Question: What is the longest chain in the world?

The Longest staple chain measures 661.66 m (2170 ft 10 in), and was achieved by Minhajul Mondal (India) in Dubrajpur, West Bengal, India, on 30 December 2019. The staple chain consists of approximately 80,000 staples and took 82 days to complete.

What is the world’s longest necklace?

HONESDALE, Pa. (CNN) – A 10-foot display in Honesdale, Pennsylvania is currently holding a Guinness World Record for the longest necklace. In order for the record to happen, it took 4,000 people and more than one million donated beads. For Maryann Corey, the project was a labor of love.

What is the longest human chain?

The chains can involve thousands of people, with the world record being claimed in 2020 by Bihar, India, which was estimated to include 43 million people across 18,000 kilometres (11,000 mi)to support his government’s efforts towards environment conservation and eradication of social evils.

What is the longest crochet chain in the world?

The longest crochet chain measures 130 km (80.78 miles) and was created by Anne Vanier-Drüssel…

What is the longest paper chain?

The longest paper chain by an individual measures 779.21 m (2,556 ft 5.5 in) long and was achieved by Julie McKinney (USA) in Fishers, Indiana, USA, on 22 June 2014.

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How long was the Baltic Chain?

Approximately two million people joined their hands to form a human chain spanning 675.5 kilometres (419.7 mi) across the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, which were considered at the time to be constituent republics of the Soviet Union.

What crochet means?

Crochet (English: /kroʊˈʃeɪ/; French: [kʁɔʃɛ]) is a process of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials. The name is derived from the French term crochet, meaning ‘small hook’.

What is the longest paper?

A paper chain measuring 87.44 km (54.33 miles) long was made by 60 people in 24 hours at Paul. D Camp Community College in Franklin, Virginia, USA on 4–5 June 2005. The event was organized by Downtown Franklin Association with the City of Franklin, Virginia, USA.

How long is the world’s longest paper Slinky?

Charles and George made a paper slinky 426 inches long.

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