Question: Which Country Has The Highest Density Of Railway Network?

Which country has the largest rail network in the world? profiles the 10 largest railway networks in the world based on total operating length.

  • United States: 250,000km.
  • China: 100,000km.
  • Russia: 85,500km.
  • India: 65,000km.
  • Canada: 48,000km.
  • Germany: 41,000km.
  • Australia: 40,000km.
  • Argentina: 36,000km.

Which country has the highest railway density?

Which country has the highest density of railway network? Brazil U.S.A. Canada Russia

  1. Brazil.
  2. U.S.A.
  3. Canada.
  4. Russia.

Which country has the best railway system?

Which country is best seen by rail?

  • India. With the largest rail network in the world, India came up over and over again as a country that is a must-see by train.
  • Japan. The island nation had Quora contributors singing its praises for having the world’s most reliable train system.
  • Switzerland.
  • South Africa.
  • United States.

Which country has largest rail network in Africa?

Top 10 Countries with Largest Railway Networks in World

  1. United States – 250,000 km. The US rail network, with an operating route length over 250,000 km, is the biggest in the world.
  2. China – 124,000 km.
  3. Russia – 86,000 km.
  4. India – 68,525 km.
  5. Canada – 48,000 km.
  6. Germany – 43,468 km.
  7. Australia – 40,000 km.
  8. Brazil – 37,743 km.
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Which country has no railway?


Which country has the most roads?

  • United States of America. The US road network exceeds 6.58 million kilometres in total length, making it the world’s longest and biggest road network.
  • China. China has the world’s second-biggest road network, exceeding 4.24 million kilometres (as of 2012 data).
  • India.
  • Brazil.
  • Russia.
  • Japan.
  • Canada.
  • France.

Which is the longest railway in the world?

Trans-Siberian Railway

Who is the largest railroad company in US?

The biggest North American railroads

  1. Union Pacific: $17bn.
  2. BNSF: $16.8bn.
  3. CSX: $10.6bn.
  4. Norfolk Southern: $9.5bn.
  5. Canadian National: $8.38bn.
  6. Canadian Pacific: $5.05bn.
  7. Kansas City Southern: $1.81bn.

What’s the longest train ever?

The record-breaking ore train from the same company, 682 cars and 7,300 m long, once carried 82,000 metric tons of ore for a total weight of the train, largest in the world, of 99734 tonnes. It was driven by eight locomotives distributed along its length to keep the couplings loads and curve performance controllable.

Which country has the best infrastructure in the world?

Countries With the Best Infrastructure

  • Hong Kong. Hong Kong, a Chinese special administrative region, has an infrastructure score of 6.7, the highest of any country in the world.
  • Singapore. Singapore inherited a well-developed infrastructure from the colonial government and made efforts to continue developing this infrastructure further.
  • The Netherlands.

Which country has the best public transportation?

Five Countries With The Best Public Transportation Systems

  1. China. The country with the best public transport system is, of course, China, with the City of Hong Kong being the main focus.
  2. Singapore. On Second place comes Singapore.
  3. United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates comes as no surprise on this list.
  4. Netherlands.
  5. Switzerland.

Which country is the most punctual?

Take a look at our list to learn how different countries understand the most precious of earthly commodities – time.

  • South Korea. In many respects, South Korea is a very ordered society.
  • Malaysia.
  • China and Japan.
  • Mexico.
  • Germany.
  • Nigeria.
  • Brazil.
  • Saudi Arabia.
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Which is the largest railway in Asia?

Indian Railways

Which is the largest railway system in the world under a single management?

USA’s railway this system in the world is the largest railway system under the single management.The US rail network, with an operating route length over 250,000km, is the biggest in the world.

What is the world ranking of Indian railway network?


Rank Country Length (km)
1 United States 257,722
2 China 131,000
3 Russia 85,500
4 India 67,368

58 more rows

Which state in India has no railway station?


Which country does not have river?

Saudi Arabia is the biggest country without a river. In all, there are 17 countries without a river viz. Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc. However, these countries have dry river beds as they do not have a regular water flow.

Which country has the least trees?

Countries With The Lowest Forested Area In The World

Rank Country % of Forested Landmass
1 Qatar 0.00 %
2 San Marino 0.00 %
3 Greenland 0.00 %
4 Oman 0.01 %

21 more rows

Which country in Africa has the best roads?

  1. Namibia. • Rwanda. The country is ranked second best in Africa (with a score of 5.0) to have the best roads.
  2. Rwanda. • Morocco. This country is ranked third best in Africa and 52 globally, beating global giants like Italy and Belgium.
  3. Morocco. • Mauritius.
  4. Mauritius. • South Africa.

Which state is ranked first in the length of roads in the country?

The top 10 States/UTs in terms of total length of rural roads in India as on 31st March 2015 were- Maharashtra, Assam, Odisha, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. As on 31st March 2015, total length of rural roads in Maharashtra was 267402 Kms.

Which is the highest road in the world?

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has constructed the world’s highest motorable road in Ladakh. The road is higher than Khardung La (17,582ft) and passes through Umling La Top, at an elevation of over 19,300ft.

What is the largest railroad company in the world?

Top 10 largest rail companies

  • Union Pacific, USA, $75.4 billion market value.
  • Canadian National Railway, Canada, $51.6 billion.
  • Central Japan Railway, Japan, $38.7 billion.
  • East Japan Railway, Japan, $36.2 billion.
  • MTR, Hong Kong, $29.1 billion.
  • Norfolk Southern, USA, $27.1 billion.
  • CSX, USA, $26.3 billion.
  • Canadian Pacific Railway, USA, $22.8 billion.
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What is the oldest railroad company?

1829: On August 8, the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company’s gravity railroad in northeast Pennsylvania opened using Stourbridge Lion, the first locomotive to run on rails in the United States. The canal company, chartered in 1823, called itself “America’s oldest continually operated transportation company”.

What railroad Does Bill Gates Own?

Bill Gates is the largest shareholder of Canadian National Railway Company (TSX: CNR)(NYSE: CNI), with a massive 13% stake in Canada’s flagship railroad operator. The Microsoft Corp. co-founder and world’s richest person first declared his ownership position in Canadian National Railway back in 2000.

What is the longest train in Canada?

Up until the 1990s, the average freight train in Canada was about 5,000 feet (1.54 kilometres) long and weighed 7,000 tons. But it is now not uncommon to see these trains stretch to 12,000 feet, sometimes as much as 14,000 feet (more than four kilometres), weighing up to 18,000 tons.

What is the biggest train station in the world?

The world’s largest station by number of platforms is Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City, USA, built from 1903–13 which has 44 platforms. They are situated on two underground levels with 41 tracks on the upper level and 26 on the lower.

How many horsepower does a train have?

“Most electric locomotives weigh between 100 and 200 short tons (90 and 180 metric tons) and provide about 6000 to 7000 horsepower (4500 to 5200 kilowatts).”

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