Quick Answer: Where is the biggest post office?

The largest U.S. Postal Service retail space is the James A. Farley Post Office in New York, NY (10001), at 33,100 square feet. The smallest Post Office is located in Ochopee, FL (34141), at 61.3 square feet.

What is the biggest post office in the world?

At 4,400m above sea level in northern India’s remote Spiti Valley, the Hikkim post office is a vital connection to the outside world.

What is the oldest post office in the United States?

Today, the oldest continuously operating post office in the U.S.—the Hinsdale Post Office in Hinsdale, New Hampshire—is celebrating its 200th birthday.

What is the highest paying job in the post office?

Highest Paid Positions in the Postal Service

Title 2016 2017
EXEC VP COO 241,870.00 257,220.00
POSTMASTER GENERAL 285,240.00 287,620.00
SECY USPS BD OF GOV 205,700.00 207,800.00
VP AREA OPERATIONS 205,700.00 207,800.00
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Where is the largest post office located in India?

Mumbai: The Biggest Post Office

Charles Elphinstone. Designed in Indo-Saracenic style, the post office was envisioned by architect John Begg in 1902.

Where is the oldest post office in the world?

Sanquhar Post Office, in Sanquhar, Dumfries and Galloway, opened in 1712 and is recognised by Guinness World Records as the first post office in the world.

Which United States Post Office does not have to fly the American flag and why?

Franklin Post Office Stamped for History. It is the only post office in the nation that does not fly an American flag, the only one that does not have a ZIP code.

Do you need a degree to be a postmaster?

There is no specific degree or training program required to become a postmaster; however, many postmasters pursue an internal training program offered through the USPS called the Associate Supervisor Program (ASP).

Is it hard to get a post office job?

Originally Answered: How hard is it to get a job with the US Postal Service? Not difficult but there are some requirements that have to be met. You need to have a clean drug test, no felonies in your background, be willing to work hard, lifting requirements for different jobs.

Is Post Office a good job?

The United States Postal Service is a good company to work for. The work is enjoyable; However, the load can be a bit much at times. It offers good pay, benefits, and opportunity for advancement. I work a an RCA (a sub for regular rural mail carriers).

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How many years do you need to retire from post office?

The individual meets the minimum retirement age; The individual has at least 10 years of creditable service including 5 years of creditable civilian service; and. The annuity is reduced by 5 percent per year for every year the individual is under age 62.

How many postal circles are there in India?

Governance System. For providing postal services, the whole country has been divided into 23 postal circles.

How many post offices are there in India?

After independence in 1947

The number of post offices was 23,344 when India became independent in 1947 and these were primarily in urban areas. The number increased to 155,015 in 2016 and 90% of these were in rural areas.

Which district have largest post offices in Himachal Pradesh?

Yes, there is a beautiful village called Hikkim in the Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh; it is set at an elevation of 4440 m (14,567 ft above sea level). The location is credited for being the World’s Highest Post Office with the pin code 172114.

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