Frequent question: Who is the largest producer of sugarcane in India?

The largest sugarcane producing state of India is Uttar Pradesh. It has about 38.61% share in overall sugarcane production as per the year 2013-14.

Which state is largest producer of sugarcane in India?

Uttar Pradesh is the highest sugarcane producing State in sub tropical zone having area about 22.77 Lakh ha with the production of 135.64 Million Ton cane whereas Haryana has highest productivity of sugarcane in Sub tropical zone.

Which is the second largest producer of sugarcane in India?

Complete answer :

India is in the second position in the world in sugarcane production and the largest sugarcane producing state of India is Uttar Pradesh.

Who is largest producer of sugarcane?


(in mln metric tonnes, tel quel)
1 India 25.51
2 Brazil 18.11
3 EU-28 16.20

Which is the largest sugar factory in India?

Khatauli’s Triveni Sugar Mill is the largest in Asia in terms of scale of production and storage capacity. The mill has been operational since 1933. Khatauli is a large, rural town and offers some tourist attractions.

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Which state is called sugar bowl of India?

The state of Uttar Pradesh is referred to as the sugar bowl of India.

Which state is largest producer of tobacco?

The leading tobacco producing states in the U.S. include North Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia.

Leading tobacco producing U.S. states from 2015 to 2020 (in 1,000 pounds)

North Carolina
2017 360,040
2018 251,925
2019 234,700
2020 184,127

Which state is the second largest producer of sugar?


1. Uttar Pradesh 62.4
2. Maharashtra 77.4
3. Tamil Nadu 107
4. Karnataka 84.6

Which state has the most sugar cane?

Florida is the largest cane-producing region in the United States. Most of the sugarcane is produced in organic soils along the southern and southeastern shore of Lake Okeechobee in Southern Florida, where the growing season is long and winters are generally warm.

Where is sugarcane produced most?

Sugarcane is the world’s largest crop by production quantity, with 1.8 billion tonnes produced in 2017, with Brazil accounting for 40% of the world total.


Countries Production (millions of tonnes)
Brazil 746.8
India 376.9
China 108.1
Thailand 104.4

Why do they burn sugarcane?

Farmers burn sugarcane to reduce the amount of leafy extraneous material, including stalk tops, delivered with the cane to the factories for processing.

Which country does not produce sugarcane?

Answer. Answer: Countries like Dubai and UAE cannot produce sugarcane bcoz there is lack of water there..

Which country is the largest exporter of sugar?

Searchable List of Sugar Exporting Countries in 2019

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Rank Exporter Sugar Exports (US$)
1. Brazil $5,245,545,000
2. Thailand $2,973,111,000
3. India $1,762,460,000
4. France $960,408,000

Which is the first sugar mill in India?

In 1840, the first sugar industry was set up in Betia (Bihar). It is the leading producer of sugar in India and one of the largest sugar industries in the Indian economy.

Which sugar brand is best?

Best Sulphur-Free Sugar for Healthy Living

  1. Madhur Pure Sugar. Madhur Pure Sugar manufactures pure, sulphur-free sugar, that is packed hygienically in bags of various sizes. …
  2. 24 Mantra Organic Sulphurless Sugar. …
  3. Dhampure Speciality Green Breakfast Sulphurless Sugar. …
  4. Aaharved Organics Sugar. …
  5. Pure & Sure Organic Sugar.

Which sugar is best in India?

  • Mawana Refined White Sugar Sachets 5gm, (200 sachets) by MAWANA. 293. ₹210. …
  • Siddhagiri’s Satvyk Organic Unrefined Desi Khandsari Sugar -Raw, Natural & Unprocessed. ( Set of 5 (1kg Each)(Total 5kgs)) by S Siddhagiri’s SATVYK THE HEALTH re STORE. 285. …
  • Madhur Pure and Hygienic Sugar, 1kg Bag. by Madhur. 100.
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