Which Country Is The Largest Producer Of Fertilizers?

Agriculture: World’s biggest fertilizer producer and consumer.

China has become the world largest producer and consumer of fertilizer, said the China Agricultural Production Means Circulation Association on Tuesday.

Which country is the largest producer of food?

Russia also has a history of low-output farms.

  • China. Easily topping the list is China, which is the world’s biggest producer, importer and consumer of food.
  • India. In terms of total calorie content, India is the second largest food producer in the world.
  • The United States.
  • Brazil.

Who produces the most potash?

World production of potash (potassium chloride), 2008–2017 (p)

Ranking Country Potassium oxide equivalent (million tonnes)
1 Canada 1,000
2 Russia 500
3 Belarus 750
4 China 360

4 more rows

Which country produces the most vegetables?

5 Countries that Produce the Most Vegetables

  1. China. China is the number one vegetable producing country in the world.
  2. India. The largely vegetarian country of India produces the second highest amount of vegetables with over 86 million tons.
  3. USA. The United States of America grows over 40 million tons of vegetables a year.
  4. Turkey.
  5. Iran.
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Which country is the largest producer of fruits and vegetables?


Which country has no agriculture?


Which country is the second largest producer of rice?

China is the world’s largest rice producer — around 193 million metric tons (FAO 2008), which accounts for as much as 35% of total world rice production. China is the world leader in hybrid rice production.

What country produces the most potash?

10 Top Countries for Potash Production

  • Canada. Mine production: 12 million MT.
  • Russia. Mine production: 7.2 million MT.
  • Belarus. Mine production: 6.4 million MT.
  • China. Mine production: 6.2 million MT.
  • Germany. Mine production: 2.9 million MT.
  • Israel. Mine production: 2.2 million MT.
  • Jordan. Mine production: 1.3 million MT.
  • Chile. Mine production: 1.2 million MT.

Who does Canada sell potash to?

There are 12 major potash production countries, 2/3 of the world’s potash production comes from Canada, Russia and Belarus. Canada has almost half of known global potash reserves and approximately 35% of world capacity.

Which country exports the most potassium?

As of 2016, potassium chloride export in Canada was 16 million tonnes that accounts for 35.10 % of the world’s potassium chloride export. The top 5 countries (others are Russian Federation, Belarus, Germany, and Israel) account for 84.44 % of it.

Which country exports the most?

The World’s 20 Largest Exporting Countries

  1. China is the World’s Largest Exporter. While China’s explosive economic expansion has been a front-page financial story over the last few decades, China’s economy is not the only one worth noting.
  2. Why Doesn’t the United States Export More?
  3. Germany.
  4. Japan.
  5. South Korea.
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Which country is number one in agriculture?

Millet is a major crop in much of Africa and Asia, and India and Nigeria are the leading producers. Likewise, barley, rye and beans/pulses are not that important within the United States but are crucial crops in countries like Russia, Germany, and India.

Which country is the largest producer of milk in the world?


Which state is not major producer of banana?

The major banana producing states of India are Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Madhya Pradesh. Although separate data on organic banana is not available, the area, production and productivity of banana is presented in Table 2.

Which country produces most apples?


Which country is the largest producer of gold in the world?


Which country has the most fertile land in the world?

Agriculture > Arable land > % of land area: Countries Compared

1 Bangladesh 61.11% of land area
2 Moldova 56.22% of land area
3 Ukraine 56.01% of land area
4 India 53.7% of land area

124 more rows

Which crop is the highest producer in the world?

The largest crop in the world is sugar cane from Brazil followed by corn from the United States. Brazil produces over 700 million tons of sugar cane. Braziil produces twice as much sugar cane as the U.S. produces corn. The largest crop in the world is sugar cane from Brazil followed by corn from the United States.

Which countries are most dependent on agriculture?

The agricultural sector is the segment of an economy involved in the cultivation of plants and the rearing of livestock and fish for economic and domestic consumption purposes.

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Countries Most Dependent on Agriculture.

Rank Country Agriculture as Percentage of GDP
1 Liberia 76.9
2 Somalia 60.2
3 Guinea-Bissau 55.8
4 Central African Republic 53.1

11 more rows

Which is the 10 largest country in the world?

When all 10 of the world’s largest countries are taken together, they total 49% of the earth’s entire 149 million square kilometres of land.

  • 7 – India.
  • 6 – Australia.
  • 5 – Brazil.
  • 4 – People’s Republic of China.
  • 3 – United States of America.
  • 2 – Canada.
  • 1 – Russia.
  • 50 Largest Countries in the World By Area. Rank.

Which state is the largest rice production in India?

On the basis of rice produced in tonnes during 2015-2016, the top 10 Indian states are:

  1. West Bengal. West Bengal is the largest rice producing state in India.
  2. Uttar Pradesh.
  3. Punjab.

Which country is the largest producer of rubber?

Which country is the largest producer of Rubber in the world? Thailand is the leading Rubber producing country in the world. Thailand is followed Indonesia and China at the second and third place respectively. India stands at fourth position in Rubber production.

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