What Was The Largest City In The World By 1900?

Counting Pre-Census Population Growth

City Year Became No.


Beijing, China 1425- 1500 1.27 million
London, United Kingdom 1825-1900 first over 5 million
New York 1925-1950 first over 10 million
Tokyo 1965-1975 first over 20 million

16 more rows

What were the largest cities in 1900?

Top 1,000 Nationwide – 1900 Populations

US Population Rank City 1900 Population
1 New York 3,437,202
2 Chicago 1,698,575
3 Philadelphia 1,293,697
4 St. Louis 575,238

96 more rows

What was the largest city in Europe in 1900?

Biggest European Cities in 1900

Population City
4.50 mil London
2.66 mil Paris
1.89 mil Berlin
1.66 mil Vienna

46 more rows

Was London ever the largest city in the world?

Today, Tokyo is the most populous city in the world; through most of the 20th century it was New York. A century earlier London was the world’s population centre, and Baghdad a millennium before that. Of the 10 oldest cities on the map, only three were in Mesopotamia, broadly considered the “cradle of civilisation”.

When did Tokyo become the largest city in the world?

Delhi to Unseat Tokyo as World’s Most Populous. As of 2018, Tokyo is still the world’s largest city with 37 million inhabitants, but it’s growth has plateaued and is projected to begin declining around 2020, while Delhi continues the ascend to become the most populous city in the world in 2028.

What is the fastest growing city in the world?

According to research institute Oxford Economics, all the top 10 fastest-growing cities by GDP between 2019 and 2035 will be in India. Surat, a large city in the northwestern state of Gujarat, will have the fastest economic growth in the world.

What is the oldest city in the world?

Here are 14 of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world:

  • Damascus, Syria. The Umayyad Mosque in Damascus is one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world. (
  • Jericho, West Bank.
  • Aleppo, Syria.
  • Athens, Greece.
  • Argos, Greece.
  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  • Faiyum, Egypt.
  • Byblos, Lebanon.
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