What is the most dangerous city in FL?

Which city in Florida has the most murders?

#1: Miami-Dade County: 13,732 violent crimes, including 198 murders. #2: Orange County (Orlando): 7,805 violent crimes, including 94 murders.

What are the 10 most dangerous cities in Florida?

Well, this Palm Beach County city has a total crime rate of 5,158 total crimes out of 100k people.

According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Florida For 2021

  • Florida City. …
  • Lake City. …
  • Opa Locka. …
  • Lake Park. …
  • Panama City Beach. …
  • Miami Beach. …
  • Perry. …
  • Daytona Beach.

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What are the worst cities to live in in Florida?

Keep reading for a rundown of the top 20 worst places to live in Florida.

  • Palatka. Fancy living in Florida’s Palatka? …
  • West Palm Beach. Beautiful it may be, but when it comes to crime, West Palm Beach is far from a pretty picture. …
  • Pompano Beach. …
  • Dade City. …
  • Lake Worth. …
  • Orlando. …
  • Riviera Beach. …
  • Ocala.
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What county in Florida has the highest crime rate?

Bay County leads Florida in crime per capita rate. . that’s according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s 2019 State Uniform Crime Report released this month.

Where is the ghetto in Florida?

Additionally, here are the least ghetto places in Florida (big cities only): Weston (Pop.

10. Sanford.

City Crime Rank
Daytona Beach 18 1
North Miami 52.5 2
Fort Myers 72 3
Lauderhill 79 4

What is the safest place in Florida to live?

The Top 10 Safest Cities in Florida

  • Satellite Beach.
  • Marco Island.
  • Tequesta.
  • Longboat Key.
  • Key Biscayne.
  • Sanibel.
  • Weston.
  • Indian Harbour Beach.

Is it good to live in Florida?

From the lack of state income tax to the sunny weather, there are plenty of reasons to love calling Florida home. Its diverse population, delectable food and many theme parks and attractions also make it a particularly interesting place to live.

What’s the best city to live in Florida?

  1. Tampa. Affordability: 8 out of 10. Safety: 7 out of 10. …
  2. Jacksonville. Affordability: 8 out of 10. Safety: 5 out of 10. …
  3. Cape Coral. Affordability: 7 out of 10. Safety: 8 out of 10. …
  4. Orlando. Affordability: 7 out of 10. Safety: 6 out of 10. …
  5. Miami. Affordability: 6 out of 10. Safety: 6 out of 10. …
  6. Gainesville. Affordability: 7 out of 10.

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Is it dangerous to live in Florida?

A recent WalletHub report lists Florida as the 48th safest state in the country — and it’s not because of gators or flesh-eating bacteria. … The WalletHub study ranks Florida as the third most dangerous place to live in the entire country.

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Where is it cheapest to live in Florida?

The most affordable places to live in Florida are:

  • Kissimmee, Fla. Advertisement.
  • Palm Coast, Fla.
  • Cape Coral, Fla.
  • Palm Bay, Fla.
  • Orlando, Fla.
  • Gainesville, Fla.

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Why should I not live in Florida?

Hurricanes and other natural disasters

Florida is known for its natural disasters, like hurricanes and sinkholes. Hurricanes can be deadly, and repairing storm damage done to a home or business could cost a lot. Hurricanes can knock out electrical grids in neighborhoods.

Where should I live in Florida?

Here are the 14 Best Places to Live in Florida:

  • Naples.
  • Sarasota.
  • Melbourne.
  • Tampa.
  • Pensacola.
  • Jacksonville.
  • Orlando.
  • Fort Myers.

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Is Kissimmee the worst city in Florida?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Kissimmee is 1 in 32. Based on FBI crime data, Kissimmee is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Florida, Kissimmee has a crime rate that is higher than 77% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What is the most common crime in Florida?

In 2013, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the top 10 most common crimes committed in Florida are drug abuse violations, theft, assault, driving under the influence (DUI), aggravated assault, liquor law violations, burglary, fraud, robbery, and vandalism.

What is the most dangerous animal in Florida?

Watch Out: The Most Dangerous Animals in Florida

  • Spiders. There are two spiders in particular, found in Florida, that can potentially be dangerous. …
  • Florida Black Bears. The Florida black bear is the largest animal that you will find on land in Florida. …
  • Sharks. …
  • American Alligators. …
  • Snakes. …
  • Wild Boars. …
  • Florida Panthers. …
  • Fire ants.
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