Which is the largest ginger producing district in Himachal Pradesh?

Sirmaur is the largest producer of ginger in Himachal Pradesh with the highest area coverage of 1,500 hectares. Himgiri and local varieties of ginger are commercially grown in the district.

Which is the largest apple producing district of Himachal Pradesh?

Shimla district is the highest producer in the state with Rohru, Jubbal, Kotkhai and Kotgarh forming the apple-growing belt. In 2018, Himachal Pradesh produced 4,46,574 metric tonnes of apples. The state government has projected the production of at least 3.7 crore boxes of apples in 2019.

Which is the best district in Himachal Pradesh?

Best Places to visit in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Manali. Located in Kullu district, at an altitude of 2,050 meters, Manali captivates you with its snow-capped mountains and impressive views. …
  2. Khajjiar. Khajjiar is a hill station located in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. …
  3. Shimla – Best Places in Himachal. …
  4. Dalhousie. …
  5. Parwanoo. …
  6. Sirmaur. …
  7. Kasauli. …
  8. Kasol.
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What is the main crop of Himachal Pradesh?

The major portion of the revenue earning in the state’s economy is carried out by the cash crops in the Himachal Pradesh. The chief food crops cultivated include wheat, maize, rice, barley, seed-potato, ginger, vegetables, vegetable seeds, mushrooms, chicory seeds, hops, olives, and fig.

What is the first capital of Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh
Union territory 1 November 1956
State 25 January 1971
Capital Shimla (Summer) Dharamshala (Winter)
12 Districts show List

In which state apple is grown in India?

Top 10 Apple Producing States in India

  • Jammu and Kashmir: Jammu and Kashmir is known to be the den of apple production. …
  • Himachal Pradesh: Himachal Pradesh enjoys contributing 19.19% of its apple production in the country. …
  • Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand also enjoys apple production greatly. …
  • Arunachal Pradesh: …
  • Rajasthan: …
  • Assam: …
  • Tamil Nadu: …
  • Nagaland:

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Which state is largest producer of Apple in India?

Production(000 Tonnes)

Sr No. State Production
1 Jammu & Kashmir 1,808.33
2 Himachal Pradesh 446.57
3 Uttarakhand 58.66

Which is the largest city of HP?


What is the old name of Himachal Pradesh?

Trigarta:The state lay in the foothills drained by three rivers, i.e. Ravi, Beas and Satluj and hence the name. It is believed to have been an independent republic.

Can I settle in Himachal Pradesh?

This, perhaps, is the only legitimate way a non-native can permanently settle in Himachal. … However, do this only if you are serious about your partner and life in the mountains of Himachal.

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What is famous food of Himachal Pradesh?

Famous Dishes Of Himachal

SI.No. Famous Dishes Of Himachal
5 Chana Madra
6 Auriya Kaddoo or Kadoo Ka Khatta
7 Chha Gosht
8 Mash Daal

What is the main food of Himachal Pradesh?

Traditionally, Himachali cuisine is dominated by red meat and wheat bread. Thick and rich gravy, with aromatic spices, is used in abundance as the base of many dishes. Dham is the traditional food served in marriages or other functions. Siddu, Patrode, Cheele and Babru are the authentic snack dishes of the state.

Which is the most fertile valley of HP?

Thr Bhaba valley (also known as Wangpo in the local languagel) is a valley in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

Bhaba Valley
Floor elevation 1,500–6,000 m (4,900–19,700 ft)
State/Province Himachal Pradesh
District Kinnaur

What is the old name of Shimla?

According to Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) functionary Aman Puri, the popular holiday retreat was originally called Shyamala but as the Britishers found it tough to pronounce, they renamed it Simla which later became Shimla.

What is the language of Himachal Pradesh?


Who found Shimla?

Jubbal one of the Shimla Hill States with an area of 288 Sq miles was originally tributary to Sirmaur, but after Gurkha war, it became independent. Raja Karam Chand was the founder of the Jubbal State.

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