Which state is the largest producer of coconut?

Source: Horticulture Division, Dept. of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India. Figure 2 shows (same as figure 1) that Kerala is leading coconut-producing state followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Which state is the leading producer of coconut?

Production(000 Tonnes)

Sr No. State Production
1 Kerala 5,829.00
2 Karnataka 4,326.75
3 Tamil Nadu 4,152.01

Which is the largest coconut producing state in India?

The slump has been attributed to erratic weather patterns of heavy rains and drought as well as general neglect of the crop especially in Kerala, the top coconut producer in India. The state, along with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, account for nearly 85 per cent of the country’s total output.

Who is the largest producer of coconut?

KOCHI: India has emerged as the largest producer of Coconut in the world, producing 1584 crore nuts in 2006-07, pushing Indonesia and Phillipines to the second and third spots respectively, a top official said today.

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Which district is famous for coconut?

Tumkur is the largest coconut producing district in Karnataka. Nearly one third of area under coconut cultivation and production in Karnataka is contributed by this district alone.

Where is coconut mostly grown?

The coconut is a tropical tree species, mainly grown and harvested by small-scale farmers. Production of coconuts is concentrated on island and coastal areas, such as Fiji and Samoa, as well as in the humid tropics, such as India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Which state is the largest producer of Bajra?

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Sr No. State Production
1 Rajasthan 3,750.00
2 Uttar Pradesh 1,800.00
3 Gujarat 920.00

Which state is first in coconut production?

Kerala stands first in the production of coconuts (5,230 million nuts in the state as against 23,798 million in the rest of the country) but in terms of productivity it is at the fifth position.

Which state is the largest producer of spices in India?

With an estimated production volume of over three million metric tons, the state of Madhya Pradesh was the largest producer of spices across India in 2020.

Which country has the most coconut trees?

Global leading producers of coconuts 2019. Indonesia is the world’s leading coconut producer in 2019, with about 17.13 million metric tons of coconuts produced.

What state has coconut trees?

One of the only known surviving Coconut Palm trees in the entire state of California.

  • There it is, in all its puny glory, Newport Beach’s Cocos nucifera. …
  • This coconut did not come from California. …
  • This is what a coconut tree is supposed to look like, in the Arab state of Oman.
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Where did coconut originally come from?

In the Pacific, coconuts likely were first cultivated on islands in Southeast Asia, meaning the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, and perhaps the continent as well. In the Indian Ocean, the likely center of cultivation was the southern periphery of India, including Sri Lanka, the Maldives and the Laccadives.

Is coconut native to India?

Most coconuts belonged to one of two genetically distinct groups. … The coconut palms that were domesticated in India spread westwards. After they had been introduced in East Africa, Europeans brought the coconut to the Atlantic coast of Africa and later to South America.

Which state in Kerala produce more coconut?

In Kerala, major decline in production was observed in Idukki, Kottayam, and Kollam districts and a significant increase in yield was found in Alappuzha district. Kozhikode is the highest coconut producing district in the State followed by Malappuram.

Who introduced coconut in India?

The eastward movement is more likely to have happened around 2,250 years ago. The group that moved westward from India to reach the Atlantic was after Vasco da Gama’s 1498 expedition to the Indian Ocean, the authors note. These coconuts moved from India to Africa and to Brazil before finally reaching the Caribbean.

In which season coconut is grown in India?

Under assured irrigation, planting can be done during April also. In low-lying areas, plant the seedlings in September after the cessation of heavy rains. Karnataka: Planting the seedlings during May – June, is ideal for good cultivation. Latitude and Altitude: Coconut is a tropical crop and grows well a hot climate.

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