Best answer: What was Michael Jordan’s lowest scoring game ever?

Michael Jordan put up his fewest points in a game on December 15, 2002 and on April 2, 2002, with 2 points.

How many times did Jordan score less than 10 points?

Michael Jordan played 13 games with fewer than 10 points in his career.

Did Michael Jordan ever have a bad game?

Jordan had the worst shooting night of his Bulls career, going just 2-for-17 from the field. Jordan was able to get to 14 points by going 10-of-11 from the line in a Bulls win over an eight-win Warriors squad. Jordan hurt his foot about five minutes into the game and returned early in the second…

How many games did Jordan score less than 20?

Michael Jordan had 146 games played with fewer than 20 points.

Did Michael Jordan ever lose 3 games in a row?

Michael Jordan And The Bulls Never Lost Three Games In A Row Between Dec. 1990 – June 1998. … [Between December 1990 and June 1998] MJ in his championship runs—ignoring the first retirement and half-season comeback—never lost three games in a row with the Chicago Bulls.

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Who is the youngest NBA player to score 10000?

LeBron James becomes youngest player to score 10,000 points!

How many times has LeBron scored less than 10 points?

LeBron James has 8 games played with fewer than 10 points.

Did Jordan push off on Russell?

Michael Jordan insists in ‘The Last Dance’ he did not push off on Bryon Russell in 1998 NBA Finals. The moment captured Michael Jordan’s superior footwork, his clutch shooting and his flair for the theatrical. … “Everybody says I pushed off — bull—-,” Jordan said in the final episode of “The Last Dance.

Did Kobe Bryant ever play against Michael Jordan?

In that sense, Bryant has the clear edge: He went 5-3 against Jordan in the regular season and 2-1 in All-Star games for a combined 7-4 record against Jordan.

Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant all-time record.

Date Result
Dec. 17, 1997 Bulls 104, Lakers 83
Feb. 1, 1998 Lakers 112, Bulls 87
Feb. 8, 1998 East 134, West 114

What was Michael Jordan’s highest scoring game?

It begins with a look at Jordan’s top five scoring performances against the Magic:

  • 44 points (April 2, 1991) Score: Chicago 106, Orlando 102. …
  • 45 points (May 27, 1996) Score: Chicago 106, Orlando 101. …
  • 49 points (Feb. 14, 1990) …
  • 52 points (Dec. 20, 1989) …
  • 64 points (Jan. 16, 1993)

How many times did Michael Jordan scored 60 points?

Jordan (63) and Baylor (61) are the only players in NBA Playoffs history to drop 60-plus in the postseason. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA or its clubs.

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How many times did Michael Jordan scored 50 points?

Michael Jordan reached the half-century mark 31 times in his illustrious career.

What is the lowest scoring NBA game of all time?

Lowest Scoring Game: Pistons vs.

I have nothing to back this claim up, but something tells me that there were more fans asleep in the stands on Nov. 22, 1950 than there were points scored on the court. In the lowest scoring game of all time, the Fort Wayne Pistons beat the Minneapolis Lakers 19-18 that day.

Did Michael Jordan ever lose 4 games in a row?

If you feel like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole exploring Jordan’s incredible win streak, just know the hole goes even deeper. MJ played 126 playoff games in his career. Of those, he only lost four.

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