In which 17 states is the capital also the largest city?

State Capital Largest city
New Jersey Trenton Newark
New Mexico Santa Fe Albuquerque
New York Albany New York City
North Carolina Raleigh Charlotte

Which state capital is the largest?

Juneau, Alaska is the largest capital by land area, at 3,255 square miles.

What is the capital and largest city?

State Capitals and Largest Cities

State Capital Largest city
Alaska Juneau Anchorage
Arizona Phoenix Phoenix
Arkansas Little Rock Little Rock
California Sacramento Los Angeles

What are the largest cities in each state?

Here are the most populous cities in the US, listed by state.

  • ALABAMA: Birmingham. Birmingham. …
  • ALASKA: Anchorage. Anchorage. …
  • ARIZONA: Phoenix. Phoenix. …
  • ARKANSAS: Little Rock. Little Rock. …
  • CALIFORNIA: Los Angeles. Los Angeles. …
  • COLORADO: Denver. Denver. …
  • CONNECTICUT: Bridgeport. Bridgeport. …
  • DELAWARE: Wilmington. Wilmington.

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What are the capital cities of each state?

List of state capitals in the United States

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state capital population of capital: census
Alaska Juneau (2010) 31,275
Arizona Phoenix (2010) 1,445,632
Arkansas Little Rock (2010) 193,524
California Sacramento (2010) 466,488

What city name is in all 50 states?

The name “Springfield” is often thought to be the only community name appearing in each of the 50 States, but at last count it was in only 34 states. The most recent count shows “Riverside” with 186 occurrences in 46 States; only Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Oklahoma not having a community so named.

Which state is capital of USA?

Washington, D.C.

What were Georgia’s 5 Capitals?


Whats the biggest city in the south?

Largest cities

Rank City Population (2015)
1 Jacksonville 868,031
2 Charlotte 827,097
3 Washington 672,228
4 Nashville 660,388

What US cities are in two states?

Cities in Two States

  • Bristol (Virginia and Tennessee) Bristol is a city located across the boundary line that separates Tennessee and Virginia. …
  • Texarkana (Arkansas and Texas) Texarkana is a town in Bowie County, Texas. …
  • Texhoma (Oklahoma and Texas) Texhoma is a city located south of Texas County, US. …
  • Union City (Indiana and Ohio)

What is the largest city state in the world?

Tokyo is considered the world’s largest city, with its urbanisation exceeding its city limits.

What’s the biggest city in the Midwest?

List of Midwestern metropolitan areas

Rank City State(s)
1 Chicago-Naperville-Joliet IL, IN, WI
2 Detroit-Warren-Livonia MI
3 Minneapolis–St. Paul–Bloomington MN, WI
4 St. Louis MO, IL

Who is the largest city in the United States?

New York City, NY

Population Notes: According to the World Population Review, the population of New York City is expected to reach 9 million by 2040 and is the largest city in the U.S. New York City also has the highest population density in the U.S.

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What are the 50 capitals?

U.S. State Capitals List

  • Alabama (AL) – Montgomery.
  • Alaska (AK) – Juneau.
  • Arizona (AZ) – Phoenix.
  • Arkansas (AR) – Little Rock.
  • California (CA) – Sacramento.
  • Colorado (CO) – Denver.
  • Connecticut (CT) – Hartford.
  • Delaware (DE) – Dover.

What are the 52 states in the US?

The United States of America

  • Alabama.
  • Alaska.
  • Arizona.
  • Arkansas.
  • California.
  • Colorado.
  • Connecticut.
  • Delaware.

What is the smallest state capital?

The city of Montpelier, population under 10,000, is the smallest state capital with the smallest capitol building in America.

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