Which State Is The Largest Producer Of Honey?

Leading Honey Producing States In The US

Rank US State Honey production in 2014 (in 1,000 pounds)
1 North Dakota 42,140
2 South Dakota 24,360
3 Florida 14,700
4 Montana 14,256

6 more rows

What state produces the best honey?

Top 10 honey producing U.S. states in 2017 (in 1,000 pounds)*

Production in thousand pounds
North Dakota 33,670
South Dakota 14,535
California 13,735
Montana 10,440

7 more rows

Who is the largest producer of honey?

Worldwide production

Production of natural honey – 2017
Country tonnes
China 543,000
Turkey 114,471
Iran 69,699

6 more rows

What state has the most beehives?

North Dakota

What bee makes the most honey?

Italian honey bees, of the subspecies Apis mellifera ligustica, were brought to the United States in 1859. They quickly became the favored bee stock in this country and remain so to this day.

Can I have honey bees in my backyard?

Backyard Beekeeping. Many beekeepers have bee hives in their back yards. Some bees are even kept on city roof-tops. Bees can travel several miles to collect nectar and pollen, so they do not need flowering plants close by.

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Is honey bee farming profitable?

Each hive of bees can produce anywhere from 20 to 60 pounds of honey on average per year (depending on a variety of factors such as geographic location, weather, temperature, pests, local flora, and more). Some hives can produce much greater amounts under ideal management conditions.

What country has the best honey in the world?

  • New Zealand. One of the largest producing honey countries in the world is New Zealand.
  • Ukraine. One of the major honey exporters and producer’s among the European nations and in the world is Ukraine.
  • Brazil. One of the world’s major producer of honey is Brazil.
  • Mexico.
  • India.
  • Russian federation.
  • Iran.
  • United States of America.

What’s the best honey to buy?

Here we go..

  1. Sourwood Honey. When it comes to Pure, Raw Honey, no honey is more classic than Sourwood Honey.
  2. Leatherwood Honey.
  3. Tupelo Honey.
  4. Manuka Honey.
  5. Acacia Honey.
  6. Smokin’ Hot Honey.
  7. Sage Honey.
  8. Buckwheat Honey.

Which brand of raw honey is the best?

10 best natural raw honey brands in 2018 reviews

  • 1 YS Organic Bee Farms CERTIFIED ORGANIC RAW HONEY 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC HONEY Raw, Unprocessed, Unpasteurized – Kosher 32oz(pack of 1)
  • 2 Nature Nate’s 32oz (907g) Classic Honey.
  • 3 Raw Sourwood Honey (Pure Natural Honey) 16oz.
  • 4 Raw Orange Blossom Honey 16oz (Pure Natural Honey)

What state is known for honey bees?

Leading Honey Producing States In The US

Rank US State Honey production in 2014 (in 1,000 pounds)
1 North Dakota 42,140
2 South Dakota 24,360
3 Florida 14,700
4 Montana 14,256

6 more rows

How much honey does a hive produce in a season?

One hive can produce 60 lb (27 kg) or more in a good season, however an average hive would be around 25 lb (11 kg) surplus. Bees fly about 55,000 miles to make just one pound of honey, that’s 2.2 times around the world.

What state has the least amount of bees?

States with the Fewest Bugs

  1. Washington DC.
  2. South Dakota.
  3. Connecticut.
  4. Idaho.
  5. New Hampshire.
  6. Delaware.
  7. North Dakota.
  8. Illinois.

Are Russian honey bees aggressive?

Aggressiveness: The truth is that Russian honey bees are generally very gentle. Observations have shown Russians to be more aggressive towards small hive beetles than Italian honey bees; however, the degree to which they keep them under control has not yet been determined.

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Where does the best honey come from?

The best honeys in the world are naturally sourced from honey bees that collect nectar from naturally-occurring flowers. Here’s a look at just some of the different types of honey that are available: Manuka honey. This honey comes from Manuka trees, which are native to New Zealand.

How much does a queen bee cost?

$970. Now, this is the upper-average cost, and you can honestly begin beekeeping for a lot cheaper (around $400) when taking into consideration our above recommendations on the ‘all-in-one’ bee hive kit solution, which costs $220, after then purchasing honey bees and a queen be, this will cost around $400.

If enough effort is made, it is usually possible to keep bees in some capacity within an urban environment. Before keeping bees in a residential area, be sure to know local laws, requirements and regulations. Some areas don’t allow beekeeping and other areas require a permit to be purchased.

Do you need a permit to have a beehive?

The need to obtain a license to keep bees will depend on the regulations in your local area. We recommend you check with your local primary industries and agriculture authorities or link up with your nearest beekeepers’ association to find out what is required in your jurisdiction before you set up a new hive.

Can you have a beehive in a residential area?

Check with your local government to find local laws that apply to beekeeping in your area. This may include the number of hives that can be kept on a residential property. There are no state laws applying to the number of hives you can place in your backyard.

How much is a pound of honey?

On the National Honey Board’s website, you’ll find a month-to-month chart of nationwide retail honey prices, courtesy of Bee Culture magazine. In September 2012, the average price for one pound of honey was $5.73, up nearly $2 from the average September 2006 price, which was $3.91.

How many times a year can you harvest honey?

In theory, you can harvest honey as soon as you have one or more frames in your super that hold only capped honey. In practice, most beekeepers find it more practical to harvest once a year in the fall or late summer.

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How do I start a honey bee farm?

Choose an appropriate area in your backyard to start your honey bee farm. Start with one or two hives, and place them where there are lots of nectar- and pollen-producing flowering plants. There should be lots of shade, no wind, and in a discrete area where they won’t disturb your non-beekeeping neighbors.

What brand of honey is the best?

Best Sellers in Honey

  • #1. Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey KFactor 16, 17.6 Oz, Unpasteurized, Genuine…
  • #2. Mike’s Hot Honey 12 oz.
  • #3. Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey; 32-oz.
  • #4. Ziyad All Natural Pure Bee Honeycomb, 14 Ounce ( Pack May Vary )
  • #5.
  • #6.
  • #7.
  • #8.

What’s the most expensive honey in the world?

At 5,000 euros (US $6,800) per kilogram, ‘Elvish’ honey from Turkey is the most expensive in the world. The special honey is extracted from a 1,800-meter deep cave in the Saricayir valley of Artvin city, northeastern Turkey.

Which company honey is best?

Top 10 Best Brands of Honey in India 2019

  1. Hitkari Honey. Hitkari honey is one of the most trusted brands of honey in India.
  2. Dabur Honey.
  3. Beez Honey.
  4. Little Bee Organic Honey.
  5. Apis Himalaya Honey.
  6. Dyu Honey.
  7. Zandu Pure Honey.
  8. 24 Mantra Honey.

What state does not have any snakes?


Which states have the most snakes?


  • Texas.
  • Utah.
  • Vermont.
  • Virginia.
  • Washington.
  • West Virginia. Northern Copperhead – Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen.
  • Wisconsin. Eastern Massasauga – Sistrurus catenatus catenatus.
  • Wyoming. Midget Faded Rattlesnake – Crotalus oreganus concolor.

What country has the most snakes?


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