What is the highest paying job in Kentucky?

Rank Job Title Average Salary
1 Surgeons, Except Ophthalmologists $270,580
2 Anesthesiologists $265,930
3 Obstetricians And Gynecologists $255,330
4 Physicians, All Other; And Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric $225,240

What is the most common job in Kentucky?

Table 1. 200 most popular jobs in Kentucky (2019 survey)

Rank Job Description % of Empl. i
1 All Occupations 100.00%
2 Fast Food and Counter Workers 3.46%
3 Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers 3.37%
4 Retail Salespersons 2.86%

What is a good salary in Kentucky?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $71,927 and as low as $19,181, the majority of salaries within the Hourly Rate jobs category currently range between $27,811 (25th percentile) to $46,513 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $59,939 annually in Kentucky.

What jobs are in demand in Kentucky?

Here are the top 10 fastest growing jobs in Kentucky, and below, we’ll show you the top 100:

  • Home Health Aid.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant.
  • Operations Analyst.
  • Physical Therapy Aide.
  • Physical Therapist.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Occupational Therapist.
  • Tour Guide.
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Who is the largest employer in Kentucky?

State Profile: Largest Employers

# Employer City
1 Uk Healthcare Clg Dentistry Lexington
2 Humana Inc Louisville
3 Norton Hospital Behavioral Louisville
4 Cualquier Lavado Sa De Cv Hopkinsville

Is Kentucky a friendly state?

Kentuckians Are All Friendly To A Fault…

Everyone in this state is genuinely and selflessly kind, friendly and helpful.

What is the majority race in Kentucky?


White alone, percent  87.5%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  8.5%
American Indian and Alaska Native alone, percent(a)  0.3%
Asian alone, percent(a)  1.6%

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Kentucky?

Typical Expenses

0 Children 2 Children
Required annual income after taxes $22,509 $50,551
Annual taxes $5,540 $12,441
Required annual income before taxes $28,048 $62,992

What is middle class in Kentucky?

America’s Fastest-Growing States

State Household Income Range for Middle Class
Kentucky $18,602 – $90,740
Louisiana $16,721 – $95,787
Maine $25,701 – $111,898
Maryland $39,143 – $177,970

What is the minimum wage in KY 2020?

$7.25 – July 24, 2009

State 2010 2020
Kentucky $7.25 $7.25
Louisiana $7.25 $7.25
Maine $7.50 $12.00
Maryland $7.25 $11.00

Who is the richest person in KY?

Wayne Hughes founded Public Storage in 1972, and is today he is the wealthiest person in Kentucky with an estimated net worth of $2.8 billion.

What is the poorest city in Kentucky?

Kentucky: Glasgow

With a median annual household income of $46,535, about $10,000 less than the national median, Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the country. In Glasgow, a town of about 14,000 in southern Kentucky, incomes are even lower.

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Where is the cheapest place to live in Kentucky?

Here’s the top 10 most affordable:

  • Princeton, Kentucky.
  • Central City, Kentucky.
  • Hebron, Kentucky.
  • Flatwoods, Kentucky.
  • Hillview, Kentucky.
  • Elsmere, Kentucky.
  • Burlington, Kentucky.
  • Independence, Kentucky.

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What is the wealthiest county in Kentucky?

Oldham County is the wealthiest of all Kentucky counties, and its scenery contributes to its superb quality of life.

What is Kentucky main industry?

Manufacturing is the biggest industry in Kentucky, accounting for a fifth of the state’s GDP. Coal mining is a major source of income in Kentucky, but controversy over coal’s negative environmental impact could change this.

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