Quick Answer: What Is The Largest Butterfly In The United States?

Alexandra Birdwing

What is the largest butterfly called?

Queen Alexandra’s birdwing

Where is the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary?

The Guembe Biocenter in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (Biocentro Güembe, in Spanish) is home to the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary and is a spectacular place to spend some time while you’re in Bolivia’s beautiful tropical region.

Do butterflies get bigger?

Bigger caterpillars become bigger butterflies; smaller caterpillars become smaller adult monarchs. Once a monarch becomes an adult butterfly, it does not grow any more. Larvae go through five growth stages called “instars.” This is because, as insects grow, they must shed their exoskeletons as they increase in size.

What is the biggest moth in the United States?

Hyalophora cecropia

Photo in the article by “Flickr” https://www.flickr.com/photos/photommo/26466840510

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