Quick Answer: What Are The Biggest Deer?

World’s Top 15 Largest Species of Deer and Antelope

  • Giant Eland. Giant Eland is the largest species of antelope found in savanna,grassland, woodlands and glades.
  • Moose. Moose is the largest member of deer family mostly found in the forest of Canada, Alaska, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
  • Nilgai.
  • Greater Kudu.
  • Elk.
  • Sambar.
  • Red Deer.
  • Reindeer.

California Hunter Shoots Potential State-Record Nontypical Mule Deer. On the evening of October 22nd hunter William Telles may have dropped the new state record mule deer in California.West Virginia’s Biggest Bucks. Jerry Hill of Saulsville with the buck he killed in Wyoming County in 1986. The buck still stands as the record non-typical whitetail in West Virginia scoring 212 1/8.Mark Lee Buck. The biggest free range whitetail ever taken in Texas was taken in Houston County in 2013. It took Lee nearly two years of work to harvest the deer of a lifetime.The Florida Buck Registry was established in 1982 to provide hunters with a record of the number and quality of white-tailed deer taken in Florida. The minimum antler score necessary to qualify is 100 Boone and Crockett inches for typical antlers and 125 for non-typical antlers.It has an inside spread of just under 20 inches, and its longest tine is almost 14 inches. According to North Carolina Sportsman, previously the largest nontypical deer ever taken by a bowhunter in North Carolina was a 176 7/8″ buck in 2005.Here’s a look at some of the top-ranking whitetails taken in the Pine Tree State last season. Orrin Valente of Cumberland (left) and Harold Larrabee admire Valente’s 277-pound buck, the largest deer certified in Maine in 2004, taken near Caribou Lake.Andy’s buck was one of the largest non-typicals produced that season in Alabama, and it stretched the tape to nearly 180-inches. Like any seasoned whitetail hunter, Andy works hard to manage the deer on his 300-plus acre family farm.Until now.” This amazing 17-point whitetail shot by Kevin Petrzilka in southeastern Nebraska last November has been officially scored as the new state record typical after its 60-day drying period. The buck is also the biggest typical tagged in the U.S. since 1972.New Kansas State Record Whitetail Tops 300 Inches. While every Boone & Crockett buck is a special trophy, the loftiest benchmark—300 net inches—is so rare as to seem unreal. Only a handful of wild non-typicals have been certified at that score.Georgia’s state record nontypical whitetail is a 248 4/8-inch buck taken in 1998. A 240 3/8-inch deer ranks second and a 231 2/8 is third.

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What is the largest deer?

Male moose have the largest antlers of any mammal. The moose is about 7.5 feet tall at the shoulder. Mule deer get their name from their mule-like ears.

What state has the biggest deer?

Here’s a rundown of where to go in the top 10 states that over the last decade produced the greatest number of whitetail B&C entries.

  1. Wisconsin. Wisconsin is easily the top producer of B&C whitetails.
  2. Kentucky.
  3. Ohio.
  4. Indiana.
  5. Iowa.
  6. Minnesota.
  7. Illinois.
  8. Kansas.

Where are the biggest whitetail deer found?

A mature Missouri buck that showcased some serious head gear that totaled up to a staggering 333 7/8 inches, making it the largest scored whitetail ever. The B&C world record was found by a hunter in St. Louis County, Missouri, back in 1981.

What is the heaviest whitetail deer ever killed?

On a cold November day in 1926, Carl Lenander Jr. dropped a monstrous Minnesota buck with a single shot. Field-dressed, the deer weighed 402 pounds. The state Conservation Department calculated its live weight to be 511 pounds. No heavier whitetail deer has ever been recorded.

What state has the most deer population?

All other states were looked at and the deer populations were measured to determine which states have the most deer.

  • | Iowa. Deer Per Square Mile: 6.3.
  • | Kentucky. Deer Per Square Mile: 20.8.
  • | Wisconsin. Deer Per Square Mile: 18.4.
  • | Ohio.
  • | Missouri.
  • | Texas.
  • | Illinois.
  • | Minnesota.

How do deer help humans?

Deer play the role of a consumer in the ecosystem. Deer eat green plants. They would be considered a primary consumer because they are herbivores (animals that eat only plants). In the relationship of predator prey in an ecosystem, the deer become the prey for other animals, man being one of them.

What is the biggest deer ever shot?

That made it the highest-scoring buck ever shot by a hunter. The previous record, 307 ⅝, was set in Iowa in 2003 by 15-year-old Tony Lovstuen, also with a muzzleloader. The biggest rack ever measured was 333 ⅞ on a deer in Missouri, but that was a pickup, or found deer, not one shot by a hunter.

What is the best state for deer hunting?

10 Best States to Hunt Whitetail Deer

  1. Texas. North American Whitetail.
  2. Mississippi. Primos.
  3. Iowa. North American Whitetail.
  4. Kansas. American Hunter.
  5. Illinois. Heartland Lodge.
  6. Missouri. GrowingDeer.TV.
  7. Indiana. American Hunter.
  8. Kentucky. Realtree.

Is the deer population increasing?

In 1930 the US white-tailed deer population was down to about 300,000. Today, estimates of how many there are range as high as about 30 million. That’s a 1,000-fold increase in less than 100 years. The shift in the white-tailed deer population can be attributed to many factors.

How big is the world record whitetail deer?

That is larger than the non-typical current net world record of 307 5/8 inches killed in 2003 by Tony Lovstuen in Albia, Iowa. That deer had 38 points. The world record for a deer killed by a hunter is pending official certification, which won’t take place until the Boone and Crockett awards banquet in 2019.

What time are most big bucks killed?

The best bet is to hit your stand just before daybreak and stay there until around 1:00 pm with most deer being taken between 10:00 am and 11:30 am with a few larger kills stretching into the period around noon.

What is the lifespan of deer?

Moose: 15 – 25 years

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Elk: 10 – 13 years

What is the oldest whitetail deer ever killed?

Of all these, the oldest came from North Carolina and was 19 years old. Their records don’t list the sex, but it was likely a doe. Similarly, their oldest mule deer was 20 and oldest black-tailed deer was 22. (Update: We’ve learned that in 2013, Matson’s aged a wild Louisiana whitetail doe at 22 years.)

What is the most points on a whitetail deer?

The deer apparently died of natural causes and had an amazing rack with 44 points. The buck, now known as “The Missouri Monarch,” was officially scored at 333 7/8 points and was recognized as the new World’s Record non-typical whitetail at the Boone and Crockett Club’s 1983 Awards Program.

What is the best whitetail deer attractant?

10 Best Deer Attractant in 2019 – Instantly Lure Whitetail Bucks In

  • Wildgame Innovations Acorn Rage – Best Whitetail deer attractant.
  • Antler King Apple Burst – Best mineral attractant for deer.
  • Texas Raised deer Lure – Best deer bait.
  • What to look for when choosing the right deer attractant.

Do deer live in all 50 states?

The United States is home to over 30 million whitetail, blacktail, and mule deer, and millions of hunters hit the woods each year in pursuit of them. While there are populations of deer in all 50 states, the quality of deer hunting can vary quite a bit from state to state and even within individual states.

What state has no deer?

The 10 Worst Deer Hunting States in America

  1. New York. Wikimedia Commons.
  2. New Jersey. New Jersey is a state that many don’t associate with deer hunting.
  3. Vermont. Vermont is arguably one of the most beautiful states in the nation, especially during the fall.
  4. Maine. Wikimedia Commons.
  5. Pennsylvania.
  6. New Hampshire.
  7. Massachusetts.
  8. Rhode Island.

How many deer are killed a year?

During the 2011-2012 Season, 157,726 people successfully killed a deer. Of those hunters, almost 73%, or 114,789 people, harvested just one deer. About 19% killed two deer, followed by 5.4% killing three, 1.8% taking four, 0.57% taking five, and a mere 0.29% harvesting six or more deer.

What do deer like to eat best?

What deer love to eat isn’t necessarily what they do get to eat all the time. Deer adore fruits and nuts. They love pecans, hickory nuts and beechnuts acorns in addition to acorns. A couple of favorite fruits are apples, blueberries, blackberries and persimmons.

Can deer be dangerous?

Deer, like all wild animals, are potentially dangerous to humans when threatened or confined. They become aggressive as they mature; males may attack, especially during breeding season.

How smart is a deer?

Keen senses of smell, vision, and hearing have a lot to do with deer “intelligence.” Deer often sense the presence of hunters long before hunters sense them. But sometimes deer just seem smart.

Which state has the most white tailed deer?

White-tailed deer. The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the whitetail or Virginia deer, is a medium-sized deer native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Ecuador, and South America as far south as Peru and Bolivia.

Are deer in every state?

White-tailed deer are found in every state in the U. S. except Alaska and in only small parts of Utah, Nevada and California. The mule deer range is primarily in western states. There are several subspecies of both deer.

What do you do if you hit a deer with your car?

So if an auto-deer collision occurs, here’s what to do:

  • Move your vehicle to a safe place. If possible, pull over to the side of the road, and turn on your hazard lights.
  • Call the police.
  • Document the incident.
  • Stay away from the animal.
  • Contact your State Farm agent.
  • Don’t assume your vehicle is safe to drive.
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Should deer hunting be banned?

While many states have limited or banned canned hunts, there are no federal laws regulating the practice at this time. Hunting accidents destroy property and injure or kill horses, cows, dogs, cats, hikers, and other hunters.

What happens if there are too many deer?

Too many deer are bad for the forest. Overabundant deer can spell trouble for people, including frequent car collisions and the spread of zoonotic diseases. But deer can also disrupt wildlife communities — such as forest songbirds — by eating away their habitat.

Why do deer need to be culled?

It is equally important to prevent deer from causing unacceptable damage to crops and trees and to protect other creatures sharing their habitat from the results of overgrazing. Although an accurate assessment is difficult, the UK deer population is thought to be up to 2m*, more than at any time since the last ice age.

How many points is a buck?

Hunters there count all the points on a deer’s antlers and add them up. So a New York hunter would call a four-by-three a seven-point buck, a four-point an eight-pointer and so on.

Do deer eat beech nuts?

Beech nuts average about 1,600 per pound and most drop to the ground when ripe; a few are carried by rodents but dispersal is limited. However, beech leaves and twigs are not preferred by white-tailed deer and are only browsed when there is very little available.

What’s the biggest elk ever killed?

The elk has a gross score of 447 inches and a net of 430 (Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young). In addition to being the largest elk ever taken in Montana, it also is the largest ever killed with a bow and the largest taken in North America over the last 48 years.

Do deer sleep standing up?

Generally, once per 30 minutes deer will stand and stretch and they may urinate or defecate before laying back down. They may even stand, urinate in their bed and lay back down in it. Whether dozing or sleeping with eyes open or closed, deer are continually monitoring what is going on around them.

What time of year are deer most active?

Dawn and dusk are the times you are most likely to encounter deer along the roadside. Deer breeding season runs from October through early January, and during this time they are highly active and on the move. This is when deer-vehicle collisions are at their peak.

What is the biggest breed of deer?


How old does a deer live?

Moose: 15 – 25 years

Elk: 10 – 13 years

How long does a deer live with CWD?

Most Deer With CWD Appear Healthy. CWD incubates in a whitetail for an estimated minimum of 16 months and an average of two years before the deer becomes “clinical” and begins to show symptoms or act sick, at which point it won’t last much longer.

Do whitetail fawns breed?

When Doe Fawns Breed, It’s a Good Sign. Some doe fawns breed and conceive in their first fall, at around six to eight months of age.

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