What is greatest digit number?

The term digits are preferably used in computer science. In mathematics, these digits are said to be numerical digits or sometimes simply numbers. The smallest one-digit number is 1 and the largest one-digit number is 9.

What is the 4 digit greatest number?

the greatest four-digit number is 9999.

How do you find the greatest digit number?

To get the greatest number, we arrange the digits in descending order. 8 > 7 > 5 > 2. The greatest number using the digits 7 5 2 8 is 8752. To get the smallest number, we arrange the digits in ascending order.

Is the greatest 7 digit number?

The greatest 7-digit number is 99,99,999. The smallest 6-digit number is 1,00,000. Their difference is 99,99,999-1,00,000 = 98,99,999. The predecessor of 98,99,999 is the number that comes just before it, and it is 98,99,998.

What is the largest 2 digit number?

What is the largest 2-digit number? The largest 2-digit number is 99.

Which is the smallest number?

0 is the smallest whole number. 1 is the smallest natural number.

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What is the smallest number of 4 digits?

The smallest four-digit number is 1000 and the greatest is 9999.

What is the 6 digit smallest number?

(iv) On adding one to the largest five digit number, we get 100000 which is the smallest six digit number.

What is the lowest 9 digit?

What is the smallest number of 9 digits? The smallest 9-digit number is 10,00,00,000 and it is read as ten crores.

How do you find the second largest digit in a number?

WAP to find and print second largest digit in the given number? ( without using arrays, functions and using only one loop).

  1. ▼ while (num>0) { int dig = num % 10; if(dig > largest) { if(seclarg dig && dig > seclarg) seclarg = dig; num /= 10; } …
  2. ▼ while(n){ x=n%10; if(max1x) max2=x; n=n/10; } } …
  3. ▼ …
  4. ▼ …

Which is Greatest 8 digit number?

What is the largest 8 digit number? The greatest 8-digit number is 9,99,99,999 which is read as Nine crore, ninety-nine lakh, ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine.

What is 1 more than the greatest 7 digit number?

The largest 7-digit number is 99,99,999. The successor of 99,99,999 = 99,99,999 + 1 = 1,00,00,000. 10000000 is the smallest 8-digit number.

What is the 3 digit smallest number?

The smallest 3-digit number is 100 and the largest 3-digit number is 999.

Which is largest two digit prime number?

97 is: the 25th prime number (the largest two-digit prime number in base 10), following 89 and preceding 101.

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Which is the smallest 2 digit prime number?

The smallest two digit prime number is 11.

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