Which Is The Longest District In Kerala?

Which is the richest district in Kerala?

This page lists Kerala Cities by the nominal GDP per capita and the financial good health.

List of districts and cities in Kerala by GDP per capita.

Rank District Per capita income in Rs.
1 Ernakulam 162,297
2 Trivandrum 162,138
3 Thrissur 143,542
4 Kollam 135,518

10 more rows

Which is best district in Kerala?

Here is the list of top 10 best places to visit in Kerala during the monsoon.

  • Kochi – Port City.
  • Kozhikode – Calicut.
  • Thrissur – Pooram.
  • Kannur – Drive in Beach.
  • Thekkady – Periyar.
  • Thiruvananthapuram – Trivandrum.
  • Kollam – Backwaters.
  • – Kumarakom – Kottayam.
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Which are the 14 districts in Kerala in order?

Almost all of the districts in Kerala have the same name as the important town or city in the district, the exception being Idukki district, Wayanad district& Ernakulam district. The 14 districts are further divided into 75 taluks, and 941 Gram panchayats.

  1. Alathur.
  2. Chittur.
  3. Palakkad.
  4. Pattambi.
  5. Ottappalam.
  6. Mannarkkad.

Which is the most educated district in Kerala?

Districts in Kerala – Census 2011

# District Literacy
11 Kasaragod 90.09%
12 Pathanamthitta 96.55%
13 Idukki 91.99%
14 Wayanad 89.03%

10 more rows

Which district is most educated in Kerala?

Rank District State
7 Ernakulam Kerala
8 Alappuzha Kerala
9 Kannur Kerala

8 more rows

Which is the best city to live in Kerala?

Thiruvananthapuram is the best of Kerala’s big cities to live in, ahead of Kozhikode and Kochi in that order. That’s the finding of a five-city field survey done exclusively for The Times of India.

Which is the most beautiful place in Kerala?

  • Athirappilly Waterfalls. The Niagara Falls of India.
  • Kovalam. Kovalm is a beach town with a grove of coconut trees everywhere.
  • Munnar. Hill Station Famous for the Tea Gardens and Greenery.
  • Alleppey. Unique Backwater Destination in Kerala.
  • Thekkady. Best Wild Life Sanctuary in Kerala.
  • Kochi.
  • Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Kumarakom.

Which district has highest population in Kerala?


The density of Kerala state in the current decade is 2227 per sq mile. Kerala is an State of India with population of Approximate 3.34 Crores. The density of Kerala state is 860 per sq km.

Districts of Kerala.

# 1
District Malappuram
Sub-Districts List
Population 4,112,920
Increase 13.45 %

14 more columns

Which is biggest district in Kerala?


Which district has more villages in Kerala?

List of all villages in the state of Kerala, India classified by administrative division viz., name District and Taluk.

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District-wise List.

Sl No District Total Villages
6 Kollam 98
7 Kottayam 97
8 Kozhikode 106
9 Malappuram 128

10 more rows

Which is the first district in Kerala?

At the time of formation, Kerala had only five districts: Malabar (part of the erstwhile Madras State), Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam and Thrissur (together constituting the erstwhile Travancore-Cochin). On 1 January 1957, the Malabar district was divided into the districts of Kozhikode, Palakkad, and Kannur.

Which district in Kerala has the lowest literacy rate?

Literacy Rate 2011

State / District Code State/District Literacy Rate
32 Kerala 93.91
01 Kasaragod 89.85
02 Kannur 95.41
03 Wayanad 89.32

13 more rows

What is the population of Kerala 2017?

36.96 Million

What is the literacy rate of Kerala in 2018?


Which is the cleanest city in India?

So here are the top 10 cleanest cities in India.

  1. Mysore (Mysuru) The largest city state of Karnataka, Mysore topped the cleanest city list, emerging with the no.
  2. Tiruchirapalli.
  3. Navi Mumbai.
  4. Kochi (Cochin)
  5. Hassan.
  6. Mandya.
  7. Bengaluru.
  8. Thiruvananthapuram.

Which is the smallest city in Kerala?


Rank City Population (2011)
1 Kochi 633,553
2 Kozhikode 550,440
3 Thiruvananthapuram 788,271
4 Kollam 397,419

54 more rows

Which is the main city of Kerala?


Which is the biggest city in Kerala?


Which is the hottest district in Kerala?


Which is the latest district in Kerala?


Which is the dirtiest city in India?

India’s 10 Cleanest & Dirtiest Cities List Out. Check Out Which City Topped The List

  • Simari Bakhtiyarpur, Bihar.
  • Champandi, West Bengal.
  • Bansberia, West Bengal.
  • Chandbali, Odisha.
  • Khardah, West Bengal.
  • Bidyabati, West Bengal.
  • Panihati, West Bengal.
  • Khoda Makanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Which is the richest city in India?

Top 10 Richest Cities of India Based on GDP

  1. Mumbai. Mumbai is the wealthiest city in India with the highest (GDP) of $209 Billion (USD) of any other city and also has the highest number of billionaires and millionaires in India.
  2. Delhi.
  3. Kolkata.
  4. Bangalore.
  5. Hyderabad.
  6. Chennai.
  7. Ahmedabad.
  8. Pune.
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Which is the dirtiest country in the world?

Here is the list of these 10 dirtiest countries.

  • Pakistan. Pakistan is the most polluted country in the world.
  • Qatar. Qatar is rich in oil reserves.
  • Afghanistan. Afghanistan is also known as the most dangerous country in the world.
  • Bangladesh. Bangladesh is developing country.
  • Iran.
  • Egypt.
  • Mongolia.
  • United Arab Emirates.

Which is the biggest river in Kerala?


Which is the biggest dam in Kerala?

Top 5 Most Popular Dams in Kerala

  1. While many people still do not know about Hydel Tourism, Kerala is busy promoting this form of tourism.
  2. The Malampuzha dam forms the largest reservoir of the state of Kerala.
  3. Idukki dam is known as one of the highest arch dams of Asia.

Which is the most populated city in Kerala?

Thiruvananthapuram is the largest metropolis area and the capital city of kerala.

Rank Name Population
1 Thiruvananthapuram 957,730
2 Kochi 612,343
3 Kozhikode 550,440
4 Kollam 397,419

21 more rows

Which is the richest city in Kerala?

Top Ten Wealthiest Banks of India

Rank Towns States
1 Thiruvalla Kerala
2 Panaji Goa
3 Kottayam Kerala
4 Chittur – Thathamangalam Kerala

6 more rows

Which is the biggest town in Malappuram district?

Excerpt: Manjeri (Malayalam: ) is the largest city in the district of Malappuram in the state of Kerala, India. It is the commercial capital of Malappuram District and is 28 km from an international airport and 50 km from Kozhikode railway station. Manjeri was a centre of Indian national movements.

Which is the famous city in Kerala?


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