Question: What Is The Fastest Whale In The Ocean?

What is the fastest whale in the world?

The fastest whales are: Orcas and pilot whales, who can swim over 30 mph (48 km) in bursts in order to catch prey.

Dall’s porpoise may be even faster.

The fastest of the great whales is the Sei Whale, which can swim at about 23 mph (20 knots) in short bursts.

The deadliest whale is the killer whale, or orca.

What animal swims the fastest?


Animal Maximum recorded speed
Sailfish 109.19 km/h (67.85 mph)
Swordfish 97 km/h (60 mph)
Yellowfin tuna 76 km/h (47 mph)
Shortfin mako shark 72 km/h (45 mph)

1 more row

Which whales are the fastest swimmers?

The Fastest Swimmers

  • The sailfish is considered the fastest swimmer among fish, often reaching 70 mph.
  • The fastest swimming mammal is the orca (often called killer whale) which can swim over 55 mph but the Dall’s porpoise of the north Pacific has been clocked at the same speed.
  • We all know that birds can fly fast.

How fast can a killer whale swim mph?

Killer whales are among the fastest swimming marine mammals. Killer whales can swim at speeds of up to 45 kph (28 mph), but probably only for a few seconds at a time. Killer whales usually cruise at much slower speeds, less than 13 kph (8 mph). They can cruise slowly for long periods of time.

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How fast can a megalodon swim?

As far as how quickly the megalodon swam the top speed of the megalodon is unknown however researchers think that it reached speeds of at least 20 mph, which helped it outrun or keep pace with its prey.

How fast can a human swim?

Although the researchers noted that the average sprinting speeds among swimmers is 1.64 meters per second, or approximately 3.7 mph, humans’ ability to sustain such speeds over long distances is limited.

What is the fastest sea creature in the world?


Are whales faster than sharks?

Size and speed advantage – When it comes to size and speed killer whales can grow to be twice as large as a great white shark and can reach speeds of 50% – 100% faster than the great white for short bursts allowing them to surprise and quickly reach their prey before it can escape.

Is a Dolphin faster than a killer whale?

The Killer Whale or Orca (Orcinus orca), or less commonly, Blackfish, is the largest species of the dolphin family, though they are commonly mistaken as a species of whale. The killer whale’s large size and strength make it among the fastest marine mammals, often reaching speeds in excess of 35 kn (65 km/h).

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