Quick Answer: What Country Has The Highest Percentage Of Internet Usage?

# Country or Region Internet Users Latest Data
1 Falkland Islands 2,841
2 Iceland 306,402
3 Bermuda 66,557

51 more rows

Which country has the highest use of internet?

Which Country Has the Most Internet Users?

  • China has the highest number of internet users in the world, with over 746 million users.
  • India has the world’s second highest number of internet users, with 699 million users connected.
  • Japan ranks fifth in terms of internet usage, with approximately 117 internet users.

How much of the world has Internet 2018?

Digital in 2018: World’s internet users pass the 4 billion mark. The new 2018 Global Digital suite of reports from We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals that there are now more than 4 billion people around the world using the internet.

What percentage of the world has internet?

Internet users. As of April 2019, 56.1% of the world’s population has internet access, and 81% of the developed world. In 2015, the International Telecommunication Union estimated about 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world’s population, would be online by the end of the year.

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Which country has the highest number of Facebook users?

Leading countries based on number of Facebook users as of April 2019 (in millions)

Number of Facebook users in millions
India 260
United States 190
Brazil 120
Indonesia 120

6 more rows

Which country has cheapest Internet?

Mexico is the country with the cheapest internet in Central America, with an average monthly broadband package of $33.32. Panama is the most expensive with $108.38 per month. All but one of South America’s 10 qualifying countries feature in the top 100 countries with the cheapest internet.

Which country uses social media the most?

The global increase in social media usage since January 2018 is 9%. Saudi Arabia has the largest social media penetration in 2019 at 99%, which is well above the global average of 45%. Other countries with the largest social media penetration include Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.

What percentage of the world uses technology 2019?

Worldwide social media user numbers have grown to almost 3.5 billion at the start of 2019, with 288 million new users in the past 12 months pushing the global penetration figure to 45 percent.

What percentage of Internet traffic is mobile 2018?

In 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year.

How much of the Internet is English?

Top Languages of the Internet, Today and Tomorrow. English has always dominated the web. Even today, it’s estimated that 55.5% of all web content is in English. However, only around 20% of the world’s population speaks English at all, and just 5% of the world speaks English as a native language.

Which country has no Internet?

The list of countries that do not have freedom to access Internet:

  1. Belarus.
  2. Burma.
  3. China.
  4. Cuba.
  5. Egypt.
  6. Iran.
  7. North Korea.
  8. Saudi Arabia.

How much data is created daily 2019?

This is the sixth edition of DOMO’s report, and according to their research: “Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every single day, and it’s only going to grow from there. By 2020, it’s estimated that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth.”

How much of the Internet is the Dark Web?

The Deep Web Is the 99% of the Internet You Can’t Google. The internet contains at least 4.5 billion websites that have been indexed by search engines, according to one Dutch researcher. That huge number barely scratches the surface of what’s really out there, however.

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In which countries is Facebook banned?

Censorship of Facebook. Many countries have banned or temporarily limited access to the social networking website Facebook, including Bangladesh, China (except Hong Kong, Macau), Iran, and North Korea. Use of the website has also been restricted in other ways in other countries.

Which country has highest mobile users?

Countries With the Most Cellphones

  • China – 1.3 Billion. It is no surprise that the world’s most populated country also has the highest number of cell phone users.
  • India – 1.17 Billion.
  • United States – 327 Million.
  • Brazil – 284 Million.
  • Russia – 256 Million.

Which country has the most smartphone users?

Top 50 Countries/Markets by Smartphone Users and Penetration

rank country smartphone penetration
1 China 55.3%
2 India 27.7%
3 United States 77.0%
4 Russian Federation 63.8%

46 more rows

Which country has the fastest Internet 2018?

Countries with the fastest internet 2018

Rank Country Ave. speed (Mbps)
1 Singapore 60.39
2 Sweden 46.00
3 Denmark 43.99
4 Norway 40.12

66 more rows

Which country has free WiFi?

Estonia has a far, far lower GDP and yet offers free WiFi pretty much everywhere. And America has a long way to go to catch up. In 2011 the UN declared Internet access is a human right, and that limiting a person’s access to the Internet is a violation of their human rights under international law.

Is Internet cheap in India?

NEW DELHI, June 23 (Xinhua) — India has perhaps the lowest Internet data rates in the world, as low as 10 Indian Rupees (about 6 U.S. cents) per one GB (gigabyte) per day due to intense competition among telecom service providers. According to estimates, presently there are nearly 500 million Internet users in India.

What social media do Millennials use the most?

  1. MILLENNIALS. Facebook is the most used social network among US millennials, with 58.5 million of them expected to use the platform this year.
  2. GEN X. Generation X uses Facebook most heavily, with 45.1 million users this year.

The most popular social media sites in 2018

  • Facebook.
  • YouTube.
  • WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Facebook Messenger.
  • Instagram.
  • Tumblr.
  • Google+
  • Twitter.
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What percentage of Millennials use social media?

Fifty-eight percent of social media users said they follow brands through social media (MarketingSherpa): 95 percent aged 18-34 (Millennials) follow brands through social media. 92 percent of adults aged 34-44. More women (61 percent) follow brands on social media than men (55 percent)

Which is the most used language on the Internet?

Top 10 Languages Used On the internet today

  1. English. According to Statista statistics, English is the most represented language online.
  2. Chinese. It is assumed that Chinese is the fastest growing language in the world and going by the Statistics, it is true.
  3. Spanish.
  4. Arabic.
  5. Portuguese.
  6. Indonesian/Malaysian.
  7. Japanese.
  8. Russian.

What is the fastest growing language in the world?

Everybody knows English is widely spoken and also growing faster. But apart from English what are the languages that are growing at the fastest rate.

5 Fastest Growing Languages in the World

  • French.
  • Arabic.
  • Spanish.
  • Mandarin – Chinese.
  • Hindi – Urdu.

Other top languages, according to W3Techs, are Russian, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, and Persian. Of the more than 7,000 existing languages, only a few hundred are recognized as being in use for Web pages on the World Wide Web.

What country uses their phone the most?

(Countries for which no information is available are not included in this list.)

Rank Country Cell phones
1. China 1,100,000,000
2. India 893,862,000
3. United States 310,000,000
4. Indonesia 281,960,000

119 more rows

What percentage of the world has a cell phone 2018?

In 2015, 52.7 percent of the global mobile phone population accessed the internet from their mobile phone. This figure is expected to grow to 61.2 percent in 2018.

Do all countries have cell phones?

In some countries, one person might have two mobile phones.


Country or regions Algeria
Number of mobile phones 33,000,000
Population 35,000,000
Connections/100 citizens 94.2
Date of evaluation 2013

74 more columns

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