Quick Answer: What Is The Second Largest City In Hawaii?

Hawaii – Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Honolulu 371,657
2 East Honolulu 49,914
3 Pearl City 47,698
4 Hilo 43,263

6 more rows

What are the 5 largest cities in Hawaii and their population?

Hawaii – Largest Cities

Name Population
2 East Honolulu 49,914
3 Pearl City 47,698
4 Hilo 43,263
5 Kailua 38,635

6 more rows

What is the biggest city on the Big Island of Hawaii?


What are the major cities of Hawaii?

Largest Cities in Hawaii

  • Honolulu. With a population of 337,256, Honolulu is the largest city in the state of Hawaii.
  • East Honolulu. East Honolulu is the second most populated settlement in Hawaii.
  • Pearl City. The third most populated settlement in Hawaii has a population of 47,698 according to the 2010 census.
  • Hilo.

What is the most populated island in Hawaii?


Are there any 100 Hawaiians left?

1. Native Hawaiians Are a Race of People. In the 2010 Census, 527,077 people reported that they were Native Hawaiian or of a mixed race that includes Native Hawaiian. There may now be as few as 8,000 pure-blood Native Hawaiians remaining in the world.

What is the smallest town in Hawaii?

Hawaii Very Small Towns and Villages (fewer than 1000 residents)

Name Population
Lahaina 11,704
Laie 6,138
Lanai City 3,102
Lanai 3,519
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90 more rows

Who killed Captain Cook?

Captain Cook killed in Hawaii. On February 14, 1779, Captain James Cook, the great English explorer and navigator, is murdered by natives of Hawaii during his third visit to the Pacific island group.

What is the big island in Hawaii called?

The Big Island of Hawaii is the third most popular Hawaiian island among visitors, hosting over 1.5 to 1.7 million travelers annually. Often called the “Big Island” to help distinguish it from the 1,500-mile long archipelago with which it shares its name, Hawaii, the Big Island has certainly earned its nickname.

What is the best Hawaiian island?

The 5 Best Islands in Hawaii

  1. Maui. There’s no sunset like a Maui beach sunset. Photo: Matt Anderson/Getty Images.
  2. Kauai. Kauai’s stunning Waimea Canyon. Photo: MartinM303/Getty Images.
  3. Oahu. The view of Honolulu from Diamond Head.
  4. Hawaii Island. Hapuna Beach on Hawaii Island.
  5. Molokai. Molokai’s ruggedly handsome Halawa Valley.

Is Honolulu the largest city in the world?

Honolulu is the largest city in the world — at least it has the longest borders. According to the state constitution any island (or islet) not named as belonging to a county belongs to Honolulu. The world’s largest wind generator is on the island of Oahu.

How many states are in Hawaii?

Unlike the other 49 states, Hawaii does not delegate educational responsibility to local school boards; public education is carried out by the Hawaii State Department of Education.

List of counties in Hawaii.

Counties of Hawaii
Hawaii Honolulu Kalawao Kauai Maui
Location State of Hawaii
Number 5
Populations 88 (Kalawao) – 953,207 (Honolulu)

3 more rows

How big is Kauai compared to Oahu?

The island of Oahu is actually only 35 square miles larger than Kauai, but yet its population is roughly 15 times greater, for comparison. Perhaps more than any of the other islands, Kauai is known for its natural beauty and its dramatic, beautiful sites. These include Waimea Canyon, the Coconut Coast and much more.

What is the least populated island in Hawaii?

The island of Kahoolawe is the smallest Hawaiian island (from the eight main Hawaiian Islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Big Island, Lanai and Niihau). It is only 12 miles long, 45 square miles in size and completely deserted.

Which Hawaiian island is only for natives?

Kauai is the “Garden Island.” But one island is hardly known at all, even by most state residents. Niihau, about 18 miles northwest of Kauai, is the “Forbidden Island.” It has been privately owned by the same family since 1864, when Elizabeth Sinclair purchased it from King Kamehameha V for $10,000.

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What is the majority race in Hawaii?

You will find a “mixed plate” of ethnic groups in Hawaii; 38.6% of Hawaii’s population is Asian, 24.7% is White, 10% is Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islanders, 8.9% is Hispanic, 1.6% is Black or African American, 0.3% is American Indian and Alaska Native, and 23.6% of all Hawaii residents are of multi-ethnic

Are there any real Hawaiians left?

According to the 1980 census, there are 118,000 part-Hawaiians in the Hawaiian Islands, as compared to 332,000 whites and 240,000 Japanese.

Is Hawaii illegally occupied?

This is the counterfactual narrative: Hawaii was not actually annexed in 1898, and the Kingdom of Hawaii is still in effect and illegally occupied. The upshot: Ethnic native Hawaiians are the only “legitimate” inhabitants of Hawaii, and so should be given more privilege in public discourse.

Is there still a royal family in Hawaii?

The state of Hawaii was once home to a historic monarchy, Royal House of Kawānanakoa. Kawānanakoa is one of the last surviving members of the family that once comprised Hawaii’s royalty, and is often called a princess — though her title is not official, as the monarchy was overthrown in 1893.

What celebrities live in Hawaii?


  • #1 Oprah Winfrey.
  • #2 Clint Eastwood.
  • #3 Steven Tyler.
  • #4 Owen Wilson.
  • #5 Willie Nelson.
  • #6 Woody Harrelson.
  • #7 Don Nelson.
  • #8 Mick Fleetwood.

How did maui get its name?

According to it, Hawaiʻiloa named the island after his son, who in turn was named for the demigod Māui. The earlier name of Maui was ʻIhikapalaumaewa. The Island of Maui is also called the “Valley Isle” for the large isthmus separating its northwestern and southeastern volcanic masses.

Where is the best surfing in Maui?

Surfing on Maui. Although Waikiki and the North Shore of Oahu are legendary surf spots, Maui has its own share of famous beach to experience the “sport of kings.” To watch pro surfers in action, head to Honolua Bay and Hookipa Beach near Lower Paia during winter big wave season.

Where can you see lava in Hawaii?

You can see Kilauea’s churning “lake” from overlooks in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and you can watch its lava tubes bleed into the ocean several miles southeast. For all these reasons, Kilauea is the park’s star attraction. But don’t overlook Mauna Loa (also active but currently “in repose”).

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Where is the volcano that is erupting in Hawaii?

Mount Kilauea volcano erupts in Hawaii. Mount Kilauea volcano has erupted near a residential area on Hawaii’s largest island, prompting a local state of emergency and the mandatory evacuation of 1,700 local residents.

Where can you see volcanoes in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s Active Volcanoes. The State of Hawaiʻi’s active volcanoes include: Kīlauea, Maunaloa, Hualālai, Haleakalā (Maui), and Maunakea. Maunaloa last erupted in 1984, and Kilauea has been continuously erupting since 1983. Loihi is located underwater off the southern coast of Hawaii Island.

What is the best Hawaiian island to visit with family?

Choosing the Hawaiian Island That’s Right For Your Family

  1. Oahu. Best for: Families who want the “classic” Hawaii experience.
  2. Maui. Best for: Families who want to get off the beaten path to find adventure.
  3. Kauai. Best for: Families who know there is more to the Great Outdoors than the beach.
  4. Molokai.
  5. Lanai.
  6. Big Island.

Which Hawaii Island has the best beaches?

The winners in the ‘Best Hawaii Beach’ contest category for USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice are as follows:

  • Kaanapali Beach – Maui.
  • Wailea Beach – Maui.
  • Kaunaoa Beach – Big Island.
  • Makena “Big” Beach – Maui.
  • Punaluu Black Sand Beach – Big Island.
  • Lanikai Beach – Oahu.
  • Waikiki Beach – Oahu.
  • Hanauma Bay – Oahu.

Is it safe to travel to Hawaii?

But the volcanic activity is in a remote part of the island, officials say, and poses no risk to tourists. “The bottom line is that there is no reason for travelers to avoid making their vacation plans in the Hawaiian Islands due to safety concerns because of Kilauea volcano,” the governor added.

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