Question: Which Is The Largest River In Hp?

Which is the longest river of HP?


Which is the largest district in HP?

Highest,Largest,Longest and Smallest in HP:

Largest District Area-wise Lahaul-Spiti
Largest District Population-wise Kangra
Largest River Chenab
Largest Glacier Bada Shigri(in Lahaul-spiti)
Largest Natural Lake Renuka Lake(in Sirmour)

20 more rows

At which place does the Satluj river enter HP?

Satluj River in Himachal : Satluj rises from beyond Indian borders in the Southern slopes of the Kailash mountain near Mansarover lake from Rakas lake, as Longcchen Khabab river ( in Tibet ). It is the largest among the five rivers of Himachal Pradesh.

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Which is the highest peak of HP?

List of mountain peaks of Himachal Pradesh

Name of the peak Altitude (meters) Location
Reo Purgyil 6,816 Kinnaur
Gya 6,794 Lahaul and Spiti
Leo Pargial / Reo Purgyil North Peak 6,791 Kinnaur
Ninjeri 6,646 Kinnaur

71 more rows

Which is the lowest literate district in HP?

According to the 2001 census, the districts of Chamba, Sirmaur, Lahaul-Spiti and Kullu were the low female literacy districts in the State context.

District-wise population and literacy in Himachal.

District Hamirpur
2001 Census Population 6.79
2011 Census Population 454293
Per cent Decadal rate of growth 10.08

13 more columns

Which district has lowest literacy rate in HP?

Himachal Pradesh has a Literacy rate of 83.78 percent, with male literacy at 90.83 percent and female literacy at 76.60 percent.

Map of Himachal Pradesh Sex Ratio.

District Bilaspur
Female population 189229
Growth 12.08
Sex ratio 981
Literacy 85.67

11 more columns

How many towns and cities are in HP?

List of cities in Himachal Pradesh by population

Rank Name Population
1 Shimla 142,555
2 Solan 34,206
3 Dharamsala 19,124
4 Baddi 22,601

58 more rows

Which is the biggest village in Himachal Pradesh?


How many states does HP have?

The state of Himachal Pradesh is divided into 12 districts which are grouped into three divisions, Shimla, Kangra and Mandi. The districts are further divided into 69 subdivisions, 78 blocks and 145 Tehsils.

Which dam is built across the river Sutlej?

Bhakra Dam

Why is satluj called Red River?

On many occasions, the Sutlej is called as the Red River. The river is the easternmost tributary of the Indus River. The Sutlej River usually runs according to a west to southwest itinerary moving into India via the Shipki La Pass located in Himachal Pradesh.

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Which rivers flow in Himachal Pradesh?

Major Rivers Flowing in Himachal Pradesh

  • Yamuna.
  • Ghagghar.
  • Beas.
  • Satluj.
  • Chenab.

In which district of HP is Cholang peak?

Kangra District

In which district of HP is Narsingh tibba peak?

Chamba district

What is height of Shilla peak?

Shilla is a mountain peak close to Spiti Valley, part of the Himalaya mountains. Its peak is 6,132 metres (20,118 ft) above sea level. It is in Himachal Pradesh in Northern India.

Who is the DC of Hamirpur HP?

Ashwani Kumar Chaudhary is new DC of Lahaul-Spiti and Rakesh Kumar Prajapat has been appointed DC of Hamirpur. Harikesh Meena has been appointed as DC of Chamba while Vivek Bhatia has been made as the deputy commissioner of Bilaspur.

How many districts are there in Himachal Pradesh?

12 districts

How many MP seats are there in Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh has four Lok Sabha seats (Parliamentary constituencies) in 2019, Kangra, Shimla, Mandi and Hamirpur. Of these, Shimla is reserved for candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes (SC).

Which is the richest village in Himachal Pradesh?

Situated atop a hill in Jubbal-Kotkhai block, in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, is the picturesque village Kiari. At one time this gram panchayat boasted the highest per capita income in the State and was even named among the 10 richest villages in Asia.

Which is the biggest village in India?


What is the old name of Himachal Pradesh?

Old Names and Founders of Ancient Towns/Places in Himachal Pradesh

Town Old Name Founder
Bharmour Brahampur Maru Varman
Chamba Sahil Verman
Dalhousie Lord Dalhousie
Hamirpur Hamir Chand
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17 more rows

How wealthy is Himachal Pradesh?

Himachal Pradesh is the 13th-highest-income Indian state / union territory by GSDP per capita (₹160,719 (US$2,200)). The top 10 Indian states and union territories by GDP per capita are: Goa, Delhi, Sikkim, Chandigarh, Puducherry, Haryana, Telangana, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Karnataka.

What is the population of HP?

6.856 million (2012)

Which district of Himachal Pradesh has its boundary with Uttarakhand?

Saharanpur district

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