Which place is highest in post office in India?

Yes, there is a beautiful village called Hikkim in the Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh; it is set at an elevation of 4440 m (14,567 ft above sea level). The location is credited for being the World’s Highest Post Office with the pin code 172114.

Which place is the highest post office in India situated?

At 4,400m above sea level in northern India’s remote Spiti Valley, the Hikkim post office is a vital connection to the outside world.

Which is the highest post in post office?

They are responsible for running ‘India Post’, the largest postal network in the world which provides services ranging from traditional postal services to banking and e-commerce services.

Indian Postal Service (IPoS) – Grades and Pay Scales.

Rank Pay Level
Chief Postmaster General Rs.144200
Postmaster General Rs.131100

Which country has highest post offices?

Top Ten Countries With the Most Number of Post Offices
Country Number of post offices, 2015
India* 161,193
China (Peoples Rep.) 53,646
Indonesia 42,656
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Which is the world highest village?

At 4,587 meters (15,050 feet), Komik village – located in Spiti Valley in India’s northern state of Himachal Pradesh state – is one of the world’s highest human settlements with a road, July 4, 2017..

Which is the highest post of India?

DGP (Director General of Police) is the highest authority in any police state. In India, the Director General of Police is given three stars and is the topmost police officer in the Indian States and Union Territories.

Which is the highest post in the world?

Hikkim village has a post office situated at an elevation of 4,400 m (14,400 ft) and this post office is the highest post office in the world.

What is salary of postmaster general?

United States Postmaster General
Formation 1775
First holder Benjamin Franklin
Deputy Deputy Postmaster General
Salary $303,460

Is post office a government job?

The USPS is a government agency that was created by Congress to achieve various public purposes. … Additionally, the USPS’s employees are federal employees who participate in the Civil Service Retirement System, the Federal Employees Retirement System, and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

Is GDS a permanent job?

Yes. I can say 100% its permanent job. After you got selected and placed in Branch Post Office as GDS, you will go under 2 year probation period. Once you commit your probation period, regular order will be issued which will make you permanent in this job.

How many post offices does India have?

The number of post offices was 23,344 when India became independent in 1947 and these were primarily in urban areas. The number increased to 155,015 in 2016 and 90% of these were in rural areas.

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In which state is the world’s highest post office located?

Treacherous passes, snow-capped peaks in the background, a hint of sunlight and a population you can count on your fingers. No, we are not describing our last adventure. Rather, the route to the world’s highest post office located in a quaint Himalayan village, Hikkim in Lahaul-Spiti.

Why is Indian postal network the largest in the world?

With more than 1.5 lakh post offices spread across the country, India has the largest postal network in the world. The number, which stood at about 23,000 during the time of independence, has grown by almost 7 times. Remarkably, 90% of the total post offices in the country are situated in rural areas.

Which country has highest number of villages?

The statistic illustrates India’s main states and union territories with the highest number of villages in 2012. In that year, Uttar Pradesh was at the top of the list, with over 10,000 villages.

What is the highest town?

Tucked away in the eastern Andes Mountains, about 5,000 meters (3 miles) above sea level, the town of La Rinconada is the highest permanent settlement in the world.

What is the highest habitable place on Earth?

The highest permanently inhabited town in the world at the present time appears to be La Rinconada, a mining village of over 7000 people in southern Peru at an altitude of up to 5100 m, which has been in existence for over 40 yr.

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