Which Country Has The Longest Coastline In Asia?

Here is a list of the Asian nations with the longest coastlines in the continent.

  • Indonesia. Indonesia is the world’s biggest island nation.
  • Russia. Russia, the largest country in the world, has the second longest coastline in Asia and the fourth longest in the world.
  • Philippines.
  • Japan.
  • China.
  • Turkey.
  • India.

Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

Countries With The Longest Coastline

  1. Canada (202,080 km) Canada, the second largest country in the world by total area, is comprised of ten provinces and three territories.
  2. Norway (58,133 km)
  3. Indonesia (54,720 km)
  4. Greenland (44,087 km)
  5. Russia (37,653 km)
  6. Philippines (36,289 km)
  7. Japan (29,751 km)
  8. Australia (25,760 km)

What are the 48 countries in Asia?

In the ancient language, Asian means “sunrise.” There are 48 Asian countries and regions with a population of 3.823 billion, accounting for 60.7% of the total world population.

  • Israel.
  • Japan.
  • Jordan.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Korea, North.
  • Korea, South.
  • Kuwait.
  • Kyrgyzstan.
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Which country has the longest coastline in Africa?

The Longest Coastlines In Africa

  1. Madagascar. Madagascar, which is the fourth biggest island globally, is also the country with the longest coastline in Africa.
  2. Somalia. Somalia’s coastline comes after Madagascar’s with a length of 3,333 kilometers.
  3. South Africa.
  4. Mozambique.
  5. Egypt.
  6. Eritrea.
  7. Morocco.
  8. Libya.

Which country has the smallest coastline?


Does Canada have the longest coastline in the world?

Australia’s coastline is 25,760 kilometers, or a little over 16,000 miles, long. No. It is not the longest in the world. Canada is the country with the longest coastline (152,100 miles) and Monaco has the shortest coastline (3.5 miles).

What’s the longest country in the world?


How many countries are in Asia continent 2018?

48 countries

How many countries are in Asia list?

There are 48 countries in Asia today, according to the United Nations. The full list is shown in the table below, with current population and subregion (based on the United Nations official statistics).

What is the largest country in Asia?

The 10 Largest Countries in Asia

  • Russia. Russia is not only the largest country in Asia, but is also the largest country in the world.
  • China. The second largest country in Asia is China, which covers an area of around 9.5 million square km (3.7 million square miles).
  • India.
  • Kazakhstan.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Iran.
  • Mongolia.
  • Indonesia.

Which European country has the longest coastline?

Countries In Europe With The Longest Coastline

  1. Norway. Norway has the second longest coastline in the world and the longest one in Europe.
  2. Greenland.
  3. Greece.
  4. UK.
  5. Italy.
  6. Croatia.
  7. Denmark.
  8. Other Nations with the Longest Coastlines in Europe.

Where is the Somali coast?

Somalia’s coastline consists of the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Guardafui Channel to the northeast, and the Somali Sea to the east. There is a long coastline of about 3025 km the longest on mainland Africa. Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia is situated on eastern coast of Somalia.

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Which continent has the longest coastline?

Quiz Rating Details

Length of Coastline Continent
54,716 km Asia
36,289 km Asia
29,751 km Asia

22 more rows

What major country has the longest coast?

Countries With Longest Coastline

  • Canada- 202,080 km. Apart from being the country with the longest coastline, Canada is also the second largest country in the world.
  • Indonesia- 54,720 km.
  • Greenland- 44,087 km.
  • Russia-37,653 km.
  • Philippines- 36,289 km.
  • Japan- 29,751 km.
  • Australia- 25,760 km.
  • NORWAY- 25,000 km.

Does Norway have the longest coastline in the world?

Because of countless peninsulas and inlets, large and small islands, holms, and skerries, the Norwegian coast is among the longest in the world. Some facts about the Norwegian coastline: Municipalities in Norway that have a coast: 279. Total coastline (mainland and islands): 100,915 kilometers (62,706 mi)

Which country has the longest national anthem?


Which state has most shoreline?

US States By Length Of Coastline

Rank US State Coastline Length
1 Alaska 33,904 mi (54,563 km)
2 Florida 8,436 mi (13,576 km)
3 Louisiana 7,721 mi (12,426 km)
4 Maine 3,478 mi (5,597 km)

26 more rows

Where is the world’s longest beach?

The World’s Longest Beaches

  1. Praia do Cassino Beach, Brazil. Reaching around 150 miles in length, the world’s longest beach is the Praia do Cassino Beach in Brazil.
  2. Ninety Mile Beach, Australia.
  3. Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.
  4. Padre Island National Seashore, United States.

What are the 10 largest oceans?

The world’s largest oceans and seas

Ocean / Sea Area (sq km)
7. South China Sea 3,686,000
8. Caribbean Sea 2,753,000
9. Mediterranean Sea 2,515,000
10. Bering Sea 2,305,000

6 more rows

What country has the shortest average height?

Countries With The Shortest Average Heights

  • Malaysia (5 feet, 2.75 inches)
  • Vietnam (5 feet, 2.5 inches)
  • India (5 feet, 2.25 inches)
  • Peru (5 feet, 2 inches)
  • Sri Lanka (5 feet, 1.5 inches)
  • Philippines (5 feet, 1.5 inches)
  • Indonesia (4 feet, 11.75 inches)
  • Bolivia (4 feet, 11.5 inches)
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Is Canada larger than the US?

Canada is considerably larger than the U.S., in sheer land mass, but has about one tenth the human population, some 31,000,000, creating some interesting challenges in animal protection. The entire population of Canada is about the same as can be found in the state of California.

What is the longest state in the US?


Which is the richest country in Asia?

Doha, the capital of Qatar. Qatar is the richest country in Asia by per capita GDP.

The Richest Countries in Asia

  1. Bahrain – $22,354.
  2. Brunei Darussalam – $26,938.
  3. Korea, Rep. – 27,538.
  4. Israel – 37,292.
  5. United Arab Emirates – $37,622.
  6. Japan – $38,894.
  7. Hong Kong SAR, China – $43,681.

Who is the poorest country in Asia?

According to this measure, the poorest country in Asia is Afghanistan, followed by Yemen and Nepal.

The Poorest Countries in Asia.

Rank Country GDP Per Capita
1 Afghanistan 1,889
2 Yemen 2,300
3 Nepal 2,690
4 Tajikistan 3,131

6 more rows

What’s the smallest country in Asia?

The Maldives ranks as the smallest Asian nation with 116 square miles in total area.

  • The Maldives. The Maldives occupies the southern part of Asia, and it constitutes 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean.
  • Singapore.
  • Bahrain.
  • Brunei.
  • Palestine.
  • Cyprus.
  • Lebanon.
  • Qatar.

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