Which Is The Richest District In India?

Top 10 richest City in India – The Fast Growing Cities of India

  • Mumbai. Commercial capital of India is the leading trade center of the world.
  • Delhi. National capital of India contributes 4.94% of the total country’s GDP, whereas the per capita income is of Rs.78, 690/-.
  • Kolkata.
  • Bengaluru.
  • Hyderabad.
  • Chennai.
  • Ahmedabad.
  • Pune.

Which is the richest state in India?

Top 15 Richest States In India 2019

  1. Telangana – GDP Rs.7.50 lakh Crore.
  2. Rajasthan – GDP Rs.7.50 lakh Crore.
  3. West Bengal – GDP Rs.9.20 lakhs Crore.
  4. Gujarat – GDP Rs.12.75 lakh Crore.
  5. Karnataka – GDP Rs.12.80 Lakhs Crores.
  6. Tamil Nadu – GDP Rs.13.39 lakh Crores.
  7. Uttar Pradesh – GDP Rs.14.46 lakh Crores.
  8. Maharashtra – GDP Rs.25.35 lakh crore.

Which is the poorest district in India?

Measuring Poverty/Poor Indicators

State Districts
Rajasthan Banswara Dungarpur
UP Banda
AP Ananthpur

6 more rows

Which is the best city in India 2018?

10 Best Indian Cities to Live and Work [2018: Latest List]

  • Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Bangalore (Bengaluru), Karnataka.
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • New Delhi.
  • Surat, Gujarat.
  • Chandigarh. Chandigarh is one of the best planned cities in India.
  • Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar is one of the best travel destinations in Gujarat.
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Which is the richest state?

In its 2018 Best States rankings, U.S. News determined which states have the highest median household income, based on U.S. Census Bureau data.

  1. Virginia.
  2. New Hampshire.
  3. Connecticut.
  4. Hawaii.
  5. Massachusetts.
  6. New Jersey.
  7. Alaska. Median household income: $76,440.
  8. Maryland. Median household income: $78,945.

Which is the cleanest state in India?

Indore in Madhya Pradesh has been declared the cleanest city in India. Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal ranked as India’s second cleanest city for two years in a row.

Which is poor state in India?

What are the most poor states in India and why? Chhattisgarh, Manipur, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Assam figure among the poorest states where over 40 per cent of people are below poverty line, according to the C Rangarajan panel.

Which is the richest city in India?

Top 10 Richest Cities of India Based on GDP

  • Mumbai. Mumbai is the wealthiest city in India with the highest (GDP) of $209 Billion (USD) of any other city and also has the highest number of billionaires and millionaires in India.
  • Delhi.
  • Kolkata.
  • Bangalore.
  • Hyderabad.
  • Chennai.
  • Ahmedabad.
  • Pune.

Is India rich or poor?

According to world bank, India accounted for world’s largest number of poor people in 2012 using revised methodolgy to measure poverty, reflecting its massive population. However, in terms of percentage, it scored fairly lower than other countries holding large poor populations.

Which state is the richest state in India?


Which state is No 1 in education in India?


Rank India/State/Union Territory Literacy Rate (%) – 2001 Census
1 Kerala 90.86
2 Lakshadweep 86.66
3 Mizoram 88.80
4 Tripura 73.19

33 more rows

Which state has highest budget in India?

List of Indian state budgets

State Budget (in crore rupees) FY
Andhra Pradesh 1,91,064 2018-19
Arunachal Pradesh 19,261 2018-19
Assam 90,270 2018-19
Bihar 1,76,990 2018-19

25 more rows

Which state of India has highest GDP?


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Rank State/Union territory Nominal GDP (USD, $)
1 Maharashtra $420 billion
2 Tamil Nadu $260 billion
3 Karnataka $230 billion
4 Uttar Pradesh $220 billion

30 more rows

Which state is the poorest state in America?

States and territories ranked by median household income

Rank State or territory 2013
1 Maryland $72,483
2 District of Columbia $67,572
3 Hawaii $68,020
4 Alaska $72,237

53 more rows

What state has the most billionaires?


Rank State federal district Number of billionaires
1 California 124
2 New York 93
3 Texas 48
4 Florida 44

48 more rows

Which state is the poorest in America?

Map of poverty rate in the United States in 2014.

States, federal district and territories.

State federal district or territory United States
Poverty Rate (by Household Income) 14.8%
People in Poverty by Household Income (in thousands) 45,950

56 more columns

Which is the first cleanest city in India?


Year First
2019 Medium city Ujjain
Small city New Delhi (Municipal Council)
2018 Metropolis Indore

9 more rows

When did Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started?

October 2, 2014

Why was Madras name changed to Chennai?

In 1996, the Government of Tamil Nadu officially changed the name from Madras to Chennai. At that time many Indian cities underwent a change of name.

Which is the most poverty state in India?

List of Indian states and union territories by poverty rate

Rank State/U.T. Poverty (% of people below poverty line)
1 Goa 5.09
2 Kerala 7.05
3 Himachal Pradesh 8.06
4 Sikkim 8.19

32 more rows

Is India is a third world country?

Because many Third World countries were economically poor and non-industrialized, it became a stereotype to refer to poor countries as “third world countries”, yet the “Third World” term is also often taken to include newly industrialized countries like Brazil, India, and China; they are now more commonly referred to

Which is the largest state of India?


Uttar Pradesh

Who is Election Commission of India 2018?

List of Chief Election Commissioners

No. Name Term of office
19 Harishankar Brahma 18 April 2015
20 Nasim Zaidi 5 July 2017
21 Achal Kumar Jyoti 22 January 2018
22 Om Prakash Rawat 1 December 2018

19 more rows

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Which state in India has the highest per capita income in 2018?

List of Indian states and union territories by GDP per capita

Rank State/Union territory NSDP per capita (nominal)
31 Manipur ₹58,501 (equivalent to ₹61,000 or US$890 in 2018)
32 Uttar Pradesh ₹55,339 (equivalent to ₹58,000 or US$840 in 2018)
33 Bihar ₹42,242 (US$610)
India ₹112,835 (US$1,600)

30 more rows

What is the GDP of India 2018?

Economy of India

GDP growth 7.1% (16/17) 6.7% (17/18) 7.3% (18/19e) 7.5% (19/20f) 7.2% (MOSPI Q4, 2018–19)
GDP per capita $2,036 (nominal, 2018 est) $7,873 (PPP, 2018 est)
GDP per capita rank 142nd (nominal, 2018) 119th (PPP, 2018)
GDP by sector Agriculture: 17.32% Industry: 29.02% Services: 53.66% (2016 est.)

37 more rows

How bad is Indian pollution?

Air pollution in India is a serious issue, ranking higher than smoking, high blood pressure, child and maternal malnutrition, and risk factors for diabetes. A 2013 study on non-smokers has found that Indians have 30% lower lung function compared to Europeans.

What is population of Mumbai?

18.41 million (2011)

How is Indore as a city?

Indore /ɪnˈdɔːr/ ( listen) is the most populous and the largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It serves as the headquarters of both Indore District and Indore Division. Indore traces its roots to its 16th century founding as a trading hub between the Deccan and Delhi.

What is cleanliness drive?

Cleanliness is both the abstract state of being clean and free from germs and dirt, and the habit of achieving and maintaining that state. Cleanliness is often achieved through cleaning. On a practical level, cleanliness is thus related to hygiene and disease prevention.

What ethnicity is Engelbert Humperdinck?



How did Swarnalatha died?

Cardiac arrest

What nationality is Ravi Zacharias?




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