billion (5.9%)
  • Vietnam: $2.8 billion (4.7%)
  • Turkey: $1.8 billion (3.1%)
  • Australia: $1.8 billion (3%)
  • Brazil: $1.7 billion (2.9%)

Which rice is exported from India?

Rice Export from India. India is the leading exporter of the Basmati Rice to the global markets. During 2015-16 the country has exported globally about 40.45 Lakh MT of Basmati Rice and 63.66 Lakh MT Non-Basmati rice for the worth of Rs. 2,2718.44 crores and Rs. 15,129.09 crores respectively.

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What country exports the most grain?

Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of wheat during 2018.

  1. Russia: US$8.4 billion (21.1% of total wheat exports)
  2. Canada: $5.7 billion (14.2%)
  3. United States: $5.4 billion (13.6%)
  4. France: $4.1 billion (10.3%)
  5. Australia: $3.1 billion (7.7%)
  6. Argentina: $2.5 billion (6.2%)

What country exports the most coffee?

Below is a list of the world’s top 10 coffee producing countries, according to the International Coffee Organization.

  • Brazil – 2,595,000 metric ton (5,714,381,000 pounds)
  • Vietnam – 1,650,000 metric tons (3,637,627,000 pounds)
  • Colombia – 810,000 metric tons (1,785,744,000 pounds)

Who produces the most rice in the United States?

While now more than 100 varieties of rice are grown in the world, in the US 20 varieties of rice are commercially produced, primarily in the states of Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and California.

Which country is the largest exporter of beef?

Top Beef Exporting Countries

  1. Brazil. Brazil exported a total of 1,850,000 metric tons of beef in 2016, making it the world’s largest beef exporter.
  2. India. India is an equally large global beef exporter, exporting 1,850,000 metric tons in 2016.
  3. Australia.
  4. United States.
  5. New Zealand.

Which country is the largest exporter of cotton in the world?


Which country is the largest producer of cotton in the world?


What country exports the most vegetables?

Corn is the largest agricultural crop in the United States, which produces roughly 350 million tons of the plant per year. The United States exports more food than any other country in the world. Among the top export destinations of the United States are Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and Germany.

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What country exports the most flour?

The Top Wheat Exporting And Importing Countries In The World

Rank Country Export of wheat, flour, and wheat products in 2015/2016, (in 1,000 metric tons)
1 European Union 33,000
2 Russia 24,500
3 Canada 22,500
4 United States 21,200

6 more rows

What country imports the most wheat?

Below are the 15 countries that imported the highest dollar value worth of wheat during 2018.

  • Indonesia: US$2.6 billion (6.1% of total wheat imports)
  • Egypt: $2.2 billion (5.3%)
  • Algeria: $1.84 billion (4.4%)
  • Italy: $1.82 billion (4.3%)
  • Philippines: $1.7 billion (4%)
  • Japan: $1.6 billion (3.9%)
  • Brazil: $1.5 billion (3.6%)

What country consumes the most coffee?

The World’s Top Coffee Consuming Nations

  1. Finland – 12kg per capita per year.
  2. Norway – 9.9.
  3. Iceland – 9.
  4. Denmark – 8.7.
  5. Netherlands – 8.4.
  6. Sweden – 8.2.
  7. Switzerland – 7.9.
  8. Belgium – 6.8.

Where is the most coffee grown?

Arabica coffee beans are cultivated mainly in Latin America, eastern Africa or Asia, while robusta beans are grown in central Africa, throughout southeast Asia, and Brazil.

Which country has the best coffee in the world?

North America & The Caribbean

  • United States – Hawaii. Though coffee farms are found throughout the Hawaiian islands, it is Kona coffee, from the large island of Hawaii, that is best known and always in high demand.
  • Mexico.
  • Puerto Rico.
  • Guatemala.
  • Costa Rica.
  • Colombia.
  • Brazil.
  • Ethiopia.

Who is the number 1 oil producer in the world?

The United States likely surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest crude oil producer earlier this year, based on preliminary estimates in EIA’s Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO).

What are the top 10 biggest country?

When all 10 of the world’s largest countries are taken together, they total 49% of the earth’s entire 149 million square kilometres of land.

  1. 7 – India.
  2. 6 – Australia.
  3. 5 – Brazil.
  4. 4 – People’s Republic of China.
  5. 3 – United States of America.
  6. 2 – Canada.
  7. 1 – Russia.
  8. 50 Largest Countries in the World By Area. Rank.
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Which country is the largest producer of silk?


Which country is the largest producer of sugarcane in the world?


Which country is the largest producer of polyester in the world?

In 1999 China (PRC) was the largest producer of polyester yarn in the world. Taiwan was second and South Korea, third.

Which country is the largest producer of coffee?

Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries in the World

  • Brazil. Brazil is the largest coffee producing country in the World, and history comes from the last 150 years.
  • Vietnam. Vietnam is the second largest producer of Coffee after Brazil with Total production of about 1,300,000 tons per year.
  • Columbia.
  • Indonesia.
  • India.
  • Ethiopia.
  • Mexico.
  • Peru.

Which country is the largest producer of rice?


Which country has best cotton?

Top 10 Countries in Cotton Production

  1. 1) India. India has a huge Cotton Industry from over 3000 years that’s why it is recognized as the birthplace of cotton industry.
  2. 2) China. China is the world leader in Cotton Production after India.
  3. 3) United States of America.
  4. 4) Pakistan.
  5. 5) Brazil.
  6. 6) Australia.
  7. 7) Uzbekistan.
  8. 8) Turkey.

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