Which City In Nigeria Has The Highest Population?

Urban areas

Rank City Population
1 Lagos 12,830,000
2 Onitsha 7,425,000
3 Kano 3,680,000
4 Ibadan 2,910,000

1 more row

Which is the most populated city in Nigeria?

The Most Populated Cities In Nigeria 2018, Is Your City On The

  • LAGOS – 23 million. Lagos has been the most populated city in Nigeria for a longtime, in 2006’s population census Lagos had 7,682,953.
  • KANO – 4.8 million.
  • IBADAN – 4.5 million.
  • ABUJA – 4million.
  • PORT HARCOURT – 3 million.
  • ABA 2.5 million.
  • BENIN – 2.3 million.
  • KADUNA – 2.1 million.

What is the population of Nigeria in 2018?

Population of Nigeria (2019 and historical)

Year Population Fertility Rate
2018 195,875,237 5.67
2017 190,886,311 5.67
2016 185,989,640 5.67
2015 181,181,744 5.74

13 more rows

Which state has highest population in Nigeria?

Top 10 Most Populated States In Nigeria 2019

  1. #1. Lagos – 21 million.
  2. #2. Kano – 16 million.
  3. #3. Oyo State – 15 million.
  4. #4. Kaduna State – 12 Million.
  5. #5. Rivers State – 11 Million.
  6. #6. Katsina State – 10 Million.
  7. #8. Anambra State – 8.3 Million.
  8. #9. Jigawa State – 8 Million.
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Which city is the most largest city in Nigeria?

Biggest Cities In Nigeria

  • Lagos – 8,048,430. Lagos is one of earth’s largest urban areas.
  • Kano – 2,828,861. Kano boasts of a population of 2,828,861 residents, and it is situated in the North Western region of Nigeria.
  • Ibadan – 2,559,853. Ibadan City boasts of housing around 2,559,853 people and is the capital city of Nigeria’s Oyo State.

Which is the smallest city in Nigeria?


Which is the best city in Nigeria?


  1. ABUJA. This city of Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria as a while.
  2. LAGOS. Lagos city is known to be the largest city in Nigeria and even in Africa as a whole.
  3. KADUNA. This is the capital of Kaduna state which is a northern state.
  4. OWERRI.
  5. AKURE.
  6. ENUGU.
  7. WARRI.

What is the population of Nigeria today?

190.9 million (2017)

Which religion has the highest population in Nigeria?

Nigeria has the largest Muslim population in sub-Saharan Africa. Islam dominates the north and has a number of supporters in the South Western, Yoruba part of the country.

Which tribe is the most populated in Nigeria?

Largest Ethnic Groups In Nigeria

  • Hausa. The Hausa are the biggest ethnic group in Nigeria.
  • Yoruba. Individuals who designate themselves as Yoruba make up approximately 21% of the population of Nigeria, making them the second biggest ethnic group in the country.
  • Igbo.
  • Ijaw.
  • Kanuri.
  • Fulani.
  • Ibibio.
  • Tiv.

Which state in Nigeria has the lowest population?

The following table presents a listing of Nigeria’s 36 states ranked in order of their total population based on preliminary 2006 Census figures.

List of Nigerian states by population.

Rank State Population
1 Kano State 9,401,288
2 Lagos State 9,113,605
3 Kaduna State 6,113,503
4 Katsina State 5,801,584

33 more rows

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Which is largest state in Nigeria?

That noted, we will proceed to list the five states in Nigeria with the largest land mass below.

  1. Niger State. Niger State is the largest state by Land mass in Nigeria.
  2. Borno State. The second largest state in Nigeria by Land mass is Borno state.
  3. Taraba State.
  4. Kaduna State.
  5. Bauchi State.
  6. 8 Comments.

Which state is the smallest state in Nigeria?

List of Nigerian states by area

Rank State km²
33 Ebonyi State 5,670
34 Imo State 5,530
35 Anambra State 4,844
36 Lagos State 3,345

33 more rows

How many city do we have in Nigeria?

Nigeria has 7 cities with more than a million people, 80 cities with between 100,000 and 1 million people, and 248 cities with between 10,000 and 100,000 people. The largest city in Nigeria is Lagos, with a population of 9,000,000 people.

Which local government is the largest in Nigeria?


  • Obio Akpor In Port Harcourt: The capital city of Rivers State is Port Harcourt which also is the largest city in the state.
  • KURMI:

What is the second largest city in Nigeria?

The largest cities in Nigeria , ranked by population

Lagos, Nigeria 9,000,000
Kano, Nigeria 3,626,068
Ibadan, Nigeria 3,565,108
Kaduna, Nigeria 1,582,102
Port Harcourt, Nigeria 1,148,665

237 more rows

What is the richest city in Nigeria?

Richest States in Nigeria (Based on Internally Generated Revenue)

  1. Delta state (gdp: $16,749 billion)
  2. Oyo state (gdp: $16,121 billion)
  3. Imo state ($14,212 billion)
  4. Kano state ($12,393 billion)
  5. Edo state ($11,888 billion)
  6. Akwa Ibom state ($11,179 billion)
  7. Ogun state ($10,470 billion)
  8. Kaduna state ($10,334 billion)

Which is the poorest state in Nigeria?

The 10 Poorest States in Nigeria

  • Sokoto. Sokoto state has been rated the poorest state in Nigeria with an 81.2 percent poverty rate.
  • Katsina. A state located in North western Nigeria, has the highest poverty rate in the region with 74.5 percent.
  • Adamawa.
  • Gombe.
  • Jigawa.
  • Plateau.
  • Ebonyi.
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Which state in Nigeria is the most educated?

The most educated states in Nigeria

  1. What is the most educated states ranking based on? Education is a vital element for every person.
  2. The most educated state in Nigeria – Top 10.
  3. Ogun state. The most prominent education facilities of Ogun state are three schools of the federal level:
  4. Ondo state.
  5. Bayelsa state.
  6. Osun state.
  7. Abia state.
  8. Anambra state.

Which gender is more in Nigeria?

Nigeria – Male to female ratio of the total population. In 2015, male to female ratio for Nigeria was 102.64 males per 100 females.

How many are in Nigeria?

190.9 million (2017)

What is the capital of Nigeria?


Which religion is the first religion in the world?

This principle of order is also paramount in the world’s oldest religion still being practiced today: Hinduism (known to adherents as Sanatan Dharma, ‘Eternal Order’). Although often viewed as a polytheistic faith, Hinduism is actually henotheistic.

What is the first church in Nigeria?

The first church in Nigeria was completed in 1898. The Cathedral Church of St. Peter which is the first church in Nigeria, is located in Ake, Abeokuta, Ogun State. It was built by Reverend Andre Desalu Wilhelm.

How many Nigerian live in USA?

Nigeria’s official current population is 168.8 million. The largest communities of ethnic Nigerians living outside the country are those of the United Kingdom (see Nigerian British) and the United States. There are also significant numbers of Nigerians in Canada and Australia.

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