Quick Answer: What Is The Largest German Company?

According to consultancy.eu

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Volkswagen Group

Daimler AG

Allianz SE

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG


Robert Bosch GmbH

Deutsche Telekom

What is the biggest company in Germany?

Germany’s three biggest export companies are iconic automobile manufacturers.


  • BASF: Ludwigshafen am Rhein.
  • Bayer: Leverkusen.
  • BMW Group: Munich.
  • Daimler: Stuttgart.
  • Fresenius: Bad Homburg.
  • Linde: Munich.
  • Merck: Darmstadt.
  • Siemens: Munich.

What is the largest British company?

2. Top companies in the UK by revenue

  1. Legal & General.
  2. Unilever.
  3. Aviva.
  4. HSBC Holdings.
  5. Tesco.
  6. Prudential Public Limited Company.
  7. BP. And the second place goes to The British Petroleum Company plc (BP).
  8. Royal Dutch Shell. Royal Dutch Shell (well-known as a Shell) company is a top of the top biggest companies in the UK.

What are the biggest French companies?

Two of France’s 10 largest export companies operate in the automotive industry.


  • Peugeot: Paris.
  • Renault: Boulogne-Billancourt.
  • Saint-Gobain: Courbevoie.
  • Sanofi: Paris.
  • Schneider Electric: Rueil-Malmaison.
  • Total: Courbevoie.

How many companies are in Germany?

The Mittelstand employs about 78 percent of the German work force and makes up 53 percent of Germany’s GDP. There are 3.5 million Mittelstand companies in Germany. Eighty percent of these firms have fewer than ten employees.

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