Question: What side of ABC is the longest?

Explanation: In any triangle, side opposite the largest angle is always the longest. and longest side of ΔABC is AB .

Which side of ABC is the longest ABCD Cannot be determined?

Since, angle A, angle B and angle C are the opposite angle of the sides BC, CA and AB respectively, ⇒ BC > CA > AB. Hence, the longest sides of triangle ABC is BC.

Which angle in ABC has the greatest measure?

The angle with the largest measure is opposite the longest side. The longest side is 12.

Which is the longest side in triangle ABC right angled at C?

The sides of a right triangle have different names: The longest side, opposite the right angle, is called the hypotenuse. In the diagram, the hypotenuse is labeled c. The other two sides are called the legs of the triangle.

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Is Side A always longer than Side B in a right triangle?

2 Answers. Side A and B does not matter when your trying to apply this to the pythagorean theorem but side C must always be the hypotenuse. The hypotenuse is always the triangle’s longest side. It is opposite the right angle.

What is the perimeter of ABC?

To find the perimeter of triangle ABC we use the Pythagorean Theorem which tells us that |AB|^2 = |AC|^2 + |BC|^2. Since |AC| = 5 and |BC| = 12 we find that |AB| = sqrt{169} = 13. The perimeter of triangle ABC is then 5 + 12 + 13 = 30 units.

Which side of triangle XYZ is the longest?

Angle Z in the given triangle is the largest angle and therefore, the side opposite to this angle is the longest side of the triangle. Hence, XY is the longest side in the given ΔXYZ.

Which side of triangle DEF is the longest?

4. Possible Answers: • The longest side of a triangle is always opposite the largest angle. For example, in ∆DEF, the longest side is DF and it is opposite the largest angle, E.

Which Cannot be the angle measurements of triangle ABC?

The sum of all interior angles of a triangle is always equal to 180°. Therefore, any set of given angle measurement of a triangle should sum up to 180°. From the options given, the following angle measurements given in option D, ,mcannot be angle measurements of ∆ABC.

What is the shortest side of a right triangle?

In any triangle, the longest side is opposite the largest angle, and the shortest side is opposite the smallest angle. Thus, in a right triangle, the hypotenuse is always the longest side.

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Which side of triangle God is the shortest?

In such a triangle, the shortest side is always opposite the smallest angle. (These are shown in bold color above) Similarly, the longest side is opposite the largest angle. In the figure above, drag any vertex of the triangle and see that whichever side is the shortest, the opposite angle is also the smallest.

Which set of sides would make a right triangle?

Which set of sides could make a right triangle? Explanation: By virtue of the Pythagorean Theorem, in a right triangle the sum of the squares of the smaller two sides equals the square of the largest side. Only 9, 12, and 15 fit this rule.

Which of the following Cannot be the sides of a right triangle?

Answer. The measurements 1, 2, 3 cannot be the sides of the triangle. From the given options, options (a), (b), (c) satisfy this property. Hence, they can be sides of a triangle.

How many acute angles can a right triangle have *?

So we will substitute the value here. Now, we will subtract 90∘ from both sides. Thus, both of the remaining two angles must have a measure less than 90∘ and therefore must be acute. Hence, the right triangle can have only two acute angles.

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