What is the longest play in the world?

The longest play is 30 hr 33 min, and was achieved by Deepika Chourasia (India) in New Delhi, India, from 15 to 16 August 2020. With this record attempt, Deepika’s aim was to showcase India’s history and rich culture.

What is the longest play ever written?

Holding the record for the world’s longest running play is The Mousetrap, a murder mystery play penned by Agatha Christie and based on a short story of hers, which, after all these years, has never been published in the UK.

What is the longest running continuous dramatic performance?

The longest continuous dramatic performance was 23 hr 33 min 54 sec and was achieved by the 27 O’Clock Players (USA) who performed ‘The Bald Soprano’ by Eugene Ionesco at Belmar, New Jersey, USA, on 27 July 2010,and holds the Guinness record.

What was the longest play in NFL history?

2005 — In the longest play in NFL history, Chicago defensive back Nathan Vasher returns a missed field goal 108 yards for a touchdown on the final play of the first half in a 17-9 win against the 49ers.

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What is the shortest play?

The shortest play in the world was written by Samuel Beckett, titled ‘Breath’. Its performance time varies between 24-60 seconds. There are no dialogues, characters, scenes or props in the play.

Which is Shakespeare’s shortest play?

The longest play is Hamlet, which is the only Shakespeare play with more than thirty thousand words, and the shortest is The Comedy of Errors, which is the only play with fewer than fifteen thousand words.

Worldwide revenue

Rank Musical Debut year
1 The Lion King 1997
2 The Phantom of the Opera 1986
3 Mamma Mia! 1999
4 Cats 1981

What are the 5 longest-running shows on Broadway?


  • The Phantom of the Opera. M. January 26, 1988. 13,370. …
  • Chicago (1996 revival) M. November 14, 1996. 9,692. …
  • The Lion King. M. November 13, 1997. 9,302. …
  • Cats. M. October 7, 1982. September 10, 2000. …
  • Wicked. M. October 30, 2003. 6,836. …
  • Les Misérables. M. March 12, 1987. May 18, 2003. …
  • A Chorus Line. M. July 25, 1975. …
  • Oh! Calcutta! ( 1976 revival)

Which musical is the longest-running so far?


# Title Performances
1 The Mousetrap 28,000
2 Les Misérables 13,964
3 The Phantom of the Opera 13,629
4 The Woman in Black 12,326

Who has the most touchdowns in history?

NFL History – Touchdown Leaders

Touchdown Leaders
1 Jerry Rice 208
2 Emmitt Smith 175
3 LaDainian Tomlinson 162

Who has the most 90 yard runs in NFL history?


Player Lng Year
Leonard Fournette (22) 90 2017
Ahman Green (27) 90 2004
Johnny Johnson (26) 90 1994
Colin Kaepernick (26) 90 2014
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Who has the longest kick return in NFL history?

Vikings rookie Cordarrelle Patterson took the opening kickoff against Green Bay and returned 109-yards for a touchdown on Sunday, setting the NFL record for longest kickoff return in league history and tying Antonio Cromartie’s record for longest play in NFL history.

Is Macbeth Shakespeare’s shortest play?

Macbeth, tragedy in five acts by William Shakespeare, written sometime in 1606–07 and published in the First Folio of 1623 from a playbook or a transcript of one. … The play is the shortest of Shakespeare’s tragedies, without diversions or subplots.

What is Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy where is this play set?

The Scottish Play (better known as “Macbeth”) is one of Shakespeare’s darkest and most powerful works. Set in Scotland, the play the tragic effects of one man choosing evil as a way to fulfill his own ambition for power.

Who wrote the play Breath?

Samuel Beckett

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